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When a well placed conversation sparks the throes of adventure within a mare like Daring Do she finds herself once again flying the high skies in search of great treasure! The Legendary Ruby Knight.

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I might read this, it seems somewhat interesting


Congratz on being the first one so far! :twilightsmile:

It's alright, could use some work.
You, my man, are on the brink of something interesting, but I am very tired, and may not be appreciating it for what it is right now.

Like i said during the new episode
and did anybody else feel strange while watching this EP

And the daring doo fic's begin. I like the beginning and i wait for more.

i was excited for daring do fics. and here they come. as a powerful pink pony with a sword once said,

"Brace yourself. The Daring Do fics are coming."
and brace myself i shall.:moustache:

I'm surprised that this is the first Daring-Do fic so far. I like the beginning and I'll definitely be tracking this!

Interesting, but I think you need help with the word quiet. "the crowd got louder and quitter with the passing of the hour" should be "the crowd got louder and quieter with the passing of the hour". "Quite you fool!" Should be "Quiet you fool!". I also noticed some repetition that just makes the sentence sound funny in the beginning: "Each moment in the sun had been like a dry blast against her body by the sun". I would suggest reading what you write out loud, so you can hear how it sounds. Other than those things, you've got a good start. Looking forward to seeing more!

189057 Thank you for pointing those out, I'll fix them after work this morning. :pinkiehappy:

"And thus...the first Daring Do fic has been born"

Minor typo: "This was a pony that didn’t want to be scene." Should be 'seen', other than that great setup. Can't wait for more.

*Grabs popcorn*

This is gonna be good!

haha, just watched the episode, went to check fimfiction immidiatly after :rainbowlaugh:
now let me read this while falling asleep

Here comes to the Daring-Doo fan-fictions that will be perfectly made and the other shitty unoriginal ones.

After watching the episode I knew it was only a matter of time until this would happen, don't over-blow this out of the water like Fallout: Equestria and Past Sins. (A.K.A Overrated.)

I bucking called it! I knew there was going to be a fanfiction within a day of the last episode. I BUCKING CALLED IT!

191223 In all fairness I actually had this up yesterday before Fimfiction had Daring Do as a selectable character.

.... Did it really take you this long to make this fic? A whole day? Really? Pff, I'm shocked. Well, with the mods, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

people ask why I love this fandom so much.

I show them this in response.

Well played sir, well played.

Well, we got a new kind of story now. Might as well enjoy the Daring Do flood.

:rainbowhuh: How can you not enjoy it? It's Daring Do!

:pinkiegasp: Hey! Breaking the 4th wall is my job Dashie!

Sounds like Knight is Fluttershy's ancestor.... or whoever is Fluttershy's equivalent in this universe. (After all, Daring Do is an alternate Rainbow Dash)

You Crazy writer you!! I will definitely read this! :yay:

idk how but i just knew that someone would write a fanfic with daring-do in it...

This kind of fic, Daring Do, I COMPLETELY expected to be created.

I knew it, I totally, totally knew it. Within a day of the new episode, FLOODS of Daring Do fanfiction. AND I WILL READ THEM ALL! :rainbowdetermined2:

191048 though i can't vouch for past sins, fallout:equestria is the greatest piece of pony fanfiction ive ever read. i dont feel like going into why it's great. im lazy. but just because you didnt like it doesnt mean its overrated. 191237 im excited for new chapter!! :pinkiehappy: yayyy! lol

A few punctuation issues that need to be fixed, otherwise a good read.

i like havent seen the latest episode but i like it:eeyup:

>> Supermucher fallout: equestria is indeed a great fic and it is my favorite of that genre of fics so i agree :eeyup:

I knew this was going to happen and I'm okay with this.

"the crowd got louder and quieter with the passing of the hour"

Is this some ancient Zen riddle or something? :applejackconfused:


Trust me, there is loads of reasons why I don't like Fallout: Equestria. There are loads of people who don't like Fallout: Equestria and I'm one of them.

I'm not going into detail with it though.

Six friends..... Hmm, familiar number...... I wonder where I've heard it beforeeee:derpyderp2:

I thought i was the first

i was wrong :derpytongue2:

Nice story though

*gasp* On A Cross and Arrow!
Well, something similar

192231 When large crowds of people gather it will be very loud at times then for some reason it'll get very quiet and rise again. Its a common thing, at least around me :twilightsheepish:

Now, if only they would release movie sequels as fast, my world would be complete. :lunasmile:

I knew right from the start that there would be Daring Do fanfics...

But then again: Who didn't? :rainbowwild:

YES! :rainbowdetermined2: Looking forward to a lot more of Daring Do. Good start!

Definitely on my track/favories :D looks very promising :pinkiehappy:

I'd have been a fool to not see this coming. The second I realized the direction "Read It and Weep" was taking with its narrative, I knew it'd be a matter of days - hell, hours - until Daring Do found her way into one-shot adventure stories. How I managed to dodge all of them until today is beyond me, but by last count there are already fifteen stories with her newly-christened tag plastered onto them (some older stories having just updated their tags to include her).

And this fic is the reason it's a GOOD thing Daring is perfect bait for new stories.

im likin it!
nothin like a good pony version of indiana jones!! :pinkiehappy:

It seems that one way to have a story get a lot of views and comments within three days is by making it a Daring Do adventure, and rightfully so, because she's awesome!

Now, on to my review - I am really liking this so far, and I think you've implemented Daring Do's character really well!

I'll be keeping an eye out for updates! :eeyup:

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