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A one shot story which depicts a lost and broken Trixie finding her true self and true friendship in the most unexpected of places. Set directly after the happenings of the "Boast Busters" episode.

Inspired by Zonra and Sunegem, their fan art spoke to me in a way like none other! Please check them out on DA.

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Oh, my; it seems to me that a lot of Ditsy's problems with finding her way are probably due to lack of sleep. Since we're looking at a tribute to Sune-Gem's look at the less enjoyable parts of her life, it's sort of obvious that the goofy-LOOKING pony that helped Trixie find her way again lives a life that would probably kill a lesser pegasus (no matter how awesome she thinks she is).

It's official

Ditzy is one bad-ass mofo'in pony

And so is Trixie

can't forget Trixie

:derpyderp1: :trixieshiftright:

9742 I really tried to capture the emotion in both images that gave me inspiration. They were both so moving that I felt it really qualified giving these two side/background characters the same sort of character development that the mane 6 all go through at one part of another where they lose themselves and find themselves again with the magic of friendship. See Pinkimena Pie =p. I hopefully was able to do this and do justice to the artist ^^;

9939 You're an artist. You painted emotions with beautiful words. I lay her and planned on reading a simple cute story, but this was so much more than that. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried reading this, both from Ditzy and Trixie's feelings. I have the comic that you based ditzy's speech off of and it's beautiful.

Oh and I wanted to say, reading the story to this song unbelievably beautiful

One word: DAWWWWW!!! javascript:smilie(':pinkiehappy:'); javascript:smilie(':derpytongue2:'); javascript:smilie(':twilightblush:');

Great read,deserves more views really.

:derpyderp2: :trixieshiftleft: good job!

Pretty good. I find myself with no other words.

This comic made me d'aww and I had to show it off to my friends. One currently is reading it as I type this!

When I realised this was a Trixie and Ditzy story, I thought about how unlikely that was. :unsuresweetie: Still, it's really rather sweet and lovely, and my faith in their friendship increased as the story went on. Good job. You convinced me. :heart:

247769 Good to know I made you a believer :twistnerd: tell your friends :D

This was a good look into the minds and lives of both Trixie and Derpy, well done. Except for the ending, that was just weird, though sweet I guess.

That was really good...until the end. That was really, really odd. You probably coulda done quite a bit more of this. But oh well you get a thumb anyway.

This was an incredibly good story. So beautiful. The characters sync so very well.

Much approved.

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