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Sometimes, decades of your life go by without a single pony noticing any of your efforts to move up the ranks. Sometimes, you fall into a hole in the ground, wind up trapped in a political plot, and meet a cute librarian in the middle of it all.
The last part's nice.

Due to the nature of the AU, the story deserves a [Dark] tag, but it's not a good fit for the story's genre. I also strongly hesitated between Mystery and Adventure.
Mild [Profanity] included (but not enough to warrant the tag).

Huge thanks go out to: Everfree Pony, for saving this fic in at least a dozen different ways, Sir Mediocre, for holding my writing to a certain standard and correcting my broken English, Aisteru Fìre for pre-reading, and Cyeion, for his detailed and thought-out critique.

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Eons ago, the Crystal Empire's capital held a festival on the longest night of the year. It fell out of fashion long before even Sombra's reign. Shining Armour and Cadence found out about it and are trying to bring the Crystal Empire a winter holiday of its own.
If only life didn't have a habit of throwing a wrench in one's plans.

Written for Conglomerate for Jinglemas.

Proofread by ReviewFilly and some fine anons on /fimfic/.

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Octavia always enjoyed the night, as well as its creator, but somehow always felt a little odd around the princess.
A Luna/Octavia ship, with an interesting take on both characters.
I got inspired by this story and I felt curious about how this ship would turn out.

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