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Waking up as a quadrupedal bat-pony hybrid would ruin most people's days. Mix that in with some gender change and you have a recipe for a really bad week. Then all you need to do is make everyone else disappear and most would start to think they have gone insane.

Well thankfully I was already mostly insane, so I should be fine. Follow along while I get used to a new body and try to make my way from Santa Clarita, California to Colorado Springs.

This story is part of the United Minds project for the Ponies After People group.

Written by Lightfox Lowell
Co-Written and Art by Neon Noble

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 48 )

Today a important lesson was learned on the how this website works! :trixieshiftleft:

If you delete a old chapter, it removes the comments as well. :pinkiesad2:

6591265 Wow that sucks, so when does he discover that he's female now lol

Really good! Can't wait to read more!!

Hey, good to see this story back! Don't dismiss your re-written chapters as unnecessary to read, they're much better now and set the story up to a nicer start. That said, wtf was that dream? That's definitely something we haven't seen yet, so good on you.
Is (s)he a fledgeling dreamwalker? Now that'd be cool, even though the dreamscape seems to be inhabited by unpleasant individuals. The guy reminded me of Vide from XCOM for some reason... really, of all people.
Looking forward to see where all this is going.

Will s/he find another pony? Can't wait to find out.

Ohhh Colorado Springs. I'm surprised someone knows this place exists c;

Turns out its one of the best places to go if the world ends! Who knew?

Yes... I love these types of stories... the body change, the mystery, the isolation... all of it :twilightsmile:

10 weeks and I still comeback looking for more, I think this pretty much makes my top 10 even though it's been a while, all I can say is Lightfox our hopes are on you, stay determined!


Don't worry I will update. I'm not dead. It's just that real life is a jerk sometimes

Ah real life, the bane of my existence... yet strangely it's also the thing that makes us alive so, what can yah do things happen

You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you

Majora's Mask reference for the win:rainbowlaugh:

Great to see this story back! Now he has a new friend how will the survive together I wonder.

Thank you so much for continuing this! :twilightsmile:
I really need to get to back to mine as well.

“A Halloween knockoff of whatever you are,”

Chuckles were had. :trollestia: Beautiful line.
The pair has a locked store to get into, Jessie has some gas cans and 'haven't come up with new name yet' has a bright idea? This gone be good.
Do carry on.

I had to refresh my memory of the previous chapters before reading this one. Nice to see some progress made. I do hope that another chapter isn't so far away this time though.


Oh, holy crap it's Goldfur. :pinkiegasp:

I didn't know you were reading this story. I've been a fan of your work for a while! :twilightsmile:

Welcome back. I'm looking forward to reading more chapters in the future

Your protagonists should travel to the nearest fire department station and get their “KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System” keys. These fire department keys will give them access to the wall-mounted safes that holds the building keys for all the mall stores.


Is it possible that your protagonists can find a firefighter turned griffon that used the KNOX-BOX Rapid Entry System keys to already get into the Sears store?


Shit. You know I should have thought of this and its a bit too late now. :raritydespair:

Whhaaa I wrote this off as dead, nice to see you're still kicking.

". Or it could also be that I watched a lot of Animorphs as a kid? It's really anyone's guess."
What year is this anyways... cus I distantly remember watching animorphs and reading the books... But good chapter over all, I started confused because I didn't reread past chapters over all that time but, I digress, nice job. Oh yeah happy Halloween

Ah, fun. And the genderswap has finally been addressed in the story itself, nice.

Jessie had expected a heavy-hearted sigh or some sort of statement of acceptance, but the violent choking and spitting of small food bits.

Looks like a "not" is missing, or it's just me.

Just yesterday I checked up on this story and was afraid it had passed away. Turns out the bat was just napping. :) (mind you, I shouldn't be one to talk)

Great chapter! Was a bit confused at first, until the perspective switch clicked. The way you handled the gender-change here is really good, I especially like the 'they' and 'them' and the tumblr reference.
A reckless, gender changed, carnivorous, nocturnal bat pony that calls itself 'Light' and seems relaxed about it all to an unhealthy degree... Jessie has all the luck with finding company.
Good stuff.

and while she had walking slowly and stumbling on lock

Not sure you wanted to write this in this way.

As for transport, how about taking a Greyhound Bus? You have plenty of easy to access cargo space at ground level. When you take out some passenger seats, use that space for cooking and eating, as well as extra cargo space.

Here is a site explaining the types of buses used by Greyhound.


I would take a Dreamliner bus, as why not take the best available bus?

Forgive my confusion, but from what I've gathered Jessie was a girl prior to her transformation?

Yay! A update! I can't wait to hear what the answers are going to be.

Ohhh, a search party. Me like search parties.
And poor Jessie... the lone voice of sanity in a world gone mad.
Do carry on.

ok thats a ending i did not see coming

i really hope the story isnt dead


It's not. Currently working on the next chapter.

Life matters got in the way for a bit. The IRS is not a fun thing to deal with at times.

8202507 that sucks well i hope things get better for you

You shouldn't have done that

Keep on writing my dude,I believe in your ability

This story has caught my interest. Here's hoping you still have interest in continuing it once you have the opportunity to work on it.

I still have a interest. What I don't have is time. :pinkiesad2:

Though new work position might be fixing that once I get into it.

I believe in you Light!! Just, umm do a thing.... yeah that sounds right. Totally great positive comments.

Love the art work, and the story so far. Here’s to hoping to read more...

More chapters please no more holding back the story 🕐 is ticking away

wait a min are those equesta ponies on earth and not humans turned into ponies/daimond dogs/dragons?!

Well that's one way to put it.

I'm impressed by those who can draw anthro's and non-human humanoid creatures such as furries. I wish I could draw like that.

Whoa... an old Idea new twist. I remember a series of stories where furries were turned into their fursona and everyone who wasn’t a furry disappeared.

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