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On May 23, 2015, I woke to find myself transformed into some kind of horned alien horse, and everyone else has vanished. I searched for survivors and I found one; however, she is much younger than I was prepared for. She needs a parent and the only one who can fulfill that role is me, just not in the role I had originally envisioned.

I already found one survivor, so maybe there are others out there. I just hope they’re not all children; I don’t get enough sleep as it is.

Part of the Ponies after People Universe

Update 10/08/15 New Cover art by PaintSplotch
Note: 12/15/16 Apparently Mandatory Motherhood was in the featured box at some point? I just found it in the featured community folder.

Update: 4/20/17 SevenSerenity has joined the team! Expect chapter art from her soon!
also I finally saw MM on the front page in the featured box today! Thank you all so much everypony!

Chapter 1 edited by Canaryinthecoalmine Pre-read by Westphalian_Musketeer, Starscribe, anonymous, Stablestahl, secondVendetta, Baileyjrob, Nitrous Rainbows, bluemoon1996, as well as two FimFic users I don't have user names for.

Chapter 2 edited by Canary and Musketeer.

Chapter 3 edited by Musketeer

Chapter 4 edited by Holyme, anonymous, and Musketeer.

Tags will be added as needed.

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Wow this a great story what happens next . Please make another chapter. :applecry::fluttercry: please.

I would really like to read more chapters.

Holy mother of Maria that pony is adorable.

First! Ze Pros! This was a good story. Really good. The story telling flowed well and the premise so far is markedly different from the others in the verse. Surrogate motherhood is an interesting one indeed. MC has a lot to learn. A whole lot. At least Starla can walk, so there's a blessing and a boon.

Le Cons! Meh. Another gender swap. We have a whole lot of those. But that's just a very minor issue. The bigger con: dammit all, you know how hard I worked to stop thinking about how many babies will turn up alone? First Metamorphosis now this one... *shudders* And now it's a fourth, no, fifth thing I had planned to mention/use/address that came up in someone else's story first because of my abysmal writing pace... I still have a few secrets though... they shall be mine! Mine I tell you! Mwuhahahahahaha!



The author has 8 chapters already written, just need an editor's touch. Since this is getting a good response, I'll see about making it a priority.

Hey you finally posted it!

6410474 6410595 6411343
Actually, I finished typing up chapter 9 and put it into the Gdoc last night, and got some work done on 10 before bed.

6410644 She is!:yay:

6411078 We all have our secret's don't we?:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

6411387 Yep, it's been a long time coming, but it feels good to have it out! :twilightsmile:

6411540 Your writing pace offends me, for petty reasons. Yet, I will remain petty and stare in disapprove at your productivity. *proceeds to do so*

6411540 can I have all the links to the chapters.

6411846 2-4 has only gone through light editing so far. the rest haven't been touched yet.

This seems a little more upbeat on the premise. Last one of these I found on here was Metamorphosis

6411959 I don't know when Paint got the idea. but it was part of my story from the start and I have been working on it since July.

6412043 the one i mentioned brought a baby in for only a bit

By the time the main character found the baby, it was already terminally ill from neglect and starvation. They were there long enough only to hold it and show it some love before it passed.

And that's why I said this one's more upbeat on the portrayal.

Wait, wait, hold on. How is this character lactating? Ponies only gain engorged teats during pregnancy!

Oh well, chalk it up to another spell glitch.

6412293 :fluttercry: that's so sad. Don't worry. Chris won't leave Starla to fend for herself.:rainbowdetermined2:

6412386 Chris isn't lactating.

It was kind of cute that she wouldn’t give up but I rather not have her suck the flesh off me trying to get something I don’t have.

And there not engorged.

You do know male equines don't have teats at all right?


Oh I got the genderswap. Guess I missed the lack of lactation.

6412696 no problem. Who knows what the future hold.:rainbowkiss:

If (s)he can keep staying up late after suddenly finding herself as a lone parent to an infant in a depopulated world as an alien horse... I well and truly admire her stamina. I want some of that. I really do.
At least a foal seems to develop a lot faster. And thank the maker she seems to have experience with changing diapers. Like, seriously. Otherwise, uhm, nope, not going there and definitely not with the mouth and even more nope with those wiggly foal legs that are much longer than a baby's and certainly have more leverage and kicking power. Even with experience, that's pure bravery. Hats off.

Anyway, let's see where this goes.

6415262 glad your enjoying it so far, and yes, I wouldn't want to get my mouth near there to clean, thankfully wet wipes stick.

6416792 Both this story, and metamorphosis take place in the Ponies after People Universe. So Yes:twilightsmile:

Im really enjoying this story so far!.. I hope you are continuing it ;)

6418402 I am. currently writing chapter 10. waiting for canary and musketeer to get through chapter 2.

Damn editors :P
Jokes those guys do a great job I'm sure ;)
Already at chapter 10 bruh... Good work!!!

So... The story's fine, but one thing kept bothering me while reading... How is the character crossing stuff out in an audio log?

6422389 hmm how indeed. Maybe she is rerecording over sections?
Or maybe this is a printed version after using an audio file to text file program?
Or maybe my editor demanded they be used?
We shall wait and see.:pinkiecrazy:

sp clear and sharp,
her leash of the stake

6426207 Thank you for pointing those out. I have fixed them.:pinkiehappy:

Do you plan on making the dog a main character?

6476271 Amore will have a bigger role then just being chained up in her yard.

Really enjoyed this chapter. I can't wait to keep reading :)

6500142 you shouldn't have to wait too long. The editing for chapter 2 is almost done:rainbowwild:. We just hit a few snags and I had to rewrite the ending of chapter 2 a couple of times:facehoof:. Sorry I couldn't get it out last Friday or Saturday like I promised in my blog.:fluttercry:

6501326 Awe :( It's totally fine :twilightsmile: All good things are worth waiting for.

We almost came to blows over how this story should develop. It's astounding the number of changes this chapter went through.

So, Starla just picked up all that information from the circle as well? It'd be bad enough to find the newborn getting the hang of walking as fast as you (at least that can be blamed on horses being able to walk immediately), but finding her to pick up magic faster would be just downright embarrassing...

6506252 Too bad she can't tell us what she saw.

Glad to see someone else is having a good time with dogs in their apocalypse. Leon's pissed at his misfortune.

It's funny how I'm repeatedly having mild culture shock from reading this, regarding the differences between US and central/northern European views on children or childcare. Very few specifics... just, don't know, something feels strange to me all the way through. Like, no one from these areas would write it like this. That's no criticism by the way, just interesting.
Apart from that... damn, Starla is easy :yay:
That may change of course if she does a baby cake's after having picked up magic... oh, and if there's a circle, is there a search team? That could be fun.

Yay a chapter! Have a internet hug:yay::pinkiehappy::heart:
you can notice that i love this story...:moustache::eeyup:

Why must this update when I have work in two minutes, and I won't be able to read anything until 9 tonight?

Learning magic the Joe Kimball way! :pinkiehappy:

Also, I'll bet the reason the maps were ransacked is because the Equestrian search party raided them when they got there. Wonder if they're still in the area …

6508053 But... I updated this about 15 hours ago.
... Actualy I should really get to sleep. I have work today :applejackconfused:

6508036 Glad your enjoying the story so far.:twilightsmile:

6507967 If Starla can unhinge her jaw to chew on the head of a stuffed monkey twice the size of her head, I think Chris will probably have a heart attack. (That was creepy in the Baby Cakes episode!)

Loved the new cover art, very well made. :pinkiesmile:
Good chapter keep it up!

Then did what every child tries to do at some point in their lives: try to move things with their minds.

:rainbowlaugh: Ain't that the truth.

6508513 I'm eternally grateful to Canary and Paint Splotch for the artwork.:raritywink:

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