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Daring Do narrowly escapes from an old foe, only to find herself going from the frying pan to the fire. An ancient evil, a population corrupted against their will, and an intimidating unicorn threaten not only a small island, but possibly the entire world. Will Daring Do and her filly companion make it off the island alive? Just what is this "Ivory Idol"? If adventure has a mane, it must be Daring Do!

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Why does this have no comments yet?

This was a great read! :twilightsmile:

Better comment to follow, probably.


Haven read it yet, but EQD hoard is incoming, so expect more soon.

In retrospect, this got featured pretty quickly. Nice work, Geno Blast.

Also, in before "Scootaround is best sidekick".

I read, "Equestria's not some tiny speck, it makes up most of that continent!"
but I heard, "I think you'll find that Equestria pretty much covers everything."

I enjoyed it. Plenty of action, but not overbearingly so, and great interactions.

Nice. Glad people liked it! Suppose I should make more Daring Do stories? It's neat to write fiction that's granted some liberties as it supposedly exists in FiM as yet another work of fiction. You don't get bogged down with canon and stuff, y'know?

Nice. It had some very striking similarities to Temple of Doom, but I'm not complaining. It was a very good read and I'd really like to see more. :twilightsmile:


Yes, that was intentional. There were certain plot devices in ToD that I thought would lend itself PERFECTLY to Daring Do. I mean, the Kali Ma's brainwashing is obviously what inspires the depiction of Discordian brainwashing.

Keep in mind that these stories were supposedly written in-universe long before the events of "The Return of Harmony", so making the means and methods of Discord and chaos appear means a different interpretation needs to be applied, as the ponies wouldn't know exactly how ponies were corrupted by chaos until the events of FiM.

For Daring Do, Indiana Jones is a great place to look for inspiration. :twilightsmile:

Nah, like I said, I'm not complaining. There's nothing wrong with having some references to Indiana Jones in a Daring Do story. :rainbowwild:

This was a very epic story! There's definitely not enough Daring-Do fics, and I loved this one!

Wait... how does scoots know Daring!?

Rainbowdash... you jelly?

Ah, so this is Scoot's relative involved. Now I can understand... and keep reading with sizable interest.

This is a crossover of Daring do and Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom isn't it?

559132 You know, there's an entire semicanonical series of Daring Do Books you could work with... I think someone with your style might do well with them.

They already have ready made plots even, so inspiration won't be hard. Writing them with Daring Do spirit and flavor however, will be the challenge? Do you accept?

If you do, take a look at this page.


Not quite. Actually, Scootaround is an OC (kind of) made for the Daring Do series. I figured Daring needed a sidekick. Actually, she's directly inspired by both Scootaloo (as Daring Do is totally Rainbow Dash in the show) and Short Round from Indiana Jones. I did take some effort to make them different, as much as she is a homage to Shorty. So no, She's neither related to Scoots nor is she Scoots herself. After all, if we believe that these books were written in-universe then they would have existed before Scootaloo was even born. :scootangel:


Not so much a crossover as a homage to. The whole cult thing & Daring's brainwashing are directly inspired by Temple of Doom.

Insert gif of Dash hugging a book and saying "Awesome!" here.

I like what you did with this story. I thought for sure that this was going to be a Temple of Doom knockoff, but instead you turned what I expected inside out. Well done, Geno Blast. You made my top 10 favorites with this story! :rainbowlaugh:

As far as a critique goes, I feel that you put way too much Indy into Daring Do. Daring doesn't "feel" right in my brain the way you portrayed her in this story. Given that you were inspired by the movies, and kept your plot moving and original, I can overlook that. After all, Daring IS just the ponified version of Indy, and that is what you were shooting for. You also had a brace of typos scattered throughout all 10 chapters, but none of them bothered me too much to stick in my head or significantly distract from reading. Your writing style stays tight, and the story has great flow when transitioning from chapter to chapter. No major moments when a breakdown in writing distracted me from your narration. Except (there's always one) when referring to Scootalong's hat. newsfilly or newspony might be better substitutes. You established Scootalong as a she, and not a he.

Should you write more Daring Do tales? Absolutely. Is it wrong that I read all of Scootalong's lines in Short Round's voice? Absolutely not.
If you wouldn't care to write more Do, how about some Scootalong stories? That could be fun. I always wondered what happened to Short Round after Temple of Doom.

:pinkiegasp: Ahem... sorry.

:pinkiehappy: Yes please, can we have more DD? Thank you for "The Ivory Idol". :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for reading the inane blathering of a blind chimp beating on a keyboard.


Thanks very much. As a matter of fact, I've got another one in the works, Daring Do and the Trials of Zenith

Glad you liked this one! :yay:

Scootaround was certainly cute, and I loved the throwbacks to Indiana Jones. Aside from it being Daring Do.

Anyway, like I said, it was a cute and thrilling tale, and I'll be happy to be read the next one.


Just yes.

Oh no! The poor tapirs! They have no comments to eat!

Wait, no, false alarm.

Gray ponies, eh? What's Discord up to here?

She had found a leather ball inside of the small room they had been afforded.

How barbaric!

Why is it that a mace may refer to a spikeless ball on a stick, or a spiky ball attached to a stick by a chain, but not a spiky ball on a stick? I wish that everybody would just consistently call the second one a flail; that would make everything make so much more sense.


It's spelled "draconequus," actually, from the Latin for "dragon-horse."

You're not going to recruit Scoots, Bloodhorn? You deserve to be defeated for willingly leaving an enemy un-brainwashed.

Ooh, what are you planning, Scoots?

Time for me to pretend I have something to say!

Um . . . booby traps that know if you intend to ransack the place would be awfully convenient. Yes, that shall be my insightful observation. Aren't I clever?

If it's really a skeleton, it should not be at all cohesive. Without any flesh, there's nothing to hold the bones together.

Going around the ledge should be a breeze for Scoots, with her great sense of balance.

Oh no! He's been following them, completely undetected, until just now when he decided to reveal he was six inches behind them.

And now Daring has become Bizarro Indiana Jones. Breaking into ancient ruins to RETURN artifacts.

2650499 He just used the back door.

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