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Sometimes, decades of your life go by without a single pony noticing any of your efforts to move up the ranks. Sometimes, you fall into a hole in the ground, wind up trapped in a political plot, and meet a cute librarian in the middle of it all.
The last part's nice.

Due to the nature of the AU, the story deserves a [Dark] tag, but it's not a good fit for the story's genre. I also strongly hesitated between Mystery and Adventure.
Mild [Profanity] included (but not enough to warrant the tag).

Huge thanks go out to: Everfree Pony, for saving this fic in at least a dozen different ways, Sir Mediocre, for holding my writing to a certain standard and correcting my broken English, Aisteru Fìre for pre-reading, and Cyeion, for his detailed and thought-out critique.

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No time to think! Speedy stabby birbhorse go brrrrrrr!:rainbowdetermined2:

”[snip] After all—”

That was the point where I finally passed out.


I like a good cliffhanger, but that’s just dirty.

Funny thing is, it wasn't even intended as a cliffhanger. It was just the natural way to end the chapter :rainbowlaugh:

Story looks pretty cool so far, I hope that au gets fleshed out a bit more in the next couple chapters though.

I have to admit, it's a bit of a slow burn in that regard.

Very strange, keeper seems interesting though.

Why is this completely blank comment here?

Because I misclicked.

Edit (to de-blank this comment): why the hell does fimfic allow empty comments? Ree.

This chapter used to mention coffee. Oops. That has now been fixed.

Perhaps the truest mark of a post-calamity society, a dearth of bitter drink.

Truly the worst consequence of the apocalypse

“They shall not. I have made sure of that.” Realising how ominous that sounded, I added, “I have cast a sleep spell on them. They will be fine in a few hours.”

Oh, look, casual anesthetization. That would be against several laws, if this place had them:raritydespair:

When evening came, I gave up, instead opting for a novel to distract myself: a story of a young mare, not much younger than myself, leaving everything behind after having committed a murder, on her way to find a new land to call home.

I remain indelibly chuffed about this.:yay:

This is fantastic! Loved the short description, loved the long description (I’m all for humorous advertising of a story 😂) and I was tempted to favorite this story just for the long description (and believe me, I’ve actually done that before 😂😅) but decided I should probably read it first.

I’m already trying to figure out what’s going on and why and am intrigued to read what happens next or for some explanation to the story lore. In short, as you asked in your thread, yes. This is an amazing hook (along with both descriptions)

Oh gosh, thanks :raritystarry: Hope you like it

Immediately likable characters, great action prose, snappy dialogue. No idea why this story has so few views with all three of those factors so immediately visible, but I at least look forward to reading through this puppy.

:raritystarry: Thank you so much

And my guess would be that it's OC and AU, which tends to not draw too much attention on its own. Maybe I messed up the cover art and descriptions, or maybe I didn't advertise it enough.

Time flew by reading this and 100k words? it felt like 50k to me. This might already say enough about the story, it got alot of turns that can hook someone to see what lies behind the next reveal.

Heheh, thanks.
And thanks again for pre-reading :pinkiesmile:

It starts off really casual, while also being... confusing? A bit. But after enough exposition to the utterly alien Tower, the story evolves into this kind of convoluted, meandering series of contemplations and reflections. And occasionally something happens :)

I don't really know how the story manages to make these streams of consciousness make sense, while actually explaining very little about the world around. And it does manage. A lot of things are explained only at the very end.

S: Arawn undid the locks, one by one. How she’d led us here without getting lost was a mystery to me. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the estate’s layout kept changing.

A: Why were they taking so long? Perhaps they had lost their way in the Fell residence’s ever-shifting layout.

I also really like how the chapters follow the thoughts of each character. And how the chapter names hint at Keeper's name :))) Reading this has me supplied with enough thoughts to last years (however long they may be haha). I can only recommend it!

First of all, thank you for reading!
The confusing nature of the first few chapters is intended, but I still haven't decided if it was a good idea or not. I'm leaning towards yes.

I took inspiration from how Fromsoft games tell their lore. Never giving all the information, and what little they do give you have to pay attention to or miss. Admittedly, I stopped doing that towards the end with a few of the bigger reveals, but I don't think it hurts the fic (and I'm glad to see people seem to agree ^^)

Reading this has me supplied with enough thoughts to last years

Well, that's about the greatest compliment you could have given me. I'm honoured.

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