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Twilight was ecstatic when she became the personal protégé of Princess Celestia herself. But even a young filly's excitement and curiosity has its limits, and several months into her tutelage Twilight begins to feel homesick.

Princess Celestia does her best to help.

Now with a dramatic reading by DRWolf

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Comments ( 33 )

Ahh... the feels, this is so adorable. I love the way you write Celestia.

And straight on my favourites shelf. I think I will come back to this one from time to time.

Such an adorable story, I love it.

I really liked the tone of the story. Very calm and a nice read.

NorrisThePony used Momlestia! It was super-effective! :heart:

This was very heart-warming, the tutelage years offer a lot of room for cuteness. Poor Celly.

Celestia perked an ear. No, there was another sound, too. Her clacking knitting needles grew still as she listened closer.

"Hm?" Celestia blinked, and then looked to her magic aura and chuckled. "Ah, knitting needles! Yes, I know, I'm a dreadfully drab old mare."

A cute, if generic, story. This part in particular stuck out to me as especially amusing, though. There are not enough stories here that really give Celestia some realistic old people habits, considering that she's quite literally the oldest people there is, and it's usually really quite hard to really feel her age in anything she says or does. She might look young, but she's really not, and it's usually just not really reflected in her characterization in any meaningful way. This kind of thing, even if it's played a bit for humor, goes a long way to rectifying that particular problem.

7022988 I admittedly was originally uninterested in reading since this idea isn't anything really new, but reading this comment intrigued me with her elderly habits. Very cute story, was a nice happy read :pinkiesmile: Would be interesting if you tried perhaps something similar with Blueblood or Spike, we hardly ever see much of her interacting with those two as kiddies (Spike especially, there's barely any cute stories just with those two :rainbowkiss:).

Glad to hear it. I try to point out unique aspects like that when I comment on a story. A lot of what you see here in general is really very samey, so I think it's helpful to everyone when someone highlights the good bits that stand out about something and make it more a bit more original than that.

7022988 I liked the knitting because it just gave her a new character trait. Fandom and the show would shave you think that the only thing Celestia does all day is drink tea, write letters, and sneak cake.

I really wish the writers would give Celestia her own episode.

This is such a sweet story:twilightsmile:

7022988 Yeah, this is by no means the most original thing I've written nor was I really planning for it to be. Just a bit of feel-good saccharine to balance out the really gloomy stuff I usually write. Glad you liked it, though. :twilightsmile:

Celestia's knitting is just a sort of pointless headcanon I've had for awhile now, but I appreciate the compliment. It's always good to see her doing something other than eternal paperwork or 'trade negotiations.' She's not a machine, after all.

Plus it's really cute. Socks are overrated, knitting ponies are way cuter. derpicdn.net/img/2016/5/14/1154007/large.png

I certainly thought it was a nice touch. It makes her something more than this impersonal setpiece that might as well have been in her mid-twenties forever and, in all other senses, has her supposed age really just as an informed attribute. Celestia 1000 years ago might as well have been an entirely different individual in most stories, for all that you can feel the age and history that should inform everything she does - or alternately the same one displaced a thousand years into the future. It tends to come down to the same thing, in terms of characterization.

That was adorable. Nothing else needs to be said.

Trying to remember what this reminds me of though. I'm sure I've seen something like this some place before, but the specifics escape me. But that doesn't detract from the quality of this fic. Very well done. Have a like.

Hmm, the anchor was a good use of metaphor in this story. Something really holding you stable and still even when rusted.

That was cute, and actually managed to stir some feels in me as the bit about 'same stars, same moon' is what I tell my son (7 years old) when he has to go stay with his father for the weekend. He looks at the moon and says "goodnight, Mommy".


I reviewed this as part of Read It Now Reviews #75.

My review can be found here.

That was a lovely story to read. I definitely enjoyed it. :twilightsmile: :heart:

Also, I really just wanted to throw away my creative pride and write a sweet little Twilight and Celestia fic without any gimmicks or twists. Something the balance out the really sombre stuff I usually do.

Brother, I know that feeling.

I'm going to echo earlier sentiment and say that I am absurdly delighted by Celestia's knitting. It just seems so perfect for her: a hobby of patience, of crafting something more unique and wonderful than anything her treasury could buy, and is like the cutest possible grandma-y thing to do.

As for the rest of the fic... well, it unambitiously offers a cute slice-of-life moment, and delivers. And some most days, that's all I want to read. A fine little moment.:ajsmug:

This was so cute and sweet! I just love it to pieces, Twilight is so adorable :twilightsmile:

7164164 Thank you! Writing kids is something I don't have a lot of experience with, so I'm happy to hear that you liked her.


I write stuff with children pretty often, and I can say that you did well, although Celestia and her lesson seemed to be the focus. I enjoyed the lesson behind this instead of just fluff.

It's a very sweet little story, and I like it, but surely Twilight can go home to visit for a few days or a week without putting her tutelage on postponement?

7205833 Oh, I imagine so. Nonetheless, this story here shows her in the middle of more of an emotional experience than a cognitive one—I imagine Celestia is comforting Twilight from a rather fleeting bit of emotion, because from my personal childhood nostalgia experience, I've found that's usually how young children act. Waking up in the middle of the night in a bed away from home, Twilight is clever enough to know she feels off even if she cannot really articulate why.

It's like when little kids go off to a summer camp and they know they're only gonna be gone for, like, a week, but they still feel homesick for reasons they cannot explain—they're having fun and they've made friends, so what gives?

Celestia offers a solution to help get over these random, hard-to-describe little emotional bumps in the road. Ultimately, Celestia has no real motives—she doesn't want to convince Twilight to stay away from home or anything—she simply wants to help her student feel better. Twilight being able to visit home whenever she wishes wouldn't exactly put a stop to a random feeling of longing, which ultimately is what Celestia helps her get over.

Such are my justifications, as unconvincing as they may seem. Thanks for reading.

7206935 Fair enough. I can appreciate the distinction between really wanting to go home and just having a small bout of homesickness.

Author Interviewer

This is the good kind of cute. :)

Lovely cute little story, adorable Tiny Twi is adorable. :twilightsmile:

I have reviewed this HERE.

Reminds me of "An American Tail".

How did you get that little 'Author Interviewer' under your name tag?

When you think about it, in the season 4 first 2 parter episodes, Celestia and Luna lives in the castle of the 2 sisters, when Celestia has to banish Nightmare Moon to the moon. IDK, I think it’s funny to think about.

And I loved the story, nailing Celestia to be a mentor and not Twilight new mom

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