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By windward strides and holy ghosts, what rests beside the barren coasts?


Long passed are the days of ancient Roam, and gone is her marble splendor. Her legions, once powerful, march only in the pages of dusty books, her gods long since forgotten in all but name. Her emperors and statesmares are dust in their tombs, her flag flies no more above her ancestral lands, lands now called Equestria.

But she is not gone. Indeed, a revival may soon be hers, for there is one thing of Roam's that lives once again. It lives in the roar of crowds and the smell of oil and sand, and the clatter of wooden wheels. It lives in olive branches and colored pennants, and its name is on the lips of every pony. Chariots live once more in the hearts and minds of ponies.

Scootaloo is no different. Never quite able to claim the sky, and drifting aimlessly through her adolescent years, she stumbles upon this ancient sport, and something in it calls to her, as nothing before has. It will take years of practice, the truest of friends, and tears, sweat, and yes, even blood, but there will come a day when she can experience the rush of the wind in her mane, and the roar of the crowd in her ears.

This is a story of long-dead glory reclaimed, a story of bitter rivalry and sweet passions. This is a story of life new-lived, of speed and triumph and death and love. This is the story of the Scarlets, greatest of their time.

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This story is a sequel to Stormsinger

In wake of the assault on Starfall, Serale Everstar has agreed to her mother's wishes, and will travel the length of Equestria to pay respects to her mother's rival Courts. But burgeoning magical ability and the possibility of traitors around every corner have placed on the young Lady more stress than she could hope to bear alone.

Apprenticed to the Court Mage, Cobblestone, recently a cutpurse and recovering addict, is eager to begin her training in the arcane arts. But her own abilities have attracted the attention of old powers, not all of them with her best interests at heart.

Tasked with protecting his Lady at the cost of his honor, Vino Hedera is young and untested in the field of battle and the art of command. But all is not as it seems among his compatriots, and the greatest danger he faces may well come from within the ranks of those he should be able to trust with his life.

With the forces of the Shadow gathering, pursued by forces both foul and Fae, and unsure of who to turn to, these three ponies may have only each other to rely upon in the face of the most terrible enemy Equestria has ever known. It falls to them to prepare for oncoming war, one in which the stars may shake and the sun itself may fall from the sky.

Book Four of the Sunfall Saga. Book Three to be found here.

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This story is a sequel to Dusk's Dangerous Game

Twilight Sparkle, known to all but the three Goddesses as Lady Everstar, the Evening Sage, has ruled over her kingdom for nearly five centuries with all the wisdom and grace of which she is capable. Her lands are wild and exciting, the prospects good for those with brilliant minds and daring hearts. But now something has changed in the Evening Kingdom, something has changed the balance of power so profoundly that even Twilight herself cannot tell how events may unfold.

Across the ocean, an ancient evil is stirring, its dark hunger can finally be realized. Its servants are many, brutal, and cunning. They are found among the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. With the balance of power so disrupted, it is at last time for their shadowy plans to come to fruition, to cast off the darkness and strike against the night.

It will take the power of goddesses, magic both familiar and ancient, and the most unlikely of heroes to save not only the Evening Kingdom, not only Equestria, but the entirety of Creation as we know it.

Sequel to Lines and Webs and Dusk's Dangerous Game. Knowledge of the previous stories is not needed, but reading them is, of course, encouraged.

Followed by Courts of The Magi.

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What if things had gone a bit differently for Twilight Sparkle? What if she had settled down, gotten married, had a foal? What if that foal had been the death of her? What if that foal had gone on to help forge a new Equestria, a new paradise for all within? What if, after all this, her daughter, an Alicorn, had settled on a throne alongside Celestia, and began to make the world perfect?

What if you didn't want to be perfect? What if you ran, hid in any scrap of shadow you could find? What if you lived your life from the outside looking in, watching others prosper while you starved? What if you could do nothing but watch as others disappeared, never to be seen again?

And then, after all of that...what if they found you?

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Two hundred years. That's how long it's been since Discord was freed, how long it's been since he agreed to spread his power across Equestria to help preserve the Balance. At least, that's how the legend goes. Nopony believes in Discord anymore. He's just a myth, a fable meant to scare fillies and colts to sleep at night. A metaphor for the terrifying prospect of war.

Of course, that's how he likes it. It makes his job a lot easier, and his sales go a lot farther. Anything under the sun, be it love, or money, or fame, or eternal life, it can be bought at cost. And there is always a cost. And the good Doctor, as he is now known, will be more than happy to sell it to you.

So, step into this small town with us, see what deals can be made, and remember to always read the fine print. After all, the good Doctor will always give you what you want. But you should be careful what you wish for.

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Inspiration is Rarity's Element, and Sweetie Belle her greatest achievement. But the filly has questions, ones that Rarity might not be able to answer on her own. What makes a pony? How can somepony know if they really are alive? Are they alive if they laugh and cry? Are they alive if they think, if they make mistakes and have ideas?

If Sweetie Belle is nothing more than a collection of wires, is she truly alive?

Spanish Translation now available through this elegantly crafted link!

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With Hearth's Warming Eve just around the corner, Twilight Sparkle's followers are beginning to lose hope in one another. Supplies are low, and spirits even lower. Twilight begins to doubt herself, for how can she lead ponies if she can't even be trusted to feed them?

It will take the love of her friends, and the compassion of all those who call her their leader, to make it through this year's Hearth's Warming Eve. This winter, Twilight and her friends will realize that so long as the fires of friendship burn in their hearts, no pony will ever be cold.

Optional musical accompaniment located in first comment per chapter.

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This story is a sequel to Lines and Webs

For four long years, Celestia's apprentice Twilight Sparkle, once a model pony and a hero among heroes, has waged a bitter and secret struggle with her onetime mentor. Though she works from the shadows, directing her forces from the Old Capitol in the Everfree Forest, Twilight Sparkle is unable to gain any advantage,

Likewise, Princess Celestia finds her once-faithful student far more cunning and elusive than she had anticipated, and even now searches for a way to bring Twilight Sparkle's rebellion to its knees.

It is a game of greys, of knives in the dark and of poisoned wine, where pawns are moved and traded and exchanged for greater advantage, all the while drawing both sides nearer to the conflict which shall tear Equestria in two.

At the center of this conflict is a new pawn, one who only wished to see the truth for herself. Drawn into a deadly game whose rules she does not understand, Sweetie Belle must learn to survive in a world where all is darkened, and nopony can be completely trusted.

Because when gods play chess, all pieces are expendable.

A nation will crumble, old enemies shall return in the most unexpected ways, and regardless of who is victorious, only one thing can be certain.

Nothing shall ever be the same.

Followed by Stormsinger.

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It has been ten years since the defeat of the Changling Queen, and Equestria is again at peace. Twilight Sparkle and the Elements of Harmony have reached their prime, and have begun to settle down. Love and life abound in Ponyville, especially for Twilight's friends, but she has nopony to call her own.

There is a reason.

A series of events lead to a horrible revelation, and Twilight is thrust deep into a terrifying web of secrets and lies. Her peace is over.

This time, however, she won't be fighting monsters or madponies. What she faces will be much, much worse.

Act One of Two.

Act Two is here.

Currently undergoing editing by the wonderful Mstar!

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For those who serve, there is a code. For those who protect, there is a law. For those who Guard, there is an Oath.

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