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When a well placed conversation sparks the throes of adventure within a mare like Daring Do she finds herself once again flying the high skies in search of great treasure! The Legendary Ruby Knight.

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In a world known only as New Equestria to those living there the old ways of magic are long gone things of myth and fancy, until one day a pony by the name of Ironcloud MacHoof changes all of that by awakening a magical source like none other that had been sleeping for millenia.

Cover image is owned by pashapup on Deviant art so check them out! Will get an original cover asap.

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I have slept, for years. Time has dredged along without me while I awaited my sentence. My Princess. But now I have to wake up to a world that was never mine. A world broken and ravaged in ways even I can not begin to fathom. All for her, I will be Legend.

Sequel to the story "Legacy"

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I have lived a hard and long life, a life not many survive. I've stolen more then I care to brag about and done better at it then anypony before me. But what will I leave behind... will I die lonely and forgotten from the minds of ponies everywhere...or will I leave... a Legacy.

If you go to the chapter titled "Legacy" it will have a fully updated and edited, e-reader friendly version of the story on google docs.

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Twilight is summoned to view the world famous "Fashion Mile" as Celestia's Protege but things rarely go the way they are intended and are never simple. Especially when she finds herself completely spell bound by a model who's an entire world apart.

( A MASSSIVE thank you for Starykrow from derpyhooves chat for the image)

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A one shot story which depicts a lost and broken Trixie finding her true self and true friendship in the most unexpected of places. Set directly after the happenings of the "Boast Busters" episode.

Inspired by Zonra and Sunegem, their fan art spoke to me in a way like none other! Please check them out on DA.

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When a stallion who spent a three year stay within the Everfree forest at the request of Princess Celestia returns to Ponyville the mane 6 find themselves forced into facing a foe none of them are prepared to handle. The Elements of Harmony may not be all they need to survive, if their friendship can last the journey into the heart...of the Everfree Forest.

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