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I like Luna. I like MLP. And I like blood.


The griffin kingdom has taken equestria and imprisoned Celestia and the main six. They failed to capture Luna and she fled to the north. She passes out from blood loss and wakes up somewhere strange.

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Are these anthro ponies if so please state it in the tags or description that would make it easier on readers

I don’t know what anthro means.

It means for example Luna would still look like Luna but have a more human appearance this image link should provide a sufficient example



No, their all exactly the way they are seen in the show. Except Luna’s mane and tail are the same color as when she first appears but a bit longer. The ponies of Donladur wear clothing unlike the ponies of equestria. So no, this isn’t anthro.

Okay now I have clarity

Awww. thank you, that is one of the nicest comments I have ever gotten. :pinkiesad2:

Need More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m trying to come up with some but I’ve run dry on ideas for this at the moment.

Hmmmm. Gettin dwarf fortress vibes.

It'l be a while but there will be more

is that a pic from the dragon age dwarf city

No idea. I found it on a Google search.

I'm trying to figure out why Luna wouldn't simply demand an audience with the leader of this underground nation. I could understand if she would desire to remain incognito in an effort to take stock of the underground before revealing herself, but if so, then that should be articulated to the reader in some fashion. There has to be a reason for Luna wanting her status as an alicorn to remain a secret, otherwise this makes no sense.

Not to be nitpicky here, but forging is rarely the last step in making a sword. It's nearly impossible to make a perfect blade with hammer and anvil alone. Usually the rough shape is formed with the hammer and anvil, and the finishing is done either with a belt sander (modern) or by hand using emory paper (modern-traditional) or by using gritty stone (traditional).

Luna thought as she worked, she had gotten good at that. How would she get her sister and the others out? She didn’t have an army. She couldn’t expose herself because she didn’t know how the ponies of Donladur would react. She couldn’t speak with the king as her class was not worthy to so much as look at him, at least thats what the guards said to her. And she couldn’t do it herself because she had no backup and it would arouse suspicion.

Okay... only problem is that she's literally an immortal alicorn. If she introduced herself as a foreign diplomat, it's reasonable to assume that the king would at least hear her out.

Luna looked at the blade she held in the fire, he was right. She had been working on it without even realizing she was. She saw the right hardening color on the tip then quickly thrust the blade into the water and let it cool. Then she set the blade next to the others she had completed. That was twenty nine swords that day.

29 swords in a day?!? What kind of war are they preparing for? Most modern bladesmiths put out maybe one sword every few weeks! Yeah yeah, pony magic and all that, but still.

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