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Cynatas Scribbler

Cynatas Scribbler as of 3/14/15. (Pronounced sin-ah-tahs). I edit stories, so PM me if you are interested! Likes: LoL, video games, reading, writing. Dislikes: People who play Dota.


Well hey there! I'm assuming that you clicked my name in order to learn more about me. While I cannot fathom why you would do this, I'd be very happy to oblige, albeit in a very rant-like way full of boring details and plenty of fluff. Yay!

I'm 17 years of age, and a Senior in High School as of this writing(3/15/15). I've been a "Brony" for 1 3/4 (Yes, that precise^_^) years now. Although that number may need 5 months shaved off, as I did attempt to disassociate myself from the Fandom a while back. Needless to say, I saw the error of my ways and came crawling back. Since then, I've learned that no matter what, you are who you are, and nothing can change that. Just one of the many lessons I've learned from the Show and surrounding Fanbase.

I love gaming, and am an avid League of Legends player. Up for a match? Add me! (Summoner: The Killing Jay). I love strategy games in particular, and pretty much any other genre but Sports, Fighting, and Puzzle. You can find me on Xbox Live @Th3 Killing Jay if you'd like to play sometime. ^_^

Love this fandom? Love it's music? Stop on by the FiM: My Little Pony room on plug.dj!

Other than that, I'm a simple guy who lives a simple life. Thanks for stopping by!

Looking for an Editor?

I've wanted to write my own fanfiction for a while now, but I've just lacked the creativity that others seem to have. So, I've been attempting to use the renown method of Osmosis over the years in order to glean a bit from the other creative minds around the community. Needless to say, it hasn't worked! Although I've read some very amazing stories, and met quite a few exceptional individuals along the way, I'm still no closer to the epic I'd like to craft one day. So, in light of this I've turned my focus to something different...

Editing! I've recently discovered that I have a talent for it... Turns out 6 years of advanced English classes actually does improve your understanding of the English language. Who knew! In light of this discovery, I'm even considering majoring in English when I head off to college. What I'd do after is still up for debate, but hey, anything can happen.

Anywho, if you're in need of an editor, proofreader, or general desk lackey, shoot me a PM or post right here if you're interested! I'd love to help you improve your writing! Just know this:
-Google Docs or bust.
-I may be young, but try not to look past that. We all start somewhere, and I'm no novice to the language.
-I may scribble in your margins. A lot. However, all of my scribbling is constructive, productive, and relevant. It just comes in overwhelming amounts sometimes. ^_^

Looking forward to your stories,

-Cynatas Scribbler