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My stories and friends in one place where I am in charge? Best place I can be.

The number one rule I have for reading my stories is to give it a few chapters. Like watching a TV show, you aren't going to get to the best stuff in the first five minutes. Usually it's after the first commercial that things get interesting. My stories use the first couple bits to introduce you to the premise and characters.

Forum rules:

Spamming; posting the same type of thread or repeatedly asking for something/someone.
Insulting other users. My stories, fine, but I will ban you if you start insulting other people.
Making requests without replying to an open thread I post.
Requesting admin rights to groups. If you earn it, you get it. To earn it be a part of my stories as an editor, proofreader, or prereader. Also, you can leave great comments on my stories; that may work too.

You can be banned for violations of any of the above.


Open thoughts, feels, opinions, and beliefs on my stories.
Inviting others to join. (See spamming)
Having fun!
Sharing outside messaging app info (see spamming)


They're in folders and are available for any to read and comment. By being here I'd appreciate a comment on any story you read. It's your choice to like/dislike them, but be fair.

Also, I have a deviantart here

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How long have you had this!?
Why you no tell me?:fluttercry:

i like how the only sub-folder for romance is 'NSFW' :rainbowlaugh:

Hi! First, thanks for inviting me to your group.

I do have a question or two, though.

Beyond the rules you posted, what limits/restrictions have you imposed/have in mind for the types of stories that can be linked/shown here? Is this a no-adult/clopfic group? (I ask that since I do write clopfics from time to time.)

I'll ask other questions as they occur to me. Thanks.

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