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The 220th Pennsylvania is one of the most experienced and intact units in the Army of the Potomac. Led by their beloved leader, Colonel Lawrence Newman, the 220th shed both tears and blood, as they fight for the unification of their nation. With a cause different for each man, the regiment stood together in the fields, withering bullets as they aim and shoot at men who they knew were fighting for their own beliefs and cause.

Joining one of the greatest armies formed by their nation, they marched on to follow their orders of preserving the Union. They fought battle after battle with the army, having experienced defeat and victories that felt more like a lost than a win, the 220th and its men have seen it all.

But during an engagement with an overwhelming force, they are surprised to see that the outcome was something none of them expected. As the smoke cleared, they find themselves in a quiet and peaceful field, in a strange and foreign land.

In this land of magical land, the men of the regiment find themselves in a new war. A war which seemed so similar to the won fought by their grandparents before them.

Chapters (18)
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Comment posted by that_one_guy - deleted Dec 30th, 2014

unique concept...but this combination would seem to appeal to people who are into this sorta thing....but it doesnt deserve the down votes just for being something different. thats bullshit.

5440101 Well I can't please everyone... :fluttershysad:
Thanks for the support anyways

I like it, keep up the good work!

5440264 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

I see potential here, and honestly it doesn't deserve the down votes. I will be adding this to the Civil War group I'm part of and hope that you may join as well. We have at least three reenactors, including myself, as members and a lot of people who are interested in this.

5441570 Wow, thanks. This makes me happy inside, knowing that there are some who like my story. I think I'll be joining that group. :pinkiesmile:

Hey man. I really like this story so far, but I noticed some mistakes in the first two chapters. If you wanted a pre-reader/editor, just message me. :D

5444548 Thanks. I currently don't have a pre-reader so having one would be great.

5444743 Well, if you did want me as a pre-reader, I guess that PMing me with a Google Doc would be easiest, but it's your call. :D

This is... actually a really great concept.

your right. there was only 215 pennsylvania regiments.

5477470 Yeah, I decided to do that, since I didn't want to interfere with the history of previously existing regiments.

5481185 Nice try but no.

i could proof read for you

... Okay. I would not have just let that LITTLE fact go so easily, but I suppose...

"How bad could they be?"

I feel like that you're hinting at something here....

I bet they are going to be as bad as pinkie's patience

5481185 it's spelled Gettysburg.

The nightmare is of the battle of Fredericksburg isn't it? The stone wall gives it away.

6173297 Yup, the attempt to capture Marye's Heights.

6178053 Don't worry, I'm working on the next chapter right now. I'll probably have it posted by next week, earlier if classes are cancelled tomorrow. :twilightsmile:

Well, that was a dumb decision by the general. As if drinking will be the primary concern for troops who are fighting and dying.

Some commanders are awesome. Some... are not.

6193298 Some people are born leaders and great decision makers, while some just end up looking the part but not actually living up to it.

That idea was the worst possible. One disregarding the suggestions of a officer who has experience fighting with the weapons and equipment that is being used and from a purely tactical stance that Ridge would be a good place for Cannons. General Stockade is most likely going to get his men killed. Also another thing the General has ponies who control the weather right why not use them to try and slow down the Griffin's March.

6273732 Don't worry, controlling the weather would be used in later chapters.

...And this is why no one trusts a general's judgment anymore.

6385724 That is why we can't have nice things.

Well... Wow, okay. The best idea will be to give command to Newman, because honestly he's the only one to even know how to command it seems.

Looking forward to the next chapter!

That definitely doesn't feel good. To get beat, and then find out that the force that beat you was only a distraction. Ow.

6390632 But you know, politics and stuff...

And thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Overconfident, isn't he?

Why would you investigate strange creatures that could be hostile towards you? And how'd Celestia know about them?

I hate the fact that most of the military stories I read celestia brings them to their world to train he soldiers instead of bringing them to fight. Seems over used to me.

With a height that was slightly taller than the average pony and a march that involved only two legs, the 220th made a strange sight for the ponies of the town of Ponyville.

That be some large ponies. Too large to be classified as ponies.

From the number of banners he saw flying high above the tents; he counted at least nine flags waving in the wind, which equaled to nine regiments. An entire division, of at least nine thousand ponies, camped in the fields of this flat countryside.
Although not as large as the Army of the Potomac, the Volunteer Army was still a large and great force, comprising of at least twenty-five thousand strong at its current state. Right on the field in front of him was one of the three full divisions of this new army.

Different numbers?

I like this story but at the same time I feel like there are many things that have been overlooked by the equestrian forces rather blatantly.

First off, for the issue of water and exceptional heat, these should be taken care of by volunteer weather teams. Pegasi could easy make the weather much more favorable for the army and could be used to gather water from the sky itself with a comparatively small force.

Second of all, the issue of "high ground" would also be easily remedied with cloud bourne forces bearing rifles. The fact the griphon and pegasi have air power by default should have shifted this war's tactics tremendously. Next considering a unicorn's ability to levitate objects with a decent amount of weight to them, cannon loading should be a rapid and easy task, easier even than though with hands in some cases. Earth pony strength might even allow for them to carry heavy shields on their backs with the thickness of a light tank allowing them to carry and set up fortifications capable of blocking the lead ball fire and giving gun teams better cover to fight from.

Then there is the issues of volley fire warfare in the first place in that they are usually entirely too exposed in the way they operate. While their effectiveness in direct fire warfare was unparalleled at the time, they were horribly prone to flanking and harassing movements and their only response to smaller entrenched forces was to charge them. Often times the only advantage they had was that 400 bullets hitting approximately the same area was rather devastating the only hurtle to deploying larger ranger units was the fact that they took longer to train while line units could be trained and fielded in a matter of weeks. It's no surprise that once the effectiveness of rangers and similar units became well known and the stigma of "hiding in the dirt" was disspelled that line formations were generally phased out eventually evolving into full on trench warfare.

Honestly, if celestia was going to pull a force to train her ponies, she should have picked a ranger unit who knew how to shoot and move and could take on larger forces with better tactics. Teaching ponies to set traps and stay low to the ground while firing would have been far better than teaching them to march packed together in a tight line into a hail of death. The tight formations of line units alone made up for a large portion of the deaths since volley fire was mostly AOE an untrained independent fire was inaccurate at longer ranges.

7237334 *Whistles*:raritystarry: You know your stuff, Corporal. I Salute you. :twilightsmile:

I'm actually just a PFC. My E4 rank is caught up in some red tape ATM which I hope to remedy soon.

7395553 Opps, my bad.:derpytongue2:
I may know a bit of military strategy, but nothing about ranking.:twilightblush:

If you wanted a famous Pennsylvania regiment, go for the 71st, 69th, 72th, and/or 106 Pennsylvania Regiment.

Pennsylvania Regiments were known to be the most stubborn of Union Regiments. Atleast in my studys.

Ok maybe its just me, but logic would dictate that, even though their regiment ARE Experienced soldiers, at least ONE soldier would complain bout this.

You should read Equestrian Warfare. It has Sgt. Jackson and his team get sent into Equestria just plainly fighting enemys.

The Battle of Fredricksburg. One of the Union Armys worst defeats since The Seven Days Battle.
12,000 Union Soldiers dead Compared to a mere 4,000-6,000 Confederates dead.

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