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I have slept, for years. Time has dredged along without me while I awaited my sentence. My Princess. But now I have to wake up to a world that was never mine. A world broken and ravaged in ways even I can not begin to fathom. All for her, I will be Legend.

Sequel to the story "Legacy"

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I know its a little bit early to say anything but my mind is already racing to fill the gaps and what you have here is truly a piece of art!

sad to its core but still a very nice work. i don't need to say for you to keep it up because I already have seen your work before and i know it will come perfect


I'm curious as to whether Luna is dead or just encased in stone. If she's still alive, how will he free her? And just who is going to be stupid enough to get in his way, because we know somepony will be...

I'm curious as to whether Luna is dead or just encased in stone. If she's still alive, how will he free her? And just who is going to be stupid enough to get in his way, because we know somepony will be...

500 years is a pretty long time, if he really was stoned for as long as he was supposed to.

Luna... Dead??? Noo... It can't be!:pinkiesad2::fluttercry:

This raised quite some questions... I usually don't fire this cannon, but...
"Moar-cannon, ready for ignition"
MMOOAAAARRRR!!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

luna dead or stoned off her ass...Trollestia maybe?
and more then likely a manically depressed silk from now on...

good premise

i love how celestia lived for over 1000 years but luna was younger and still died first. :trollestia:
(an assumption based off what you gave us)

Wow. Sounds like Equestrias gone to hell. Will be interested to see where you go with this... whether he succeeds or fails.

I was beyond overjoyed when I saw an update here :pinkiehappy:
I LOVED "Legacy" and I can't wait for more of "Legend" :twilightsmile:
Hell, I gotta admit that what happened in "Legacy" is a small plot point in my own fic :rainbowlaugh: (Though it will take time before that's important)

I feel like this series of stories is like a book you would buy at a store, some of the best I have ever read! plz keep writing them! :heart::heart::heart:

yay Luna isn't "dead", although some owwuld consider comatose in stone dead....
but still there is a chhance for her to live, and silk doesen't have to deck the princess anymore, heck im suprised she even let him get away with that one punch!

Can't wait to see what happens to Celestia's most trusted subjects (whom based on the character icons are the mane 6) and our protaganist.

160404 well we've already established that not only is Silk gifted with magic but he has an excellent physique for his age and is a skilled combat fighter, where as he's facing a crippled, one eye-d, magicless princess. I don't think theres much she would have been able to do to punish his punch :pinkiehappy:

Update! Buck yeah! :pinkiegasp:
Oh, we're actually gonna have the mane six in this story? That's pretty damn awesomesauce! :rainbowkiss:
Wonder how they'll interact with Silk... :rainbowhuh:
Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:


Honestly I don't read many stories of this type, but the first story sucked me in and I find myself drawn to this one.

I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Hm. This could be rather interesting. I bet this has something to do with that room he trapped luna in. It drained magic (if I remember correctly). Not having any issues aside from some very minor spelling errors in very few places.

248740 if you'd like to point them out I'll edit them when I can.

248758They're very miniscule. The only reason I really noticed is because I am an odd person like that.

hmmmm...magic draining room....one strong enough to drain a more or less godess.... nope no corolation to the plague at all!!!

and as far as how the mane 6 act will go, i think pinkie wll be the first to make silk hate her, he even stated outright distrust/offense at her pink colors at the beggining. Also who was red dragon, did he burn that one city down,?


Koedos to you good sir. I find this a very pleasent read, even if quite sombre.
do lead on, you have grasped my curiosity by the chain.

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