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  • Anthropology Lyra is determined to find out the truth behind the mysterious legends of humans. by JasonTheHuman 130,415 words · 126,388 views · 7,731 likes · 161 dislikes
  • Seeing the Pattern Using the Pinkie Sense, Pinkamina prevents the deaths of others and cheats fate. by Aegis Shield 32,995 words · 22,674 views · 1,331 likes · 52 dislikes
  • Bronies Vs. Haters The bronies take on the haters in a war in Equestria. by TheOnly 4,371 words · 4,847 views · 120 likes · 14 dislikes


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    Thanks for favoriting The Pinkie Paradox!
    Out of curiosity. would you like to see a sequel?

    765111 there's no need to thank me as it was an enjoyable and interesting story :twilightsheepish:

    Thanks for the favorite on Playing Pretend :twilightsmile:

    Thank you for favoring Millennium Wake, part II :raritywink:

    Here's to hoping you continue to enjoy my work!

    ?: And here's to l-

    I thought I made myself clear when I took that superglue to your eyelids. NO TALKING ABOUT THINGS IN R&D!!

    • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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