• Published 13th Mar 2012
  • 14,838 Views, 1,080 Comments

Inner Glory - Erindor

A utopian society cannot exist without the corpses of the revolutionaries.

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Inner Glory Publishing Drive!

Good news, everyone! Have you ever had the thought that you'd like a copy of this story on your bedside table? Or perhaps that you need a heavy book to throw at your friend when he's being annoying? Well, it looks like your daydream can become a reality! But only if we band together!


In short, I'll need about $500 to make a run of physical copies of Inner Glory. Of course, this is also dependent on the story getting finished. My silence these last few weeks hasn't been me being lazy. Nope, this time it's been the opposite! I have four more chapters beyond Chapter 51 already written up to help incentivize the fundraiser! For every $100 raised, I'll release another chapter immediately. If we don't reach the mark and the fundraiser ends up being a flop, then I'll still release at bare minimum one chapter every two weeks. Either way, you win!

Head on over to the campaign page. Make any donation, and you'll get the eventually completed, edited eBook for free, regardless of the amount. Instead of coming on over to fimfiction and worrying about your internet connection dying, you can have it all in one, easy .pdf to read on your laptop, phone, or eReader!

Essentially, the more money is raised, the more time I can spend on this story and the better the results. Any little bit helps! Sacrifice that extra burger you didn't really want, or that pack of gum you bought on an impulse. Bring an author's dream to life! I only have until June 5th before I've left the country for two years, so that's my hard deadline. The book will be finished by then. You have my word.

Remember also to tell anybody who might be interested. Spread it around! The more people that get in on this, the better for everyone!

We now return to your irregularly scheduled story.

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