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This story is a sequel to Stories in Stone, Capricorn's Curse

All Stories must end, even those in Stone.

The final book of the Stories in Stone saga.

Warning, this is a particularly depressing book and if you like how the others ended i would suggest stopping there. There is little of my humor or usual writing in these chapters. How ever if you want to see how everyone in SiS met their ends, continue.

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So the final curtain call has been sung, the dancers take their place for the last dance, the music that has pulled at their souls from the dawn now fades in these twilight hours. And all that have appeared as stones before a river in this play are being eroded away. But do not mourn their passing for even in their fleeting time the stars have watched over them and shall remember them as they too become stars.

Typically I’d say something deeply poetic here. You know, something that really makes you think about life and death and... well, all that stuff. Something that makes you really look at the world around you differently, make you look at yourself differently.

But instead, I’m trying to psyche myself up to get through this book, because I’m already getting that feeling in my chest. You know the one. The one right in the center mass, right in your soul. I can just feel the aching, and I know I’m not going to be ready for any of the chapters in this book, and I know that I will likely be brought to tears by a fictional work for the first time.

But I’m going to read this. I still don’t know if I’ll enjoy it, but I’ll read it.

TDR, this is going to be quite a ride here...

Welp, nothin’ left to it but to do it. Once more unto the breach, I suppose.

Such sweet sweet sorrow in which we say goodbye.

Tirek go BOOM!

Okay, I’m glad we’re going to at least have this one chapter be a little more lighthearted. If (read: when) things get a little more saddening later on, I can come back to this and have a nice chuckle to balance out the sadness. :pinkiehappy:

A fitting end to the Applemare herself.:fluttershysad:

Oh.. oh ouch this hurt to read. Rest in Peace Applejack and my you find your self in the loving arms of family in Elysium.

Well written.

I love stories like this, finding out how each individual story ends is just so satisfying.


So that gem is what they were talking about last chapter with the transference of power?


Yes. The chapters are a bit out of my initial planned order but only the first one and last two are in a locked spot.

I think this one has been the hardest to read so far. Not in a bad way, mind you, but because it’s just so... full. It’s packed to the brim with all sorts of emotion. I couldn’t even list them all if I tried.

When I saw the description of this story and read the first chapter, this is what I expected every chapter to be. Looking back, I see that it would not only get boring, but it would also be unrealistic. Not everybody is going to go out lying in wait on their deathbed. Some of them are going to probably be killed (rather than just dying), and some will probably never see it coming. That’s just how it is.

Someone done F****ed up.
If she hadn't been the ambassador it's likely she would've been arrested as an accessory

i don't know how i didn't get the Bonny & Clyde reference till i was near the end of this chapter.


i have been doing my best to make each end feel unique. All stories end, but that end doesn't have to be boring. Only a few of them will go out like that and not likely why you expect.
At this point she's no longer an ambasador. When it was just petty crime, a pick pocket here, drunk and dis orderly, the only ones who cared were the victims and the cops. Well now... Applebloom has shown that in the right circumstances the entire Nation of the Elk's army can be accross Equestria in five hours or less. Well maybe not most, but the Watapi and the Avarials can move quick. Neither Pip nor Applebloom was bluffing. Her favorite cousin and her husband were murdered with a son left alone. Some one was going to pay. And it was either going to be the criminal, or every other Diamond dog in the city as well as any one who got in their way. Babs and Silver's Spirits would have pointed out the correct Diamond Dog in the end but getting drug out of your bed at assfrak 'o thirty would not have been good for any of the ones they did nab.

Once again Pip is the voice of reason in a CMC campaign. And he didn't want to be at all. I might not bring him up later , But Thistel was mentioned in AppleJack's chapter. He's taking very strongly after Pip.

Even depressing chapters i can't help references. The last name for them i used was Bonnie's last name with a little :twistnerd: Bonnie Parker became Bonny Barker.


The rain hit me hard...

I kinda knew that Starfall would perform one last rainboom, but i didnt expected she would beat the crap out of everyone after doing it. I though she would vaporize herself as well, only leaving behind her blades.

But this ending is more fitting for her.

Oh and i would be interested in a Discord Q&A

What’s the significance of the olive oil?


Joke from when she was worried about getting married again. About what her dead husband might think when she met him again after death with a new husband and it was suggested by Bleu she have them wrestle it out in oil.

This was one of the ends i was greatly anticipating, and I think you did it wonderfully for her character. It is a ending that pulls at our blackened hearts. Despite bringing sadness it also brings closure to me at least.


TIME! TRAVEL! :applejackconfused:

well, that's an interesting way to go. can't get much more "long game" than that.

I was at first ambivalent when you announced that this final book was going to be different from the others. I was imagining something really terrible I think.

I realized that this was your real intent when I recalled the first and last chapters of Memories of Twilight.

Poignantly sad. Kudos.


Truthfully it was not my real intent.
I wrote a story, I was done.
That story became the prologue to a bigger story, that was all i was going to do.
I changed my mind and made it a cliff hanger for ANOTHER story about mid way through it and then i was gonna be done.
Then i got another idea and THAT was gonna be the end.
I didn't run with half the ideas i wanted in that story so it changed some of the LD ends that were gonna be in it, plus more chars got added. but LE was gonna be it.

Then i got the idea for CC and i had to run with it though i didn't get to include any of the ends i wanted and CC was a bit of a light touch in the long run,

Which brought us to LD which i had threatened for a while , but i only came up with it as it's own book in the middle of LE.

And I've STILL got at least three ideas for other stories knocking about. One's going to be a Tales in Stone, the others i don't know yet i still have 3 other stories to finish


You might not have had that intention at the beginning, but that's the price of being an artist. Often, the creative side crop up in ways that we never expect.

Oh my god I am finally caught up....

That was a long, and INTENSELY SATISFYING ride... 10/10 awesomeness, and you even made me cry. Several times. BRA. VO. :pinkiesad2::pinkiesad2:

It actually hadn't hit me until now, but Jehrad resembles Little Pip from FOE a lot. Like, down to super weak magic aside from one specific and their ENTIRE character design a lot lol. Was this intentional?


Not really. What i was trying to do was to make him as un mary sue as possible. While my initial plans had Starfall as the lead char, more and more ideas after the first chapter rapidly changed it to Jer'rahd. I had to figure out how to make him memorable, a real possible interest for luna , and not make him 'godslayer the almighty' black alicorn stallion with red hair. I unfortunately still kept the tragic back story, but i managed to steer it from tragic to just sucky. I can't argue that KKat's influence is in this story. I use the same method of writing that is 'place a plot point and then connect it to the other plot point' style Same as Kkat. Giving him just the two spells and making him really good at them wound up being the best way to down play him when i started throwing in how good he was at fighting. There were a lot of times that i wondered if i had done too much with him, particularly once he had the Beast in him. But everything seemed to have worked out. I'm going with the same issues with Rahs in TGaP, but what he is and can do are already set in stone in my planning. Plus it's a sol rather than adventure , i can get away with more with Rahs so long as it's funny.


It hurts to read. But i really wan't to know how it all ends.

It’s painful reading how they all go, but with the ones waiting in the afterlife and those reincarnated, it provides beautiful closure. :pinkiesad2:


I really need to say this next bit, because bronies don't seem to get it. An overpowered character is not automatically a Mary Sue/Stu; they're just an overpowered character.

A Mary Sue is a character that seldom has anything wrong happen to them other than whatever bad situation they have to fix. They get through whatever it is that they're supposed to do almost perfectly. Nothing happens to them that they can't fix, often coming out smelling like roses. This includes interpersonal relations. They're everypony's best friend, they get all the stallions/mares-- sometimes both at the same time.

Pretty much Stephen Segal in pony form.

Starfall was perhaps the closest you've come to the trope. Yes, it does seem at times that Jer is, but you've put him through hell. He's died like three times already, has lost at least one limb, and had a patch of skin hanging off his side for the majority of a major fight.

The point is, I get so tired of bronies saying that an OP char is a Mary Sue without having any concept as to what that entails. Basically, a true God in pony form, one that can do anything. Basically a self-insert/wet dream for the writer.

At the same time though, you did strike a nice balance with Jer. He's a sight less of a Mary Sue than Twilight, and she's a canon character.


While i agree i wish everyone else did too.

So basically................... Everypony dies. If I'm reading the title right.


This is the complete end for the SiS series. So yes.

8634910 Hmm, interesting. In SIS: MOT. Equestria is alive and functioning. There is a scene at the story's beginning where an Alicorn enters a private room and it has Pinkie Pie's Ballons and Party Cannon, Applejack's Stetson, Rainbow Dash's Goggles with one lens cracked and something from Rarity. The Immortal Alicorn is Twilight. There is another mare mentioned: Princess Astra. I'm assuming she is another Alicorn.


She will come up. For Rarity it was the gemstone spike gave her in secret of my excess.

VERY touching at least neither had to deal with the lose of the other. Sadly thier children will have to deal with the loss of both of their parents at the same time


This was never going to be a nice story and their foals are grown adults now.

There are much worse things that could happen other than this. Rhede and Velkorn's foals found that out, as have many others.

And the hardest is yet to come.

These are so well written and yet so hard to read.

Once this isdone I’ll have to find a happy story to read so I can do all these chapters in one go.

And that one made me tear up. Thanks for that!

That was good. Well done :pinkiesad2:

Wow just.... beautiful immagery on this.
Gah so many sads reading these but I just can’t stop.

Such a touching chapter. Sad and touching at the same time. Dash went out on a high note

I don’t know why, but the author’s note hit me way harder than the chapter itself. I guess it’s just so fantastically realistic, if that oxymoron makes much sense.

As can only be done in a fantastic world, she outran death. But, as always seems to happen in reality, death cheated, and claimed her anyway.


Congratulations, that was the first chapter of Last dance that got to me. Death...doesn't usually bother me. Not a sad thing, not to me. But this chapter...this chapter got me right in the feels. Well done

Bittersweet at least Celestia went out on her own terms. She also got a chance to enjoy her retirement and have foals of her own

I had to work up the courage to read this part of the story. I started this series when it was just an isolated small fic of Celestia explaining the purpose of the gardens before I even was a true member of this site; back when Fallout Equestria and Past Sins were still the new hotness. But, I am happy I worked up the courage because this more then anything provides poignancy that nothing else could. Nothing I have seen on this site or otherwise makes me realize how much I have changed since 2011. Great work and thank you for writing this and giving the story the proper send off it deserves.

Fuck man, that really was tough to read.

Goddamn, you picked literally THE most depressing way for someone to go. Then stuck it on a character we have seen from birth to death. You are a cruel man


What. A. Ride.

I remember subscribing to SiS when you just started Lost Empire. SiS is one of my absolute favorites on fimfiction.
All i can say is great story, great work. Was always fun to read your stories on my Kindle while at work, in bed, on vacation.

I just want to thank you.

I read the first three chapters of the first story in the series back in 2012 and then subsequently lost it and just forgot about it. Saw this on the front page and about had an aneurysm from deja vu. I barely remember what happens but goodness gracious is this nostalgic.

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