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This is, essentially, a group for discussion about the stories that take place in Airstream's Sunfall universe. In chronological order, these are:

- Lines and Webs *
- Luna's Moon Laughs
- A Hearth's Warming Wassailing
- Dusk's Dangerous Game *
- Stormsinger *
- Courts of the Magi *

* These are the main stories in the Sunfall universe. The others are side stories that take place within the same universe.

So, discuss away! Share your theories and debate over outcomes! Have at ye!

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Awesome, that means I still have time to catch up with the rest of the group:twilightsheepish:

That's what the author said.

So is there to be a third story?

Lines and Webs is the first.

Is lines and webs the second of first story?

You know, the name for the trilogy is called 'Sunfall'. Maybe we could rename the group?

No spoilers guys okay? :twilightsheepish:

*Quietly inserts himself into group*

Hey, a new group for a great fic. Count me in!


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