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I'm the result of a failed cloning experiment to create the ultimate Frisian girl. As a result, I'm 61% cat, 37% human, and only 2% Frisian. Quite the failure.


Some retouches. · 1:36pm Apr 16th, 2012

I've cleaned up some of my stories.

Applejack Just Can't Get Some Bucking Sleep:
- Mostly grammar fixes.

- Changed some details and the way things are phasing. I recommend a reread.

And I'm thinking about another fanfic with "Fluttercreep" in it. I already got some ideas. :3

- ElektroNeko

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A cute take on a classic story ;3

You're welcome X3

I thank you for the favorite:ajsmug:


Yes I did. Quite awesome ;3

I saw on the AppleDash group thread that you like humanized AppleDash. Have you read Fool's Gold?


I really loved your story ;3. I can relate to Applejack in it.

You're welcome ;3

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