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Metempsychosis - BlackRoseRaven

Luna's race to reverse Ragnarok, and restore all that was destroyed.

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Epilogue: Through The Looking Glass

Epilogue: Through The Looking Glass

Luna paced irritably in front of a large wooden table covered in maps, scrolls, and other odds and ends, then she sighed in exasperation and moodily looked up towards the clear night sky: the moon shone radiantly amidst the twinkling of the stars that pulsed in time with those in her ephemeral locks, and she grumbled under her breath before turning around and yelling angrily at Odin and the Nibelung Architects clustered around the base of a strange marble and obsidian obelisk: “Hurry up or I shall begin the process without any of thee!”

“I know you're anxious, Luna, but it's going to be okay.” Scrivener Blooms said mildly as he stood up from where he had been peacefully laying in the grass on the other side of the table... and then he winced back a bit as the winged unicorn glared at him balefully, half-ducking as he muttered: “Point taken.”

Luna huffed and nodded firmly, black pearl swaying around her neck before she glared at the scarred earth pony irritably, adding flatly: “And look! Thou art not wearing thy collar!”

“It's uncomfortable to wear around Odin.” Scrivener said delicately, reaching up to adjust his simple glasses before he poked absently at a crescent-shaped scar that half-twisted around his neck. “Furthermore, this is aching today. And more importantly than that, every time I look at it now, I think of all those things your brother said.”

“Oh, it has been weeks since we left Valhalla. Nay, it has been two months!” Luna retorted, and then she grumbled a bit and added moodily: “Although aye, Sleipnir did press the point obnoxiously on both of us, at least until I pummeled him.”

Scrivener smiled despite himself, then he glanced back and forth before ducking down and slipping beneath the table to stand up beside Luna, and she smiled warmly back and traded a quick nuzzle with him before he replied mildly: “I really like how that's your solution for everything. And I do wear it now and then Luna, I do... really treasure it, I just...”

“I know. I understand, Scrivy.” The winged unicorn kissed his cheek gently, and then she sighed and reached up to gently bat her black pearl moodily, saying mildly: “Perhaps I am only frustrated that I still treasure this so dearly, and I cannot find anything to give thee that thou treasures.”

“I treasure my glasses. You make those for me all the time and I always wear them.” Scrivener replied pointedly, but Luna only sighed and rolled her eyes before the two ponies glanced up as Odin called to them and beckoned for their presence. “Looks like it's time.”

“Finally. Although I admit that now I am rather nervous.” Luna said awkwardly, and Scrivener sighed before he winced when she huffed and headbutted him, then flicked her horn towards a steel lock-box sitting on the table, this clicking loudly before it was flung open, and she and the earth pony both softened as they gazed at the two ivory cards sitting within, emanating faint pulses of light.

Then Luna shook her head quickly before flicking her horn, and the cards floated into the air, shrouded in a gentle telekinetic grip as she and Scrivener Blooms strode calmly through the field towards the immense, towering obelisk. It was designed with a slight twist to the pillar of stone and inset with crystals shaped into complex runes, and Greece gave the ponies a grin and a thumbs-up as Odin gestured gently towards the large, circular stone platform that rested in front of it. “You know what to do by now, I am sure. When you are ready, everything is in alignment. The amplifiers across Equestria – and set in other places across this world – will further power the spell. All we need now are you two.”

Scrivener and Luna smiled at each other as they sat on the platform, looking not at the obelisk, not at the Nibelung or the Strange Ones, not even at Odin as he stepped politely backwards and crossed his arms... but continuing to gaze at one another. Even as the cards floated downwards and they gently took one each between their front hooves, the two had eyes only for one-another, sharing thoughts, emotions, a single heartbeat and a single soul... and then, in perfect tandem, they lowered their heads forwards.

Luna's ephemeral mane swirled backwards as she and Scrivener leaned automatically towards one another, breathing in perfect time, their thoughts swirling with memories and emotions too numerous to count. But as they concentrated, through it all a single wish began to rise, a single thought, a single powerful spell as the ivory cards glowed brightly in their hooves.

Then both Luna and Scrivener opened their eyes, gazing across at one another as they released the cards and rested back, watching as the ivory, glowing shapes of now-pure-light shattered apart, swirling upwards like the petals of white roses as the obelisk beside them thrummed and glowed, lighting the field up as bright as day... and all across Equestria, other amplifiers activated, carrying the signal, the wish, further, spreading it to every corner of the country and then throughout their wide, wild world.

Pales across the planet flickered into being, gazing around themselves in amazement, energy crackling over them before their ivory bodies first took on their old colors, then solidified: shapes and forms became distinct, details etched themselves over every body and frame, and very-physical, very-real bodies collapsed gently to the ground, falling into deep unconsciousness. From Ponyville to the ruins of Canterlot, from Manehattan to Appleloosa, from Hoofston to North Neigh, souls were restored to physical being... and they were left to dream as memories of what they had suffered through were gently sifted from their minds.

Nibelung, Strange Ones, and creatures of the night quickly whispered about their duties as the incredible sight ended, checking on the reformed ponies, ensuring they were alive and well. They went about their tasks with strange reverence for what they had seen, from lowliest dwarf to most powerful Nightmare... yet even the minor demons that now found themselves living in this Looking Glass Equestria could see something to admire in this act. Could understand the magnitude of it, and have respect for both the dedication of what had been brought about... and relief that everything had gone according to plan.

And, near the center of this newborn Equestria now baptized with its revived inhabitants, Luna and Scrivener both collapsed against one-another, hugging each other impulsively. They held each other close for a few moments... and then Odin reached a hand down and gently grasped Luna's shoulder and the winged unicorn glanced up at him before he said kindly: “I need you to lower the moon, Brynhild, and raise the sun. Your friends will awaken with the coming of the day... but none of us here will ever forget it was the night that brought about their rebirth, and when they are ready for it, they shall learn this truth as well. We shall tread gently first, though... see how they do in this world before we reveal to them the enormity of everything that happened. Let their minds and exhausted souls heal.”

“For now, Odin, I agree... the only exception is Scarlet Sage, who I feel in my heart sleeps in our cabin... and awaits the return of her parents.” Luna smiled towards the once-god, and then she laughed quietly and murmured: “Worry not. Discombobulation is well-rested and healed enough to check and ensure she is alright. And we will return shortly ourselves, after all. But thou art right. Let the first dawn of the first day come for Looking Glass Equestria... let the ponies awaken, unknowing of both their fall and their rebirth, beneath the gentle sun.”

Luna halted, then she glanced towards Scrivener Blooms, who smiled back at her before he hugged her fiercely against his body as she buried her face against the side of his neck, her engraved black pearl swaying slowly between them as she murmured: “After all, I already have everything I need right here.”Every flaw hides virtue,

Every defeat holds triumph,

Every failure can lead to hope:

It's just a matter of finding it.

January 20th – February 26th, 2012

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1268564 Get out of here sneak thief!
Now for the story
Look good so far :scootangel:

Truly...love conquers all....


Thanks very much. I hope you continue to enjoy.
...I enjoy that picture far too much.


A scary thing at times, but it often does have the power to. As the next story will reiterate in its own grisly fashion.
Thanks very much for the fave, too.

1271489 Hehe thank's, I made it :pinkiehappy:

I have but one complaint... I don't want to read about the horrible stuffs and the struggle and the alternate ending in the next story before I get to the one indicated in the epilogue of the last one....

Great work, as I have quickly come to expect from you.


Thanks very kindly. And well, technically you don't have to. It's uh. Complicated, as you'll see. But I hope you continue to enjoy, even as. BLCA is pretty scary.

And another conclusion to an epic adventure. Onward I go.


Thanks very much. I hope things continue to prove to be a good read. BLCA is kind of crazy so lots of people skip to Decretum.

2512974 Yeah I decided to skip it as well. I may come back later and read it though.

You sure know how to leave a cliffhanger... Glad i'm reading all of this after so much is complete.

Awesome story! The next one is so crazy... I ALMOST skipped to Decretum, but then, where is the fun in that? I kind of wanted BLCA to happen after all... :scootangel:


I hear a lot from people that BLCA is uh. Scary. Or the opposite of what they wanted to happen. But it is... well, it can be skipped, but it is important, too, in it's own way. It's. Hard to explain but it'll make sense when you start getting into Decretum.
I really hope you're able to enjoy it as much as you've been enjoying the rest of the series, though. It doesn't get really crazy until the final part. Thanks for reading and the interest. It's much appreciated.

I've now reached Metempsychosis that's on my Read Later list. Looking forward to finishing it so that I can start the next story in your series. ^^


Glad to hear it. I hope it proves a good read, and the stories continue to be enjoyable.

I think that it's quite unfair for such wonderful stories to go largely unnoticed by most of the fanbase. It was only by pure chance that I came across your series while browsing for good reads. :pinkiesad2:


Thanks very much. I always appreciate hearing that, but it means a lot to me as it is I have the readers I do. I'm kind of a weird niche writer with really long stories. It's a thrill as it is that I have people who are able to sit down and read through them and enjoy these long crazy journeys.


I don't believe it does. But that might be a stylistic choice. I have a few quirks like that.
And I actually don't have a beta. I write the story, and then I give it one quick scan-through myself before starting to post. I've never had much luck finding an editor so I definitely appreciate the typos being pointed out.

Yet another enjoyable story. I'm sorta thrilled and disappointed on this one, because there were times where it just seemed like Romantic fluff. I don't dislike romantic fluff, mind you, but it just seemed... almost repetitive. Snarky comment from Scrivener, he get's beaten up by Luna, they laugh about it.

Thing is, you throw in little clues and happenings DURING the fluff, so you actually have to read it all to catch everything. You sneaky writer you. Onto Decretum.


Thanks very much. Although, yes, that is pretty much the formula for Luna and Scrivy right there.
I hope Decretum proves to be as enjoyable a read as this one, if not more. And thanks kindly for the fave of this one, as well.


You're definitely making good progress, though. Thanks for continuing to read and comment.


I admit there's a certain pleasure in rereading those lines even now, yes.


Thanks very much. I'm glad - and relieved - to hear it, since this story goes on a different slant than the others in a lot of ways. And I only continue to press the boundaries from here on out, so I hope it continues to be an enjoyable journey.


I'm glad to hear it. Hopefully it'll continue to please.


I hear that quite a lot from people. And it makes me smile every time.


I'm pretty sure I'm crazy. And well. I've always figured that, you know. Happiness is where you find it. Even if you happen to find it in what is pretty much quite literally becoming hell. And since Metempsychosis was pretty much focused on exploring just Luna and Scrivener and their weird psychology, that honestly made it a bit easier to affect the whole mood, I think.
And you know, that's a good point about the mountains. But I'm kind of glad they don't fit because it's really better if they don't, since that was kind of a unique thing about uh... Layer A. I do mention them a few times in Sleipnir's story, which I will one day hopefully finish if I can ever get through caffeine withdrawal. They're a very scary place. You phrase it pretty well yourself, actually: the Void leaks in. There's not a whole lot beyond them though, no: they're kind of in a dead zone at the top of Equestrian territory. Beyond them would just be wastes.

Another world question I guess, because it has been bugging me on and off. Is Midgard flat or round or some other shape? I'm pretty sure I remember you saying something about them being on the other side of the world from equestria in one of the anchor sidequests in Derectum, but it's been so long I can't be sure

Not that it really even matters anyway

I don't know what to say that I haven't said before. You're my favorite sadist word-murderer. To be completely honest, probably my favorite writer.

So, do I go straight into BLCA from here or jump in when I get to that part in Derectum?
I was too much of a wimp to read it last time


I believe the worlds are round, yeah. Because uh... yeah, in Decretum, they mention that. The um... the Evening Isles? I think that's what they're called, the place where Corvette is.
But thank you very much. I'm glad you're continuing to re-enjoy these stories. But oh, that uh. That is all up to personal preference, really, especially since you've already read Dec before. It uh. It will be an experience for you either way, I'm sure. It might be better to brave it now and get it out of the way.

Now I'm kinda concerned

If it was anyone else who said that, I probably wouldn't be worried, but since it's you...

I'm gonna go ahead and start it soon then, if only so you can start laughing at my pain all the sooner


People often say that about this part in particular. And maybe a little, I'll admit.


Looking Glass World is a little of both, really. It's a world where ponies died out a long time ago because they were driven apart by an outside force. So it's sort of an "empty" world, since Equestria was left as just untamed land. Odin decided that this world would be the best to move the ponies to with no one else really here, and put the Nibelung and some other friends of his to work, to build replicas of a lot of the major landmarks and cities from what's now Corrupted Equestria.
The whole nature of Looking Glass World will be expanded on a few times in later stories, but I hope that explanation helps some.


The Strange Ones are. Well. Strange. But they're a pretty important part of Looking Glass World.
And yeah. I always figured that the dwarves, when actually functioning, must have built incredible societies. But then everything quite literally went to Hell, and now you only have vestiges of their former civilization left. Plus it's nice to be able to give the Nibelung actual roles apart from just serving as cannon fodder.


Unfortunately, Trixie is gone. Not to say that there won't be glimpses of her now and then, all the same...
But oh, well. That depends on whether or not you decide to read BLCA, since that story is skippable. It... changes up a few things.

3:39 am
47,606,400 seconds (approx)
551 days(excluding today, as it is only 3:40am)
13224 hours(approx)
793440 minutes (approx
78 weeks (rounded down)
is how long it has been since I have started the blooming moon chronicles, and I'm only this far what I expected too take me a year has taken about one and a half, and I'm only halfway through, because i keep quitting the series, just to come back, to this literary masterpiece. yet do I even want to read it? This far I've fallen in love with characters who had so many different quirks and personalities, just to have them killed off. I have plowed through heartache and headache, happiness and sadness, nights and days. For what? Tip have my heart tipped out and butchered, then bandaged up and given back like nothing is wrong. Given hopes that just end up crushed, yet I kept moving on, however slow the pace May have been, no matter how many times I tried to quit, you kept drawing me back with your constant new tricks around every corner, making me want to sate my curiosity, drawing me back in just to do it all over again. writers are great people, but true writers are undefined, evil and murderous towards their own creation, just to go right around give life to something else. Something even greater. And all the while taking others time and using it to show another something truly grand.

It is now 4:10am, another thirty minutes to add the counter. All of me writing something inspired by you.

It is time to put down my phone and finish reading, and writing for tonight, and I will leave you with one question,

What type of writer are you?
I think we all know that.

Thank you for the time you've spent on this story, because it's been one really great time reading it, at least... for me.



Thank you, honestly. It means a lot to hear all that, and I know I don't entirely deserve it and all. I mean, I just kind of poke along and hope for the best. My hands guide me and I follow what they want me to say, that's about it.
But I am glad people keep coming back. I know my stories can be difficult: not just because of length, but because of my habit of going right for the throat or the heart every so often in my stories. It means a world to know that I manage to make that depth and effect, though. I hope you do continue to read, and you do continue to enjoy, and most of all, that you find it a worthwhile use of your time. I appreciate every moment people spend reading these stories, honestly. And I appreciate even more your kind words, that I don't entirely deserve.
Thanks again, and I hope you continue to enjoy the series.

Whelp... Another one down.

It's definitely a nice transition story with a grounded plot. It didn't have the dynamic of a large main cast so it felt altogether more... deep and introspective than the others. Lovely work as always.

Time to prepare for BLCA.


Thanks very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it: this story does go through some odder twists and turns than the others, after all, and it starts touching on some of the... weirder things that'll become more and more common throughout the series.
Thanks for the fave, and uh... good luck with preparing for BLCA. It uh. It gets pretty intense there, yes.

Finally, I've finished it. I guess this time I'm gonna skip BLCA, at least for now.

So, onwards, to reading Decretum. I really miss Twilight, Celestia and others, after all.

Thanks again for writing such incredible stories.


Thank you kindly for continuin' to read 'em. Means a world to know they're interesting enough to read not once, but twice, considering the long haul of it and all.


Thank you very much. I'm glad to hear you're continuin' to enjoy the series, and I hope it remains such a pleasure.


Uh... almost ten years, if I remember right.


Not necessarily Valhalla, but... they are indeed ferrying souls. And uh... well, with the way that Metempsychosis bridges off off into two endings, there are two different ways things get restarted, for lack of a better term, so I won't quite ruin it.
And well, the great thing about these stories is that they'll pretty much always be here, so you know. As long as you're enjoying the stories so far, that's what matters.
But certainly, by all means feel free to mention or use whatever you might like. I'm happy to hear that they're garnered enough interest for you to want to do so. I'm really not picky, although I'm certainly curious to see how they might be used.
As to Tyrant Wyrms, the only picture is in my head, but. At some point I'll probably try and draw them out. At some point.
And. It may be slightly meta, yes. I'm sure we've all felt that way from time to time, after all.

Been wondering.

The fourth story of the Nátta Edda, and the beginning of the Iðavöll Trilogy.

I tried looking up "Nátta Edda" and "Iðavöll" on Google Translate but because of how inaccurate GT can be, and that I couldn't find any matches for the words: what do they mean?


Natta Edda is something I made up myself, actually, relating to the Poetic and Prose Eddas, which contain all different Sagas of Norse mythology. They're very good. Ithavoll, on the other hand, is the great golden hall that will be built after Ragnarok, after everything has been destroyed, and will signal a revival of sorts, since Baldur will be back, among other wise and great gods.

So I looked up the title of this story to see what it would turn up and I found that the definition of the aforementioned word means "Migration of the soul after death."

I see what you did there you clever little bastard.


Well, I wanted something to do with psychopomps, originally, but. The word was really cool so I went with that for a title.
And thank you for pointing out those edits, I really appreciate it. And uh.
I am totally using the version of despite that is more correct, clearly. Whichever version that is. Yes.

5789677 Well I'm gonna use the title of this fic as a chapter for my story because it fits perfectly with what happened to my protagonist :rainbowwild:

If you're curious at all then you can find the story I've been ambiguously mentioning, >here<


I am always glad to help people find new fancy words. But thank you. I will try and take a read of it when I can, although right now I am in a library in Wisconsin and do not have internet myself until Tuesday.

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