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Applejack and Rainbow Dash get stuck together in the Apple family cabin when a freak snow storm prevents them from leaving during a weekend get away. Alone. As time passes, the two begin to learn things they never knew about eachother... And themselves. Appledash shipping. Humanized.

All credit for the cover image goes to Domented-inc56 on Deviantart!! Go praise this artist!

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Oh good, now I can stop stalking your profile to see if this was up here yet :derpytongue2:

Ah, it's on here as wel-

1006930 Oh hey again. o_o

I like it! It's a really sweet set up, I can't wait to read more!

1006954 Oh hai there.

So this isn't spam, there's something I forgot to say when I commented on this chapter on DeviantART. Big Mac trying to set up AJ with a guy. Why does that make me think he knows she's a lesbian and he's trying to turn her straight by setting her up with guys?

1006973 This is on dA too? Link me plz. o_o

so far so good will track


XD you were stalking me?? Uh... Thanks I guess?


Ooo oh good idea :D I may just have t use that XD

1007399 What can I say, I prefer the formatting on here over DA and Fanfiction.

1007412 Oh God what have I done.


Haha, awesome :) it wouldn't let me upload just the prologue alone, as it did not meet the 1,ooo word requirement on this site for new story. And what you have done may just alter life as we know it! Bwahahahaha!

Thanks! I hope I continue to impress, and I still have a weeee little bit of settup to go ;)

Thanks! Glad to impress :)

Odd, I never thought Rarity was a truck type. Pinkie Pie, however... of course, no sane person would let her drive through the mountain.

And the fic so far... it could be better. Dunno, I don't feel hooked. I'll give it a couple more chapters wait before passing judgment :coolphoto:


Koolio,mthanks for giving it a chance :) as a curious writer, however, I have to ask, is there something specific about the story, or my writing style that you feel could be improved upon?

1007602 It just seems typical, you know? A classic romance fic: "two girls, alone in the snow, get to know each other better and realize they have feelings for each other". The thing about Dash's parents, some sort of hidden grudge, adds some spice, but still falls under the category of things they get to know when they talk about themselves. I feel like, if there were another line of action besides the upcoming romance I'd pick it up better.

Still, I don't know what you've got planned for the future, so like I said, I'll hold my judging until I see more.


Sounds good to me :) I plan on adding in a bit more of an actual problem, as I agree with you as to how typical romances can be lame! Just do me the favour of reading through the whole next chapter that I post before ya make your decision, as it will be at the end of the chapter that I introduce my antagonist :)

I usually hate humanized fics, this one is good though, look forward to more chapters :twilightsmile:


Great :D should have the next one up tomorrow!

aw i wanted to read more :fluttershysad: i hope the update will come soon :twilightsmile:

...Well FUCK. Shit sure hit the fan there. You fucking tease you.

(Also, I half expected the water fight to be Rainbow taking off AJ's bikini top. I know, I'm sick, leave me alone!)


Haha, trust me, I was considering it :P buuuuut then I realized some of the people reading might be younger, and I don't want to loose readers because of a few more mature scenes. Maybe I'll post a short one shot fic of what really took place in that tub later ;)

And yeah, I decided that simple romance is nice and all, but I wanted to mix it up a little, make my story a bit more original :)


Well, I do like making my readers happy... ;)

Ok...So he was cold, it was snowing, so he forced himself in. Can I gloat if thats correct? (Story will change now just because I posted this)


Bwahahahaha, you made one major mistake... Who ever said it was a he?

1017585 *goes back and rereads* Hmm, good point so why is another gi- oh boy...I can tell where this is going.

Well that escalated quickly

From deviantart I come to read this 3rd chapter! Muahaha! I really like it...very excited to see where this goes...:ajsmug:


Yay, I'm glad you are enjoying it XD t be honest I was a little worries about this one... ;)


Indeed >:)

:applecry: I can't click on chapter 3


I hope to have that fixed on the next day or to ;)

is it wrong to yell "more!!!!!!!"?


Not at all ;) sorry it's been a while, I was on vacation ;P will try to update soon though!

Very remarkable. I will be keeping an eye on this one because I like where it is going. I am not much of a fan of human fictions, but this is one of the few I can consider acceptable. Keep up the good work, and I will be waiting for future updates. Also...
Dem Cliff Hangers! That is all.:ajsmug:

From hell, to you, and back again,
Soto Konoha

Buck you and the horse you rode in on. I hate cliff hangers!!!


Haha, sorry ;) working on the next chapter right now!

oh god yes this updated

cliff hangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Haha, so, what did you think?

XD woot! So... What did ya think?

I love this fic. I was so excited when it updated! Humanized gets a bad rep, but it's awesome when good writers like you do it. :ajsmug:


XD In the words of Thor, "ANOTHER!!"
...Cliff hanger, I mean ;)

God... This is good...

EEEE update!! Love the picture you used by the way, AJ's hair is really cool.

Woot! A fellow DeviantArtist! :heart:
Thanks do much for reading, I'd love to know what you like most about the story!?

Haha, thank you! I always freak out right before posting chapters cause I'm worried my readers won't like them, but I'm glad to be proved wrong :) I'd love to hear why ya like my story so much :)?


Thanks a bunch! I'm glad you love it so much, but I have to ask, what do you love about it? ( for future story purposes ;) ) and if ya wanna find the artist and give him a complement, in sure it would mean a lot :D artist info can be found in story discription.


Alright then. :ajsmug:

First of all: Human Appledash. I like the idea of a human Rainbow Dash and Applejack. It's very sexy. :rainbowwild:

Second: Alternative character interpretation. I love it when people dare to take a different approach to established characters and still have them recognizable. :rainbowkiss:

Third: It has good characterization and good phasing. It flows exactly well and nothing feels padded or rushed. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Forth: It has a portable radio. I love portable radios...

Awesome, and you did the stereotypical cliffhanger kiss! Yay!


I love Humanized AppleDash fics so that's probably the main reason why I like this story so much. I also appreciate the level of intimacy you put with AJ and Rainbow Dash. You can obvously tell they're great friends in the beginning and the flirting/teasing between them is just adorable.

Some parts seemed a little confusing or vague to me, but perhaps that is a result of me reading too fast. :twilightblush:

Hope to see more updates soon! I'm intrigued to know what the deal is with this random bloody guy and where the rest of the gang members are xD

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