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Stories in Stone, Memories of Twilight - TDR

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At the End of Days

Stories in Stone
Memories of Twilight

“...at the end of days.”

Twilight was unaware of what transpired for several days after her escape from Silver Claw. However she was dimly aware of her friends coming to see her and of Celestia, Luna, and Cadence watching over her.

It was her former foal sitter that was present when she finally woke.

The first thing that greeted her however was a pure white ceiling, well almost pure white there was a small patch where the tan that had been there before was starting to bleed through because the painters only put one coat on the spot when they clearly should have used two. She rolls onto her side before the spot could annoy her any further.

The room was fairly large, though only four beds and a host of medical equipment both magical and mundane filled the room. The empty bed looked like it was being used more for a table than anything else, as a few half eaten trays of food were piled on it. The bed on the other side of the room from the foot of her bed contained a small sleeping dragonling half curled under the blanket.

She smiles at seeing Spike, glad for something familiar in this place. She sat up slowly, her head pounding, turning her attention to the last bed.

The bed next to her held a heavily bandaged pony, his breathing was ragged and most of the medical equipment in the room seemed to be hooked up to him. Princess Cadence sat on a small bench next to his bed her forelegs resting on the side of the bed with her head resting on it.

Shining Armor.

Cadence looked as if she had simply passed out there, judging by the state of her mane it also looked as if she had not gone any where since he was brought here.

Twilight tries to move from the bed to get up, another lance of pain around her horn giving her pause and making her gasp at the lance of agony, the faint noise waking Cadence. The pink alicorn first looked to Shining then turns around to see Twilight struggling to get up.

The purple unicorn was nearly knocked off the bed by the sudden impact of the pink pony's hug.
She remained there with a death grip on Twilight for several moment before speaking shakily.

“Thank you Twilight.” stutters cadence.

“Thank you? For what?”questions Twilight still some what weakly.

“First you save me at the wedding and now Celestia says you saved Shining from getting killed.”Cadence stammers.

“Do you think I would let anything bad happen to my brother if I could help it?” chuckles Twilight. “How is he, I didn't have the chance to check on him.”

“He was hurt really badly, some of the doctors did not expect him to make it at all until Princess Celestia arrived. She healed the Guards at least ensuring they would recover quickly. With the damage Shining had she could only heal him enough to ensure he lived. I guess healing magic is not the cure all we hoped. Rapid healing might cause more damage than the actual injury. She said she could help enough so that it was sure he would live, but not how long it would take him to recover, or even wake up.” sighs Cadence.” She was sorry she could not do more, but with the nature of who attacked she was trying to conserve what power she has as well.”

“I understand that, but what I do not understand is how he managed to get free. “Twilight mutters.”I need to speak with Princess Celestia as soon as I can.... Where am I any way?”

“Canterlot General Hospital. You have been here almost a week and have been asleep the whole time. Princess Celestia called it some sort of magical burn out from the spell you cast to save the Guards.” whispers Cadence noting Spike shift in the bed.

Twilight pushes her self out of the bed standing shakily on her hooves. Cadence bites her lip moving around to try and put her sister in law back in bed.

“You shouldn't move yet, I need to let the doctors know you got up and you probably still need more tests done, at the very least more rest to recover fully.”placates Cadence.

“I don't have time to rest Cadence, this is an emergency. I need to talk to Celestia.” growls Twilight.

“An emergency like the ones you claimed to have as a foal after reading a bad story?” Cadence smiles briefly though the smile fades as her gaze turns back to Shining.

Twilight refrains from saying something mean about her comment in response, though she was having far too much difficulty staying on all four hooves without the room spinning.

“I.. I’m sorry for that....”sputters Cadence. “I know it is bad but you are in no shape to do anything...”

“I can't just lay here.”Twilight sighs barely keeping up right. “Fine, tell the doctors and get me a wheel chair and a chariot, I need to talk to the Princes as soon as I can.

“I will do what I can, but please lay back down on the bed at least.”whispers Cadence.


“The Waning Moon... are you certain?” mutters the voice.

“Positive, I have seen that blade countless times on that fools side. I know it when see it. It is a very distinct weapon.” growls the large form of Silver Claw.” It was being wielded by a purple unicorn. One who managed to teleport with it, a second star metal blade, at least thirty injured royal guards, and a bucking tree.”

[“I think you are simply covering up for a failure dragon.”] utters the snake like voice.

“When I want your opinion maggot I will tear it out of your cold corpse.” snarls Silver Claw.

“He is being truthful. There is very little that could damage his hide with the enchantments I have given him, yet it is clear he has been bloodied by something. I also felt a tremendous amount of power being called and that matches what he described.” sighs the voice.” This will cut into my time line drasticly, there was not supposed to be any of that power level aside from the Princesses. Let alone one wielding that blade.”

“So what now? Should we simply destroy the town and kill the current Element Bearers there?” mutters Silver Claw.

“For all that the Bearers have been reported to have done, none of the ponies we questioned seem to even know who they are. It is infuriating, either Celestia has some how managed to keep it hidden again, or the ponies here are simply too stupid to remember anything past a few days.” grumbles the voice.

[“We could not enter the town now any way. Some one has warded it quite heavily. I am unfamiliar with the spell, but it is keyed to the dragon and the two failures. There are many other things woven into it as well, I cannot tell what would set off the barrier. I can tell you the alarms and spells that would go off from breaking this barrier would give even a god pause.”] utters the snake like voice.

“So for the moment Ponyville and the Element Bearers are out of our reach. Silver Claw you have become too known to stay here I will need you to check out several locations for the next phase.” the first voice says.

“Get your bird to play scout for you. Why would I bother with this sort of nonsense?” snaps Silver Claw.

“My 'bird' is busy. You are not. We need to find a suitable site for the ritual since the one that I knew of was destroyed.” says the first voice.

[“ You have also been spotted and likely named. I believe that this unicorn you speak of may be the one who wrote the book. If she is as powerful as you say she may have also set up the ward as it does not bear the markings of Celestia or Luna. With a foe that powerful against us we must be careful. You leaving this area may well be for the best at this point.”] mutters the snake like voice.

“So be it.” Silver Claw snarls stomping out of the cavern leaving the other two shadowed forms looking after him.

[“ Why does he insist on playing the dumb brute? Does he really believe we are fooled by it?”] questions the snake like voice.

“It is hard to tell with him. He may only be acting like this because he wants others to think that, not just us. Of course the others have worked for him in the past and that in itself is worrying. He is too powerful an ally to simply destroy however.” explains the voice.

[“You play a dangerous game with that one mare. I do not care for any of you lesser creatures, but I know the value of having allies. Besides, our goals are similar enough with out conflicting that we have no need for any conflict, for now.”] smirks the snake like voice.[“Since that is now settled shall we move on to any other things you may have found in that book that could interest me. Perhaps you have discerned the location of the one I seek?”]


There were few things in the world that would give Celestia pause out of fear. There were far fewer than even those few that would bring fear to Luna.

Both of them had just added one more item to those lists.

Twilight sparkle sat in a wheel chair in front of the thrones of night and day staring at the pair of alicorns with such venom Celestia expected herself to burst into flames. The pony that had wheeled her in had taken off as soon as she saw the look on the purple mares face.

Celestia knew why her student was here, though had no idea where to begin. Her sister seemed to be having the same issue though Twilight only seemed to get madder the longer the pair just stood there.

“How long did you know?” Twilight questions angrily, breaking the silence.

“We did not student....this was...” begins Celestia.

“Bullshit, as many dangers as you told me about in that garden and you cannot keep track of the worst of them?” snaps Twilight.” Sixty three ponies were killed, one of my friends was nearly raped, another's brother is still in critical condition, and Shining armor is practically crippled and might not even wake up again. You cannot tell me you did not know something. You sent far too many ponies for what most thought was a simple break in, and you gave him that sword, you knew exactly who he was up against.”

“We knew about Claymore from your letter Twilight Sparkle. Silver Claw was not one that we expected to see.” placates Luna.

“How the heck did you not know? Is there another unicorn running around in the garden casting anti basilisk stare spells that you missed somehow?” growls Twilight the edges of her mane beginning to spark.“ I nearly lost several ponies I care about because you couldn't keep track of who you locked up. If I had not remembered where I had seen that pony before my brother would be dead now and a very powerful weapon would have been in enemy claws.”

“I am aware of what you have done Twilight, but please calm down.” says Celestia.” We will try to explain.”

Twilight continues to stare though her mane stops smoldering the faint glow surrounding her horn fading. Celestia glances back to Luna who nods and trots off.

The Princess of the sun inhales deeply moving to stand before Twilight.

“I am sorry for what happened, but were were unaware of even Claymore's being freed until your letter. Do you recall Luna telling you that the five have been freed once before?” questions Celestia.

Twilight simply nods as Celestia smiles slightly at her student. Did the mare even understand the amount of power she had channeled to save all of the ones she did? Twilight had progressed far beyond anything she could have hoped for. Though this perhaps was not the time to bring that up

“Nearly two years ago you defeated Discord and resealed him in stone. Have you never wondered where my sister and I were during those events. I sent you the letters, but that was only after the situation here was under control.” sighs Celestia.

“I have wondered, but I assumed it was either some test or he had sealed you in Canterlot somehow.”notes Twilight.

“He did not seal us no, I doubt even he has the power to do that to other gods. He did however find a way to keep us busy.” sighs Celestia. “ After you and your friends lost his little game, he freed the inhabitants of the garden to ensure that Luna and I would be too preoccupied to stop him.”

“He what?” yelps Twilight. “I thought there were things in the garden that were worse than him? To hear him talk he was only after some fun. If he let some of those things out it goes a bit beyond fun.”

“Discord is far more dangerous and deadly than he seems. Strangely, he was rather subdued this time as opposed to how he was when Luna and I first sealed him. He did not free all of them, Forge Scale and several others remained locked in stone. It seems even Discord knew certain things were far to dangerous to be free.” explains Celestia.

“Who else is missing from the garden?” questions Twilight.

“We do not know Twilight Sparkle. There are far to many prisoners in the gardens now for an accurate count. There are many we do not even know why they were sealed, as they were there before us. The same can be said for Tartarus. That was a creation of the pony gods that left the Windigo lands two hundred thousand years ago.” explained Luna as she trots back into the throne room, a small box gripped in her magic floating along side her.

“Two hundred thousand years? Hearths Warming is still being celebrated after all that time? “ responds a surprised Twilight.

“Give or take, we are unsure of the exact dates to be honest as neither of us was alive at that time. Even so, it is that lack of knowledge of all of those contained within the garden that make it difficult to keep track of. The modern version of the gardens may have been my doing, but there are many from the former gardens as well. When Discord let them all loose very few of them stayed in one place.”responds Celestia.

“What happened.... arggh I don't need to know this Ponyvile and my friends are in danger, they already attacked Fluttershy.” argues Twilight.

“You need not worry about Ponyville Twilight. I have contacted some old acquaintances and they have set up a ward around the city. The moment one of ill intent crosses the ward we will know and we will deal with them.” explains Celestia.

“For now Ponyville is safe, they have avoided our attention for over a year. Their discovery must have been an mistake. Silver Claw had Colonel Claymore working for him before. It is little surprise that if those two escaped at the same time that they are working together. Have there been any other events that may have seemed strange lately?”questions Luna.

“It's Ponyville, everything is strange.” sighs Twilight. “I guess you two want me to look at what happened when Discord freed the statues.”

“Yes, you are still recovering from the spell you cast, a simple spell like the scry will keep you preoccupied without straining yourself. You may also glean some insight from it I may have missed. You are the best researcher I know of.”Celestia chuckles.

Twilight shakes her head a bit as Luna floats the box over to set it in her lap. The purple unicorn seemed to be having trouble keeping her head up as her anger left her.

“I understand you may be angry with us Twilight, but we did not know what was going on. We may know a great deal of what happens in Equestria, but even we cannot know everything.” explains Celestia.” I expect you know that already just from what you witnessed with the task I gave you studying the Five Beasts.”

Luna signals the nurse again who trots back into the throne room to take Twilight out. The two Princesses stare after the purple unicorn who was struggling to remain awake after burning off her anger. As the doors close Celestia sighs.

“What now sister?” questions Luna.

“We wait, to actively search for them might cause them to do something rash that would harm more ponies. There is also the fact that most of our subjects now a days are skittish. We need to tread carefully to avoid a full blown panic. Unless you wish to get involved?” explains Celestia. “ Your skills would be useful in this.”

Luna winces lightly at the suggestion her ears and tail drooping.

“No sister, I do not, I am unsure if I am able to do anything like that after what was done the last time I sought conflict.” mutters Luna.

“You have changed sister, you do not make the same mistakes twice, you are better than you were.” encourages Celestia.

“We both know that a lie Tia. I would not even have the Night Guard if you had not forced them upon me. I am fit to lead no one.” mutters Luna.


“There may be a bit of scaring on your temple miss, but its not like it will really be noticeable under your fur.” the unicorn stallion in the doctors coat encourages.

Twilight nods thanking the doctor before heading back towards the room she and her brother were in.

Shining had yet to wake up, though as soon as she did she was mobbed by both her parents and Spike just as she had been by Cadence.

After the praise, panic, and parental presence she could put up with, she had been taken out of the room to be checked out by the doctor. Aside from the scar and a bit of magical burn out she was fine. Upon returning to the room Spike had told her Rainbow Dash had come by and the others would probably be on the next train to Canterlot to see her.

She told Spike to let her know when they got there and sent him to meet the group at the train station while she spent some time with her mother and father explaining what had happened though leaving out things that would make them worry more. That she had rescued her brother was no secret, neither were the deaths and injuries of the other Guards, but who the dragon was could be left out. Not as if any of them would know the name any way.

In a unexpected turn, news of her being awake spread like wildfire through the hospital and the city. She was soon mobbed by ponies she did not even know thanking her for saving their sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, significant others, family, or friends. Evidently enough of the Guards she had saved had been conscious enough to see who it was who rescued them from the dragon and they had told others.

It was not long after that, the deliveries started. Everything from candy and flowers, to jewelry and cards even more expensive gifts such as tickets to concerts and rather expensive clothing. Shining received quite a few get well cards and flowers as well, though the sheer volume she was receiving was staggering. It was enough that her parents were making several trips a day just to bring all the stuff back home,it seems that quite a few nobles had family in that guard unit.

Twilight was more depressed by the gifts than anything else. Out of a hundred Guard, at best she saved thirty or forty. A number of the ones she brought back had succumbed to their injuries mid spell or soon after from the shock. The amount of ponies that she had seen die right in front of her was weighing heavily on her any time she had more than a moment to herself. She had just started to reflect on it again when Spike returned with her friends.

For some reason being nearly crushed by her friends made her feel a great deal better. Her mother offered to pay for lunch for the group of them if they would keep watch on Twilight while she was out.

Despite her protests, Twilight's friends all but carried her out of the room, barely giving her time to grab her saddle bag.


“I have heard this place is absolutely divine. Canterlot quarterly gave it six stars out of five.” proclaimed Rarity.

“So long as they don't have those teeny tiny portions of food, that gets annoying.”quips Dash.

“I hope they serve gems.”states Spike.

“Ah dun think it matters so long as we git left alone fer tha most part.” proclaims AJ.

“Honestly this is a little much I would have been happy with just Doughnut Joe's or something.” mutters Twilight.

“No can do Twilight, I got banned from there after the MMMM incident. He's still mad I ate the whole cake.” reflects Pinkie.

“Um anything you all want is fine with me....” stammers Fluttershy.

“It's settled then what good is having contacts in the city if you never get a chance to use them.” states Rarity, quickly pushing all of them in the door. “Besides , your mother offered to cover the bill.”

After some fuss from the matricide that Rarity dealt with rather quickly, they were seated in the corner of the restaurant at a table large enough to accommodate the seven of them. The waiter stared at them a moment a frown crossing his face.

“Welcome to the Golden Platter. I would very much ask that you contain your pet before it disturbs the other guests.”enunciates the silver maned unicorn waiter.

“Hey now, Spike ain't no pet.” Snaps AJ.

“I was not speaking of the dragonling madam.”responds the waiter, turning his head to stare at Pinkie as she leans over some one else's table ogling their food.

Twilight chuckles as Applejack face hoofs, going to drag Pinkie Pie back to the table.

“Sorry about that, we would like to start with crisp cider and salads, we should have out meal orders by the time you return sir.” explains Rarity.

The waiter nods trotting away with a snobbish swagger and all eyes turn to Twilight. Pinkie pops up looking over the back of the bench seats to make sure no one else was listening.

“Alright sugar, git tah explaining, Spike said yah recognized tha pony that hurt mah brother and went after Fluttershy. Yah better tell me who he is, cause ah'm gonna geld that mother bucker.” growls AJ.

Twilight blinks as the others nod, the look on Rainbow Dashes face at AJ's suggestion was a little worrying, as she seemed rather excited at the notion. She sighs seeing even Fluttershy was interested in knowing.

“The description Fluttershy gave me matched a pony from the book I wrote.” explains Twilight.

“What you mean one of Luna's Generals did it? I thought they were supposed to be the good guys?”questions Dash.

“No, not one of them, one of the ponies that caused a problem for them, Colonel Claymore. He was the pony that betrayed Equestria to the dragons and allowed Dullahan keep to be over run. While he didn't do much directly, he was responsible for Jer'rahd becoming widely known and climbing the ranks as fast as he did as well as the death of Platinum and for Bleu and Jer'rahd becoming partners. He was sort of a key element early in the story that faded after he was sealed in stone.”rattles off Twilight.” I never described him because I was still learning how to work Celestia's spell and I missed a few things when I had to write it all out after ward.”

“What the heck is he doing loose? Did the Princess forgive him for some reason?” questions Pinkie.

“No, I went to find out, perhaps a bit angrier than I should have been, but I think they understood. The Princess told me that Discord had freed most of the garden when he escaped.” explains Twilight.

“Most of the garden?” asks Fluttershy.

“Yes it seems there were some really dangerous ones that Discord didn’t free. It makes about as much sense as anything else we have seen or heard about him.”sighs Twilight.

“So an escaped prisoner tried tah rape Fluttershy an nearly killed mah brother?” states AJ. “ Yah figure out who the mare is? She's next on mah list.”

“No, I don't know if shes some one new or another escapee, but Pinkie Pie talked about her before.” mentions Twilight.

“What I did ? When? I don't remember that.” questions Pinkie.

“The one who got away from you before you could make friends with her...”Twilight face hooves.

“Oh yeah her... she was goooood.... I mean bad... I mean good at hiding, bad as a pony …. I mean...” rants Pinkie.

“We get it, Pinkie enough already.” grumbles Dash. “What about the dragon?”

“Silver Claw.”states Twilight.

“Ooh, that one I remember easily, he's the one who nearly killed Princess Celestia.” mutters Rarity.

“Crap he got free too? How did they all manage that?” questions Spike.

The waiter returned with the salads and drinks as they let Rarity do the ordering for them having no idea what any of the fancy names were in relation to real food. The conversation continued as soon as the waiter left again.

“I don't know, the Princesses said with as big as the garden is and as chaotic as it got, they don't know what happened. They gave me a way to check though.” Twilight mutters between bites of salad.

She opens her saddle bag with a hoof pulling something out, trying not to use her magic as she sets the small wooden box on the table. Pinkie's ears perk up as she spots it almost shaking with curiosity the others look mildly interested as well.

“So what is it? Better still hows this suppose tah help?”grumbles AJ.

Rarity opens the box with her magic lifting out a scrap of fabric that seemed torn from a something. Twilight had already seen it, but the patch still impressed her. A silvery white crescent moon imposed on a black shield with purple trim. Along the top and bottom of the patch stitched in old Canterlot were the words, '42nd Guard, Luna's Hoof'.

The others stare at it a moment with confused looks on their faces.

“No offense to the princesses Twilight, but how is this supposed to tell you anything?” asks Dash.

“The princesses want me to use that scry spell on it. The spell doesn't use much power and they think it might be something for me to do while I recover.” states Twilight.

“Darling this thing is ancient, how is some old patch going to help you see what happened a few years ago?”questions Rarity.

Twilight takes a sip of her cider.

“I think because up until then, it was on the uniform Jer'rahd was turned to stone in. The five of them are in different poses now than they were when they were first turned to stone.” explains Twilight.” I suppose that will show me what happened in the gardens prior to its removal. Maybe I can figure out how Silver Claw and Claymore escaped, and see if any others did as well.

“Mmm good salad. Problem is Twilight what do we do if we find that out? If a hundred guards couldn't stop the dragon what chance do we have? I mean come on you guys couldn't even stop a buncha parasprites.” rambles Pinkie.

“I don't know, but there's got to be something. I am sure the Princesses could seal them back up again once it was found out how they escaped. “states Twilight.”They already told me they made sure Ponyville was being protected some how.”

“Well that's good at least.” grumbles Spike.”Six of five, bah, I give this place a two, still no gems....”


“Surely you jest!” snaps the first voice.

The darkness near the silken blade like voice sighs.

[“ There is no point in my jesting now. I know what I sensed and there are three in the city now, one keeps leaving and returning, likely going to Canterlot, but the other two have yet to move after making their presence felt.” growls the snake like voice.”None of the three are as powerful as Celestia and Luna, and one I had to double check simply to make sure I had correctly assessed the power, but they are all there. Ponyville is host to three gods right now, we are not prepared to deal with that many. We are not prepared yet to even deal with one. This fact coupled with the wards is a sure sign we need to fall back.”]

There was silence in the cavern for a time.

“So be it.” the silken voice breaks the quiet. “ I disagree with your assessment of our power, but I cannot fault the caution. We have ways to keep them busy. We did not plan for Celestia keeping close enough relations with other races that she can call other gods for aid. This is a small problem but not insurmountable.”

A slight shift from above draws the shadows attention.

“Your hunt will have to wait mercenary, we cannot risk another trip into that city for a time. Where are the ponies?”questions the first voice.

“Claymore went along with Silver Claw, the other ones trying to be sneaky in Canterlot.” mutters the voice from the ceiling. “She's good enough not to get caught, but its still risky.”

[“ We need to let all three of them know that we are leaving, can you get to her with out alerting the Guards?” ] questions the snake like voice.

“Pffft that oaf of a dragon could get through what passes for a Guard in Canterlot. I mean buck ,I could walk right in and tell her with out any sort of issue.” Chuckles the voice from the ceiling. “ But she has a dead drop set up for me to use. I can leave a note there if you want secrecy.”

“Take no unnecessary risks, once she knows, track down the dragon and tell him of the situation, he knows what to do. We shall meet again at the first place we fled to.” states the first voice.

“Not a problem boss lady, I’m off .” states the shadow by the ceiling wings spreading allowing the form to glide towards a larger cavern opening to the outside.

[“So what do we do now?”]questions the snake like voice.

“I will leave the history book with you. I need to make a small trip before we fall back. I will need to strike at her while surprise is still on our side. If all the attention is focused on Ponyville, then Canterlot will be less guarded. “ the first voice chuckles.

[“Canterlot is a big place. Finding even one such as her will be an issue.”] mutters the snake like voice.

“The book has shown me where she will be. Her routine will be her undoing.” mutters the voice before her form vanishes from the darkness.

The snake like voice sighs as the first voice leaves.

[“ We all have something we want, but your revenge is far more dangerous than I am comfortable with.”] the voice mutters.


“This is bullshit and you know it Claw. That bitch has no intention of fulfilling her end of the deal and we are out here doing all the grunt work.” growls Claymore.

“Do not let your misogynistic tendencies stop you from seeing the very nature of her. She will follow through on her end of the bargain.”responds Silver Claw looking down from his perch atop a large rock.” For a stallion so obsessed with mares, you oddly hate them quite a good deal.”

“I am focused on rebuilding my family line by breeding the strongest of these bitches I can find. Once I become a god I don't have to work so hard at it and their greedy natures will simply have them lining up to be fucked by me. “grumbles Claymore, idly rubbing a deep set of scars along his chest with a hoof.

“Is that why you killed the last pet you had? She was not strong enough?” questions Silver Claw.

“No I killed that bitch cause she wouldn't shut up when I told her to always bucking whimpering or crying.” growls Claymore. “She should have been thanking me for choosing to use her.”

“I question how you were able to find a female to breed with in the past.”sighs Silver Claw. “Your entire process of finding a mate seems flawed to me. You want the strongest mare, but the one with the weakest of will. That is quite contradictory.”

“No, its just rare. My former wife was a tough little bitch, could take anything I threw at her and come back for more, all while doing everything I wanted.”reminisces Claymore.“ Watched that little yellow one for a while, not fond of pegasi really, but that one fills most of what I want. Definitely tougher than she looks, not bad on the eyes either and submissive as they come.”

“If you say so. Please remember to keep your hooves to yourself until we get what we were promised. We have come to far to allow your taste in mares to set us back.” grumbles Silver Claw.

“I'm not the one you need to worry about. I might complain, but you know damn well I can follow orders. The one you need to worry about is that bucking mare I keep getting paired with.” curses Claymore. “ She's a manipulative, conniving little bitch who won't hesitate to offer us up on a platter to any one so long as she gets what she wants. She's the very definition of why I hate females.”

Silver Claw tilts his head looking down at the fuming pony before the campfire.

“Why do I have the feeling you two dated?”


Twilight lay back on the bed with exhausted sigh. Her mother looked over curiously, a small smile on her face before she looks down at Shining again. She rises from her chair trotting over to Twilight tucking her daughter in. Cadence had been forced to go home to get changed and cleaned up before she was allowed to come back.

The pink princess protested profusely, but paled when presented the piercing peer from the peeved parent.

Twilight had to smirk seeing Cadence all but fall over herself to get away from her mothers glare. She was quite used to that stare, which was why she got into bed without incident before her mother turned it on her. It did not help matters that just going out to eat had exhausted her.

She sighs as her mother tucks her in and kisses her cheek before trotting back over to where her father sat watching over her brother.

He was still healing nicely, but he had yet to wake up. She expected him to recover, but it would be nice if he at least be awake enough to say something to Cadence. She was taking this very hard.

Twilight shifts laying on her side, her eyes focusing on the little box resting on the table next to the bed. She had wanted to start on that tonight, but just the effort of moving around today had drained her.

The others had gone back to Ponyville for the night though they planned to come back soon. All of them had their jobs to take care of back home. Twilight had made AJ and Dash Pinkie Pie swear that neither of them would try to do anything until she got back. She did not want to have any of her friends hurt after what she had already been through. The pair reluctantly agreed with Fluttershy guaranteeing that they would be doing nothing of the sort.

Spike had gone home with Fluttershy and Apple Jack, to make sure nothing else happened.

It was not as if she did not trust the Princess that the town was secure, she just wanted something extra just in case. Spike's ability to send letters to the Princess could be invaluable, just as it had been in the past.

She sighs listening to her parents quietly talk on the other side of the room, the soft mutters sending her to sleep.


Her hooves made no sound as she moves across the tile floor. This was not the first time she had been to this place, likely it would also not be the last. Getting past the guards was foals play, it was like they just grabbed any idiot off the street and slapped them in armor.

A small smirk crosses her masked and hooded face as she ducks into a shadow avoiding another patrol. The lock on the door was easily picked, she slipped inside before the patrol returned.

The mask over her face helped with the dust, though even she was not skilled enough to hide her tracks in the thick layer of it that covers the floor. Luckily,enough ponies had tread here lately that her hoof prints would not be noticed among them.

It was this place that she had found one of the fabled books and secured her place in the ranks of the darkness. The Book of Blue might not have been as useful as she had hoped, but the rambling speech of a mad creature had shown the way to more interesting things.

Tonight this place was not so much a destination, but a path. The Order had secret passages everywhere and she had found only a hoof full of them sealed in her scouting of the city. The one in this old library led to a place she truly wished to go.

Her current 'leader' had her own agenda, and she had found it was always a good idea to keep her options open. Considering the last time she had relied on some one else, she was left for dead at the mercy of a mad pony.

She refused to have that happen this time. While the promise of becoming a god was a tempting prize indeed, it was always nice to have a back up, just in case things went south.

The shadow clad mare slips behind a book case pushing on a section of wall with a hoof. The brick slides and the well built device pulls the wall back allowing her access to the damp tunnel beyond.

Closing the door behind her she moves down the tunnel a small smirk on her hidden face.


Princess Luna trots slowly through the garden, a look of sorrow on her face. This had not gone as well as she thought. The escape of Sliver Claw and Claymore had possibly turned even Twilight against her. Her sisters grand plan was falling apart because of Discord's actions, Luna was not sure it would have worked any way.

Twilight and her friends were key to the whole plan, but if they did not all agree on the course of action then the whole plan would fail any way. It was far to reliant on too many factors coming together, and that was even if she could agree as well.

She sigh softly, looking up at her full moon, it was almost time to lower the silver orb for the evening. The faint light shown from behind the tall dais that held her friends, their shadows cast across the lawn she stood on.

She lowers her head. She could not keep doing this, even after all this time she still hated and loved them. As they were, she could hold back her anger, though when she had seen them alive the rage was uncontainable. It was primarily directed at him, the former friend and lover who had betrayed her in a effort to save her. Her mind could easily grasp that he done it all to help her, but her emotions would not be so easily held in check.

Her ears perk up suddenly as she whirls about, staring into the darkness behind her. She bites her lip realizing her gaze could not pierce the shadows as they could the rest of the night.

“Who is there !? Show yourself!” demanded Luna.

A bolt of dark green energy rips out of the darkness striking the Goddess of the Night dead in the chest, blasting her backwards into the side of the massive dais. The marble splinters and shatters, crumbling around her, the massive pillar remains standing, though with a large crater in the side of it.

Luna winces lifting her head, struggling to regain her hooves, the unexpected blast making clear thought difficult. She glares at the darkness as she pulls out of the crumbling stone. A black coated mare with green gossamer wings, and a emerald horn emerges from the shadows, the gold and blue mist of her mane and tail whips in a unseen breeze as she looks down at Luna with red and green eyes. A small smirk crosses the alicorns fanged maw.

“Hello again mother. It seems you have seen better days.”

Luna's eyes widen at the sight of the crescent moon over a shield that made up the mares cutie mark. It took her not time to match the image with the name of the mare before her even with the effects of the spell still making clear thought difficult.

“Nocturne.......”whispers Luna.


“Thrice damned spell lock, cannot these stupid unicorns use standard locks ...ah there we are.” rants the cowled pony.

The vault door swung open silently revealing nothing behind it save a small gilt silver box. The mare smirks under her mask, lifting the lid of the box with a hoof looking inside.

Six items rest withing, made of gold and gems, five necklaces and one crown. The Elements of Harmony.

Wasting no time, she shoves the lot of them into a saddle bag. She sets the box up with a little surprise before closing the vault door back.

She moves to the secret door taking a last glance around the large chamber. She halts as something something catches her eye on the far side of the room, a blue glow that looked like flame in the moonlight streaming in through the stained glass windows. She swiftly trots over to it curiosity taking hold as she regards the items on the table. Her eyes widen as she pulls off her hood and the mask off her face.

The face of the black coated mare was deeply scarred by fire, sections of her bright red mane were also singed and the scars looked to cover her entire form under the sneaking suit she wore. Two chunks were carved out of her ears where earrings might have been. The wounds were healed, but the scars remained.

Scarlet's grin widens as she looks down at the Waning Moon and the Brilliant Dawn resting on the table in the Royal Treasury.

“This has got to be my lucky day. Magic trinkets and two very dangerous toys. “ muses Scarlet.

She perks her ears, shifting her gaze about to make she she was unheard before moving closer to grip the Waning Moon by the handle. She was all too familiar with this blade, having been the first to feel its bite. Even trapped in stone, she had seen and felt what that fool had done,though she did not blame him after what she had done to him, but that did not make it hurt any less.

She grips the weapon with her teeth planning to tie it to her saddle bags though she stops dead. Another tug produces the same results. She lets go of the handle rubbing her jaw a little, the blade had not moved from the table, it was if it weigh a ton, she had not even managed to budge it.

She ponders simply leaving it and taking the other when a green glow joined the blue fire licking across the blade. If she had not been so close, she might have missed it, at least until the weapon lifts from the table into the air.

She steps back her eyes wide staring at the blade as it slowly spun in mid air, suddenly lurching towards her causing a scream to escape her lips before it banks and launches to the side, shattering one of the stain glass windows as it soared into the night.

She trembles, her head turning to the door as shouts and the thunder of hooves rush to the main entrance.

The door of the chambers burst open and several dozen Royal Guard pour in, spreading about the room looking it over with magic lanterns. A few of them noticed the broken window, and others saw the Waning Moon was missing.

None of them how ever, saw the wall on the far side of the chamber slowly click back into place.


Another blast of magic lashes out at Luna throwing her through another of the gardens statues smashing the horn blowing pony to dust and she is flung through it.

The Princess might have paused for concern at the lives that were being destroyed, but there was the more pressing issue of the dark alicorn that was doing little more than toying with her at the moment.

She had launched several failed counter attacks with her spells, but it had been a long time since she used any combat spells and Nocturne took full advantage of that fact to bat them aside with a shield or simply dodge the weak attacks. It did not help matters that whatever spell she had initially been hit with had made all of her thoughts muddled somehow.

Luna knew she was running out of time however, while Nocturne was simply toying with her now, she must be aware that Celestia would soon wake, if she had not already.

If her 'daughter' was going to kill her it would be soon.

As if reading the goddesses mind, tendrils of magic lash out, wrapping around Luna's neck and wings lifting her in the air and sending jolts of energy into her flailing form.

“So it finally ends mother. Worry not, you shall not die alone, father and the rest of Canterlot shall be joining you soon.” laughs Nocturne.

The dark alicorn was perhaps going to say something else when a scream cut though the predawn air, a blur of blue fire and green energy slices through the tendrils holding Luna dropping her to the ground as the object embeds into the stone path between the two alicorns.

Nocturne's eyes widen at the sight of the Waning Moon before her. She whips around looking up to the top of the dais of the Beasts, seeing a faint glow of green around the kneeling unicorns horn.


The raging alicorn whips her head back to Luna as the Princess of the Night regains her hooves, the sun suddenly soaring into the sky in the distance, illuminating the forms of dozens of pegasi guards flying towards the garden with the white alicorn princess at their lead.

“Damn it all.”curses Nocturne, blinking out of existence with a faint glow of her horn.

Luna sits down hard as the Guards swarm the garden, Celestia lands before Luna looking concerned as she scans for her sisters attacker.

Luna's gaze falls on the blade still embedded in the ground before her, looking down at the burn marks Nocturne's magic had left on her. She lifts her head looking up at the statues atop of the dais, biting her lip.

“Luna what happened here?” questions Celestia.

“This is by far worse than we thought sister.” mutters Luna. “Much worse.”

Author's Note:

Editing by Jphyper

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