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By windward strides and holy ghosts, what rests beside the barren coasts?



This story is a sequel to Dusk's Dangerous Game

Twilight Sparkle, known to all but the three Goddesses as Lady Everstar, the Evening Sage, has ruled over her kingdom for nearly five centuries with all the wisdom and grace of which she is capable. Her lands are wild and exciting, the prospects good for those with brilliant minds and daring hearts. But now something has changed in the Evening Kingdom, something has changed the balance of power so profoundly that even Twilight herself cannot tell how events may unfold.

Across the ocean, an ancient evil is stirring, its dark hunger can finally be realized. Its servants are many, brutal, and cunning. They are found among the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. With the balance of power so disrupted, it is at last time for their shadowy plans to come to fruition, to cast off the darkness and strike against the night.

It will take the power of goddesses, magic both familiar and ancient, and the most unlikely of heroes to save not only the Evening Kingdom, not only Equestria, but the entirety of Creation as we know it.

Sequel to Lines and Webs and Dusk's Dangerous Game. Knowledge of the previous stories is not needed, but reading them is, of course, encouraged.

Followed by Courts of The Magi.

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The planets have aligned and darkness has descended upon the earth in the wake of a sudden eclipse.
This can only mean one thing ...
Airstream's back in action.
Time to grab some popcorn.

"We going to abuse it"
"Oh maliciously"

Caught that, did you?

3713865 please, I spend most of my time between youtube watching funny cat videos, and on here crying. It's not like I have any friends, because that would be practicing sorcery, and that's frowned upon in most parts of the world I imagine.

Have you seen the Hellsing series by the same guys?

3713876 does the police girl have honking great... sharpshooting abilities....

"At least she is no longer on about ze friendship und ze ponies und ze wrapping up of vinter!":flutterrage:

3713885 yeah but what's worse, her social justice bullshit or the ponies? :rainbowderp:

Obligatory r/tumblrinaction reference. I enjoyed watching her die.

3713891 I'd have figured you'd enjoy watching anything die, hopes, dreams, Nazi vampire women who have attention whore tenancies...

I only approve of deaths that serve a purpose. Meaningless death is nothing more than a tragic waste of potential.

3713910 welp, that took kind of a dark turn... which is odd to say since we were talking about a show where a nigh immortal vampire kills Nazis while under the employ of the church...

Mmm. I really need to catch up on episodes, I've missed the last three. I'm liking all the vampire fics that have sprung up in the wake of "Bats!"

3713936 same, but I can't say Vampony (hahah geddit? Vampire Ponies!?) fics are new. They're just mainstream now.

Yeah. I've got a healthy appreciation for vampires, so it's always nice to see them step into the light a bit. With some exceptions.

3713956 Do those exceptions happen to involve them bursting into conflagrations of undead meat?

No, those exceptions include the ones who not only fair to do so, but actually sparkle in the sunlight. Gag.

Awesome! I welcome thee and thou gift a happy new year! We approve the excitement your fix will create. Proceed in awesome! :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss:

it's here it's here it's finally here! my year has been made!

“Are you going to keep her?”

Smooooooth Celestia.


Still waiting for the Karma to kick in...



This is going to go all sorts of wrong. The only questions are: When, where and how?

I await answers gleefully.

Welcome back Airstream!

It's good to be back. It makes me feel like engaging in some cathartic laughter.

No sad or dark tag.... No sad or dark tag.... Whew, I think I'm ready to read another Airstream fic. :moustache:

Those come later.

Ohgodohgodohgod it begins and we're all DOOMED



You, and everyone who read the prequels.

I have a bad feeling about Celestia's "blessing". She's already cursed Twilight in the past, so she can easily curse Serale too.

I don't know if I'm ready for Airstream to kill everypony I love... Again. :unsuresweetie:

At first, I didn't pay attention to the author, and didn't make the connection with the previous stories.

Just as well, seeing as Celestia/Luna/Cadence seem to get along well with Twilight who by all reasons should be in conflict with them for eternity. I still am a bit resentful at the karmic/destiny houdini that Celestia/Luna pulled off.


As far I have read neither Twilight or the Divine Triumvirate truly trust each other. And with good motives.

When I first pulled this up, I didn't read the author's name, so I was rather understandably confused when things seemed familiar. Then I went back, and checked, and I am thoroughly curious as to where this is going. Now I can't decide if I want to read this like I did the last one, let a bunch of chapters build up, or if I am going to read each new chapter as they come out....

You may want to tag this as a sequel, Air.

My curiosity has been piqued for the first time in a long while. I can't wait to see where this goes.

Don't worry they're already dead. At least Twilight died 6 times already, more than most. More than everyone actually

As always I vow all my favs and likes to Lady Everstar. :twilightsmile:
I can´t wait for more, please continue this epic awesomeness. :twilightsheepish:

About Serale, I want to love her already sounds adorable, but I´m afraid for my feels. I´m not sure what to think about her. :unsuresweetie:
You know what I mean! :raritywink:

Twilight died 6 times, this being the 7th, and she goes from being old to young...

Are you sure she's not part Time Lord?

Oh, well isn't this a grand surprise for new years. Good to see you again Airstream, and I look forward to these new horsewords.


Ah it's good to be back, been counting the days airstream and I am not disappointed.

An interesting start to the story, but I just know your going to build up our feels for this little filly before you break our hearts

I was hooked on this story by the first sentence.

Instant Favorite.

Calling it now. This is going to be a cult classic.


I guess the ancient evil is the Shadow, which wasn´t properly dealed with in Dusk.

3715926 to be fair, Celestia and Cadence are the real karma Houdinis... Luna didn't really do much that wasn't trying to make things right. the worst thing she did (that I recall) was lie to Twilight about lying to Twilight about helping her.

At the very least she'd deserve less of a harsh comeuppance than her sibling and niece or whatever Cadence even is to them right now, Luna didn't try to brainwash an entire planet into being more or less mindless drones.

3717624 - She did though, betray Twilight to Celestia initially. Even if it was part of her master plan.

Then when finally freed, ended up betraying her again upon instructions from the 'Source' to fight the Nightmare or whatever abomination was grafted to her. Granted, it seems like she planned for Twilight to simply die as opposed to being enslaved to Celestia's will and sacrificed for a new Alicorn, but still.

3717670 didn't she give Twilight that power or whatever that ended up sending her to Faust or whatever though? If I recall correctly, Luna pushed Twilight to become...whatever the hell she even is now.

Hmm. This story is...I don't even know quite how to explain it. Only reading the prologue, i must say I'm highly interested. However, I never expected a story written quite like this, or in this setting. The whole way it's done is...unique. It's something I'll need time to get used to, but I think in the end will be highly satisfying. Thank you for your work, and please, continue.

Oh no. Oh no, this story again! I WANT OFF MISTER AIRSTREAM'S WILD RIDE!

Seriously though, can't wait for more.

Please tell me that somewhere in this story it will be explained why Twilight went from "make me a goddess or I'll let the multiverse die" to "I didn't even want any power" in the space of one chapter in the last book without any reasoning or explanation. I loved the story, but that still really irks me, because the whole thing made no sense and had no explanation...

1. If you have not read the prequels before this fanfic...DO IT! Do it now!!! The stories are AMAZING.

2. For the author: I am VERY glad to see such quality writing once more. I so very much loved the other two, so I am VERY curious to see where this will go! Keep up the awesome work! <3


Don´t forget Luna also sent Tarantella into Celestia´s path, just to make Twilight snap.

Also, I could be mistaken but wouldn't this technically be the eighth time she's died, or did she not die when she intercepted Celestia stabbing Tarantella on the battlefield.

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