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Octavia always enjoyed the night, as well as its creator, but somehow always felt a little odd around the princess.
A Luna/Octavia ship, with an interesting take on both characters.
I got inspired by this story and I felt curious about how this ship would turn out.

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I like your take on Octavia.

I'm still more for octyscratch. Lol.
I'll keep reading. Only issues i have are separation of the paragraphs and pacing of the story. It's confusing in a not so good way, imo.

4312411 i.imgur.com/BnDZPqe.jpg me too, me too bro (that's over a fifth of my favourites, and I'm actually very picky when it comes to my precious TaviScratch)
And what do you mean? Do I put too much in the paragraphs? Too little? Or what?
Also, I'm not sure if that's intentional, because the text, since it's written from Octy's perspective, and it's supposed to be a tad hectic and confusing, because that's exactly how she feels during this whole chapter, but I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant, so could you explains a bit more please?
EDIT: Corrected some typos because phone.

Damnit... i got two stories to read now because of you!
Even though the story is supposed to be hectic, the writing of it shouldn't be. To make certain aspects ambiguous for that reason makes more sense.
As usual, i'm not too sure of how to explain my issue. It just needs to be cleared up so that it isn't so hard to work through.

4315744 You'd be surprised how a certain style of writing could influence reader experience, though I guess what you might mean is that it's hard to follow (which is honestly possible), but that doesn't necessarily make the story bad. Quite the contrary, actually, an author who can juggle between styles to give his story a different pace is generally talented. Though I definitely am not, I'm just trying to apply all the theory I've gathered with years.
Also, I don't know if I should recommend Synchronisation, as I haven't read it yet, I just liked the prequel quite a lot and decided to favourite the sequel to read it later, well, if that's what you meant by that.

4315864 well i'm glad i haven't read it yet, then. I'll be sure to look into the first part. I fell in love with the pair real hard, so i'm willing to give most, if not all, their stories a shot.
It's good to expand styles, and is somthing i can appreciate as long as it is kept relevant and the characters are unique to themselves. Your story is good, so far. Naturally not the best i've read, but also far from the worst.

What you have so far, anyways. i have hopes for this one.

You just got a new follower.

Love her note to octy. Perhaps them both sittibg on a crescent moon?

4361051 hmmm that's actually a pretty great idea, now I just gotta find an artist to commission. And that won't be easy considering most of my favourite artists have closed commissions at the moment :c

Ya, i'd stick eith the shorter chapters. The pacing is fine, but the quality kind of suffers. I, so far, have not read a single story either full of. Or occasional, long chapters that i liked due to poor quality. This is far from the worst, though. Keep up the good work.

4453329 Thanks, and I know, I've felt it, I've felt terrible writing this whole thing, but I didn't want to try and cut it up into smaller part, plus I didn't think it would be a good idea to separate what's happened in this chapter into smaller ones.
But yeah, I agree, I hate long chapters, and writing them is the most frustrating thing.

A very lovely and cute story. It's an odd and uncommon shipping but it's not unwelcome. I really did enjoy this very much so. I hope to see more of this story!

4554613 Thanks! I thought it would be good fun and exercice to write about this ship :3 and there will be more chapters soon(ish), I've just been quite busy with school lately (close to the end of the year, which implies a billion and half a million projects to work on >. <)

4555108 Oh yes, I do understand about school. But there is no rush. I just really enjoyed it. I know all the other shippings with Luna and Tavi, either were one shot or they stopped writing after so long.

4555132 To be honest, I originally wanted this to be a oneshot, but then laziness happened and I ended up going "eh, I'll write the rest in the next chapters". And then I started adding stuff. To be honest in my head the story's practically finished, just needa write it down.

I don't think the story is bad at all. I like the pic too.

4688063 It's not bad per se, it's just not good, that's my biggest concern with it.


It's not allegrezza or two's company, three's a crowd, but it's no where near some of the other stuff i've read that wasn't very well put together.

Considering it's more of an experimental thing, as you said, it's actually not bad at all. Sounds like the kind of story to write to find your comfort zone.

4688496 Thanks, means a lot, and I know there are some badly written stories that get a ton of recognition out there.
Also I'll be putting out a new story soon-ish. It's also gonna be about Octavia, it's also gonna have a few experimental features (though a lot less than this one), and it's gonna be a lot darker than this. The major part of the plotline is already made up so writing it should be pretty easy.
I got the idea while listening to a song, but most of the plot will be original.


Cool, i'll keep an eye out for it.

I hate dark stories, but some of them turn out way better than expected.

Wow. That song is just... gorgeous. It sent my heart aflutter, and my chest swelled with suppressed emotion.

I just couldn't get through it. The writing felt...fake. Forced and manufactured. I love the ship but the dialogue is what killed it.

7485230 I know, right? My writing is pretty terrible ^^
I gave up writing when I realised that.


It's been 4 years and I still occasionally get reminded me of this reply and feel stupid, so to ease my mind I'm gonna write a very late rectification.
Thanks for the criticism, I appreciate that you didn't just dislike it and move on, and instead told me why you didn't like it.

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