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love Mlp and love creating something new from it along with people who like to be creative so i hope to learn, love, and cry with u all


It's been a fucking Looooooooooooong time · 4:41am Oct 7th, 2017

Okay....so many of you might be pissed off at me for being gone for so long but I shall explain.....I forgot. With JJC going on and job and life well....shits been going aaaaalllll over but I'm back for now on hopefully a regular schedule now with a new spell check machine to help with my spelling and grammar!! it's called Grammarly and it's been a godsend for school essays and what not so it should help me with my writing here as well, I will be adding a new chapter to The Three Legends soon

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2440094 Ah, this is fine!
No pressure, you can sort out all the problems you need! Good luck with whatever it is you're sorting out!

2421690 Hello Friend, I understand your concern and share those feelings but as of right now I needed time to finish some things in my life in order to proceed with the story but don't worry it'll be continued asap

Hello there sir! I apologise for my long, long departure I had taken. I look forwards to once again resume reading, 'The Three Legends'. That one was the Fallout crossover, was it not?
I just noticed that the Story tab, is empty. . . Any particular reason why?
I'm looking forwards to this in any case!

2126158 my damn pm isn't working! Try setting up another one or something please

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