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Parents tell their foals that they can be anything that they want.
For me, however, it's a bit more literal.
At least it would be if my parents had said that.
Or if I knew them at all!
So what do you do when you can become anypony?
You become a spy, of course.


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*reads title*
*checks author*

Wait a minute...

*five minutes of reminiscing*

I knew it!

:moustache: All Hail Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All!

7496911 Hah, finally realised what it was from! Thanks for the help! XD

Nice start, but I found a couple of minor typos.

"We better get moving. There are thing out here that we really don't want to run into after dark,"

That should be "things".

The colors pulsing from the top of the palaces blinked out and everything went dark.

And that should probably be either "palace" or "buildings".

Why do I have the feeling the guard Shiny talked to will follow his example and give Sweet Leaf a summary execution on site?

Well, I'm strongly suspecting that Sweet Leaf = Storm's mama = Chryssi. I would think Shiny's the daddy, but I'd think Don could sense if he cared for him like that.

Well, I guess Shining Armor and his mother are going for a ride. :raritywink:

Why is it every time i find a good story it always make me wait to continue reading it!?


"Have I mentioned that I'm not a good pony?"

(Don't worry, more chapters are on the way soon.)

"When you can ask me twice, while only asking once, you'll know my name,"


7497473 I like that answer. That was a good answer.
lol. jk. Can't wait for the next chapter.

well, you have my interest, and I am going to wait until a few more chapters get posted before diving in, but this looks like a fun story to keep an eye on ^^

I become someone who has a better name.

Damn it now I have to wait.

But did anyone find the bodies?

Wait, you just pulled a scene from Star Wars


This story is getting more and more interesting. Keep it up!

I'm calling it now (after the clue further solidified my belief) that his parents are Shining Armor and Queen Chrysalis, conceived between her taking Cadence's place, and the mass expulsion.

"Stop right there, criminal scum!" came the gruff voice of a crystal guardspony, punctuated by the thud of a very solid baton to the back of my head.

Dear god why:raritydespair:

Great. Now I'm getting flashbacks to Oblivion.

Anyway, on reading this, I have to wonder if the main character has even the most remote idea how important the Crystal Heart is to the Crystal Empire and Equestria as a whole. The Crystal Empire especially, considering it's keeping out lethal weather that I am convinced hates Crystal ponies. Essentially, what I'm saying is that if he successfully removes it there's a good chance he's killed an entire city, or at the bare minimum ruined hundreds to possibly thousands of lives and turned all of the Crystal Ponies into displaced refugees.

i'm going to take a wild shot in the dark here, and say that Sweet Leaf is actually multiple changelings.

Where are the likes on this story??? It should have 10x what it does.

7516515 A fire that hot? There aren't bodies to find.

I like dis so Im sticking around for a while.

I guess a 100% perfect Like score of 56:0 couldn't last forever. :applejackunsure:

I wanna thumb this up so hard right now... But I can't... :raritydespair:


Ooh ho ho you prick. Just when it was getting good. :pinkiehappy:

The top seven rows of the feature box are for newly featured stories. Rows 8-10 are for recently updated stories that had been featured in the past.

7553340 I really appreciate that bit of information. I didn't know that:rainbowwild:


*4 mins later*
Aaaand its over...
Nice art though.

I actually thought of the picture when they got to the bat pony bar^^

7539716 How do you know that?

I speak baby.

Here's something form the TV tropes page of AdventureQuest:

AdventureQuest relishes in adding mysterious masterminds to quest chains. At points, some of them meet and essentially compete to see which one of them is the more mysterious and ominous.

Everyone in this goddamn story would fit right in and Luna would win those competitions.


Right then! All the set pieces in place? Is everyone intrigued? Is everyone confused? Is everyone ready for some answers?
Good! Because this chapter marks the end of the set-up bit.
We're going to shift from Mystery for a while into Adventure with a splash of Drama. So buckle up!

Me likey very much.

3 2 1 UPDATE!!!

It didn't work :fluttershysad:

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