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Greetings, dear writers and worldbuilders. I have seen people create a cyberpunk story Group, but I want to give other Punk genres some love and recognition. Now, there are a lot of different genres in Punk fiction, so I'll link a detailed list of Punk genres below:

So, if you want to exercise your imagination and creativity, then please join the Punk Fiction Enthusiast Guild and let's start creating!

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I've had them all on User. Should I try Contributor?

Try User and see what happens.

Okay, I've heard people say that they're having problems posting stories. To know how I can fix that, let me provide context:

See, when I create a folder, there's a thing called "Posting Permissions", and has the choices of User, Contributors, and Admin. Which one of these should I set this to? I want everyone to post their stories in our guild.

From what I saw on the list I linked, Cattelpunk is considered a subgenre of Steampunk as well as Dungeonpunk being a subgenre of Aetherpunk/Magic Punk. Though, I suppose I can add them as subfolders.

You are missing an Oceanpunk folder. Empty Horizons by Golden Wing is exactly that, all of Equestria is flooded and ponies live on floating islands.

Fantasy Horse Punk should also be on that list, either as a sub genre for Aetherpunk (Magic Punk) or as a sub genre for Furpunk (Anthropunk). In MLP:FiM, fantasy horse magic is integral to Equestria; without it, everything breaks down.

I don't see how to add stories to folders. This one should go into Steampunk:

All the Fallout: Equestria stories should be in the Atompunk folder.

There's a couple of "Punk" folders I think you forgot to add: Cattlepunk and Dungeonpunk.

Just saw the stories you lot added and I'm so happy to see everyone motivated!

Just saw the stories you lot added and I'm so happy to see everyone motivated!

Just saw the stories you lot added and I'm so happy to see everyone motivated!

Okay. If people are having trouble putting their stories in this Group, please don't hesitate to let me know.

I joined like I said I would. :raritywink:

I think I may have figured it out. I just went to the group button where my stories are and added them there.

Also, I am doing this on my phone at the moment so maybe that could the reason why I haven’t seen the add story button.

I don't really have a lot of experience creating Groups, so I don't know how to allow people to add stories

Yeah but none of the folders have an “Add Story” button on them.

Yes. Are you having trouble doing so?

Could we add stories to this group?

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