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After making one too many mistakes, Baron La Croix finds himself rudely exiled from the spirit world, the Loa ordered to either fix a great imbalance in the mortal world, or face the ultimate punishment for his sins. Unfortunately, the rude, loudmouthed Loa knows absolutely nothing about ponies, let alone where to begin his journey... but he soon meets a zebra well-versed in the Old Ways who is willing to help him in more ways than he would ever imagine.

First story in the Songs for Lost Children series.

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Congratulations! You officially found my personal reading hell! 1/2 French and 1/2 bad grammar and Ebonics....

I hope you're happy you slimy bastard.


Some would say that's my real special talent. On the bright side, you can learn quite a lot of French and Cajun insults from La Croix.
But thanks very much for faving and reading all the same. I hope it proves a good one.

3856801 So shall I assume this will have a more regular schedule than Rhythm of the Dance?


Glad to hear it. And thanks very much for the fave as well.


Yep. This will be a chapter a day, and it's only eleven chapters plus the epilogue.

Insults in a different language. This pleases me.

I find that Baron La Croix is quite annoying at times, so I think I'm really going to enjoy having good ol' Zecora around to keep him in line.
So yes, I'll agree with La Croix here. There's probably more truth behind it for me though, but I'm also ready to let these good times roll.


La Croix is kind of like a giant toddler at times. He's going to end up getting worse before he gets better. Although he never really learns to control his mouth.
Thanks very much for the fave, too. I hope you enjoy the story.

For some reason I'm imagining La Crois in hell now...not because I hate him you understand, although I don't very much like him either. I jut think it'd be funny seeing Hel piss him off, and if he was assigned an ironic punishment I have a feeling she'd send La Croix after the ponies who "ruined him." Which would be extra deliciously evil since he has no chance it Hell to succeed where all of the other failed.

But I'm going to stop before I make a joke about how the police in Ponyville were 'keeping the man down' with their trumpet up charges.

So, is this a new series, or is this just a one-off? Hilarious to call a story this long a one off, but from you.... :twilightoops: you always write a lot. Is there going to be sequels to this?


Uh. Maybe. It's hard to answer. There's going to definitely be the roots for a sequel of sorts at the end, but I'm not sure if I'll actually get around to it or not.

Hmm, alright. Ambiguous. Well, I'll probably let this be fully posted before I really read it. I doubt you'll ever trump the Blooming Moon Chronicles, but we'll see. We'll see.

Is this a crossover or a sequel or something? It reads like we're supposed to know who LaCroix is.


Sort of. Those references you've probably caught on to are from another story where he has a small, important role in the end. There's nothing you really need to know about him that he doesn't present himself, though, if you're worried you're missing too much of his story.

That was a rather hilarious way to enter the castle, and it goes to show just how much La Croix has changed since the beginning.

When the "angry little pegasus" was introduced, I couldn't help but immediately picture Avalon.


I have actually heard that from several people. Completely unintentional, I promise.
But thanks very much. I hope you continue to enjoy La Croix's shenanigans, since it's just about the only way he has to defend himself. Which is probably part of what drew me to writing about him more in the first place.

Holy sh- um... dang.
Ice, enormous shapes, dark energies. There's one place in particular that I'm thinking of right now, and that's definitely not spelling anything good.
This certainly escalated quickly, I can't wait to see how La Croix is going to deal with this.

This is a glouriously good fic! Rarely do I find such quality.
The way you wrote La Croix is so good. I mean, such a jerk and yet I want to follow him on his journey. Only small problem is the love part for him, as it really came out of nowere.

I do hope this gets many, many more views as it certainly deserve it.

10/10, will read again~~


Thanks very kindly. I'm glad that you've enjoyed it so much up to this point: there's only one chapter left now. Well. An epilogue, too, but that's kind of extra,
And yes, the whole. Thing kind of came out of left field for me, too, to be honest, but I decided to just run with it. Partly out of lazy, partly because I already had kind of a plan in mind for the story, and I wanted to see where that little addition would take it.
But thanks again, and I much appreciate the fave as well. It's kind of a far left field story so I'm glad that you were able to find it so enjoyable.

Never would I have guessed that things would 'end' like this. It took me completely by surprise, nevertheless, I can't think of anything better than this. Hecate's "Orphanage for Wayward Youth" as she calls it seems like the perfect place for this new and improved La Croix.

And this whole orphanage deal. I had imagined that Hecate was going to be doing something helpful with Decretum, but I wasn't expecting anything of this scope and magnitude. Again, pleasantly surprised.


To be honest, a lot of this story was a vehicle for revealing the Orphanage. It's pretty much the one thing I had in mind since the start. It's going to kind of be a tying-together point for a lot of characters who might not otherwise get any time in any stories, and if/when I get around to writing the Orphanage Stories themselves, it'll let me take some of the sidestories I edited out of past works and give them a place to be included.
But I'm glad you liked it, and thanks very kindly for reading and commenting. It's very much appreciated and I hope it was a pleasure the whole way through.

Just to be clear, was it the bones that held the Monstrosity together? As in, the achor that kept it on the mortal realm?


More like extra batteries to hold the lost souls and emotional stains it vacuumed up, so to speak. To help give it that cohesion. So not far off at all.

Another excellent story, looks like out favorite disembodied head is amassing quite the collection of wayward souls.


Thank you kindly. And yes, she is. I'm kind of still on the fence about how much I want to get into Hecate's Orphanage and the stories that whole arc would follow, but... it gets a little more compelling every time I add to it. I much appreciate the fave as well, and of my other new crazy story. Hopefully it'll be entertaining, too, since it'll be kind of a new foray for me into something more comedic. Although it still gets. Kind of dark. I can't seem to avoid that.

La Croix was probably my least favorite character from 99Worlds.

And here, is a whole story about him...



A lot of people hated him. Hell, I kind of didn't like him. But that was honestly part of what made this story kind of fun to write. I always feel weirdly drawn towards taking the characters people like least and doing something more with them. I think that's masochism.

I actually really like La Croix, so this was a fun read.


Thank you kindly. I'm pleased to hear it: I don't entirely know why, but I always enjoyed La Croix myself. Probably in part because he's such a monumental ass.

Woop de doop, enjoyed this. Thanks. Now to find something else of yours to read.

"Not sure if you ever met her yourself before... but... she's a real hoot, you know...”

Somehow, I'm expecting Pinkie...

“La Croix! Oh, it's been too long! No hard feelings over that little trick I pulled on you, right? Corpses under the bridge! You know. For feeding the trolls. Not that you should feed trolls, mind you, but hey. "

Close enough.

Two days well spent. On to the next, I suppose, eh? Allons-y, mes amies!

You've done well with this and I can't wait to see how it plays out

The story deepens and I find myself enjoying it

This comment section looks lonely so now it has company

La Croix grunted, then he tilted his head towards her before saying dryly: “You don't have to trust me none, don't you worry 'bout that. You can see for yourself once we get there. But allons-y! We gotta get moving!”

Nice doctor who reference

Helhiem...where is kratos when you need him

I can see La Corix's growth

Well this was a great story with your own lore and world I immensely enjoyed reading it


Thanks very much. It was pretty fun exploring all these concepts and seeing what I could make of it, so I'm glad you enjoyed the way the story ended up weaving itself together.

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