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By windward strides and holy ghosts, what rests beside the barren coasts?


This story is a sequel to Stormsinger

In wake of the assault on Starfall, Serale Everstar has agreed to her mother's wishes, and will travel the length of Equestria to pay respects to her mother's rival Courts. But burgeoning magical ability and the possibility of traitors around every corner have placed on the young Lady more stress than she could hope to bear alone.

Apprenticed to the Court Mage, Cobblestone, recently a cutpurse and recovering addict, is eager to begin her training in the arcane arts. But her own abilities have attracted the attention of old powers, not all of them with her best interests at heart.

Tasked with protecting his Lady at the cost of his honor, Vino Hedera is young and untested in the field of battle and the art of command. But all is not as it seems among his compatriots, and the greatest danger he faces may well come from within the ranks of those he should be able to trust with his life.

With the forces of the Shadow gathering, pursued by forces both foul and Fae, and unsure of who to turn to, these three ponies may have only each other to rely upon in the face of the most terrible enemy Equestria has ever known. It falls to them to prepare for oncoming war, one in which the stars may shake and the sun itself may fall from the sky.

Book Four of the Sunfall Saga. Book Three to be found here.

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5763272 I like the word "Archipelago". After I read it, I stopped and laughed for, like, 10 minutes.

Primus and his brothers, the Diamond dogs, Zenith....Seem that Celestia's past sins are finally coming back to bite her ass, courtesy of the Shadow.

Holy shit, starting off strong aren't we? Can't wait to see more.


Just the first chapter, and there is already a major character condemned to a fate worse than death.
Seems that Airstream is making up for lost time :scootangel:

Wooooooooooooooo :heart:

No half measures. Not anymore.

Gonna be great


Also, I believed magic in the Sunfallverse was a innate quality for each race. Celestia mentioned Diamond Dogs were "as magical as worms", so how could they even learn it? Are those robbed ones like D&D priests, channeling the power of Cehualli rather than their own?

I kinda want to say who didn't see something like this coming but I feel as though I'm stating the obvious...Either way, good start to more wonderful reading.

So that's what happened to her. Huh.

Latin named character... means old character?

Prisoner treatment seems pretty good here? I guess Stockholm Syndrome attempt or at least making Primus seem like a friend or something?

What gonna happen to Zenith? Well, from the comments, it seems really bad, well gonna keep reading! :twilightsmile:

Oh. that. Corpsetaker. Shit. :applecry:

Nice name, Cehualli... Who else knows about her? I would guess the alicorns... but can they release her grip? Or is the only way out, the final way out? Oh! Cobblestone is the key to freedom!? :trixieshiftright:


"I am most assuredly in service to Celestia."... don't you mean: "I am most assuredly NOT in service to Celestia."?


Ah geez, amazing start, hope Radiant... Er. Not dies but recovers if she can, if possible.

Oh hey, this thing.


Oh right...I forgot this guy puts Kill Em All Tomino to shame...

Oh, god, that was quick.

LET'S DO THIS. :rainbowdetermined2:
Edit:well that escalated quickly. I'm guessing the shadow is the Mother from the previous book? And now she's in one of the most powerful magic users in the world... this should be interesting.

There are some dividing lines I can't see, but the double spacing is where they should be. Use your imaginations, which I know for a fact are wonderful and beautiful things! Also, this is one of the longer chapters I've done. So I'm bound to have missed some typos. Point them out and win Pony Points which are redeemable for literally nothing!

Much better, Hob said, approval in his voice. You look like one that commands respect in her peers, as you should.
“I doubt I’ll get much respect until I earn the right to put runes on this thing,” Hob said, “But I agree that it’ll work for tonight.”
Don’t forget the vial on the dresser, Hob said helpfully. You don’t want to lose control tonight.

That was the only mistake i saw.

More than meets the eye.

Cobblestone stood, stunned, as the robes wrapped themselves around Serale. She knew she should feel happy for her, but all she could think of, all she could hear, was Fern’s voice.

Apprenticeships among mages are more like rivalries.

And then, in Grappa’s voice,

One of her last two apprentices died.

Now Now Cobblestone! That is not her fault! All it said was that someone related to her died! Not HOW they died. The only hint was a spell going wrong, right? It could have been ANY kinda spell. For all we know it could have been a spell to summon food, and he accidently summoned Mr. Flopalopagus The Third from the Fluffle Deminsion and it ate his head. Not really his master's fault for his stupidity or just a simple accident.

Also normal Apprenticeships are kinda like Rivals if only 1 Apprentice can actually 'graduate', and if they get jealous because one is clearly better than the other so the better one gets all the praise but the second doesn't.

See, why couldn't Twilight give Celestia the dressing down Serale just gave Expendable NPC #112?

No typos that I could see. I'll go back through and look though. Also, how crap that was savage what Serale did to the dude. Damn.

More than meets the eye.

I agree, said the black tomcat that rested on her bed. But then, so does every other pony in this hall tonight. Out of all of them, I suppose you look the least ridiculous.

The red words are missing italics in the chapter.

Can't wait for the next, keep it up!

well, at least he knows how to get shit done.

<3 Been reading this series since the 2nd one started and not once have you let me down :D Great as always, hope you keep up the good work and make another amazing fic.

->New chapter of multi-hundred-thousand word epic posted.

->Half the featured page (not even exaggerating here) are racy, low quality clop stories.

Yup, just a normal day on fimfic.

Would we have it any other way, really?

Oh nose D:

Reading is so amazing though.

aw crap. how did they miss something like that?!?

5813421 Kinda expected really. She was a thief since she was very very young. At what point would she need to read, or have been taught to read?

Well isn't that going to put a damper on Libra's training plan. Still seeing fun times ahead and looking forward to more.

And by the way, what is the basis for the chapter names? I've tried going backwards and rearranging the letters but i've never really been good at those types of puzzles. Am I just spinning my gears on that angle?

I've been learning the basics of a new language, which is probably why you're not having much luck with rearranging the letters.

Oh really? What language if you don't mind my asking?

5819828 :rainbowhuh:
Interesting choice. Must resist urge to make any clover or leprechaun puns.
Do you think we could get the translations sometime? Maybe a brief blurb in the notes?
And Thanks for the responses!

Google does have a translate function for Irish now, which has helped me immensely.

So, for those too lazy for it, Chapter 1 is Rivals, then Control, and thirdly is ... not translating? Oh well. still an interesting choice going this route.

I'm rather surprised Aura Hedera hasn't made another attempt on Vino's life. The first attempt was looking to be a good one, if a bit brazen, but I really didn't expect him to survive to actually set out.

The riddle is interesting... 6 powers, elements of harmony obviously, but all 6 bloodlines are dead? Well, not sure about Twilights, but the rest? Couldn't they find new bearers, and where are they going to fit in to this scheme?

Twilight, getting all mopy that she's planning on killing herself to destroy the Shadow, her little super-sword probably uses Twilight's own flame of life to power it, some sort of matter/antimatter (or life/Anti-life in this case) reactant effect I expect.

Vino's way too serious for it, but I can't help picturing their trotting cadence as "I don't know but I've been told... Princess Celestia's mighty old."

Riddle's interesting. Can't wait to see how it pans out.

A couple minor nits:

'Serale shook her head as if too clear it' should be 'to clear it'.

'Cobblestone surmised form their position' should be 'from their position'.

Hey, uh, Vino? You should probably get your mage to take a look at that armor, make sure it's not enchanted to, I dunno, self-immolate or constrict your limbs off or make you go berserk and attack anything that moves or something.

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