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Ten years after high school, the Rainbooms still hang out together, even to this day. Their days of fighting evil magic are long past.

However, when an old acquaintance shows up, on the run from a magically-enhanced mercenary group, the girls have to come together once more to save the world. But disconnected from their own magic, how will they accomplish this daunting quest?

They have cars. They have guns. And most importantly, they have each other.

A collab with Totallynotabrony

Cover art is not ours. Credit to original owner.

Not a crossover with Fast and Furious, but will be of similar style.

Chapters (8)

Robbie Rotten, after numerous failed attempts to pursue and catch the super sporty Sporticus now sets his villainy eyes (and chin) on someone who flies around more than flips around.

Or rather, somepony.

He fails spectacularly.

Crossover with MLP and Lazytown.

Update: Hit the top of the featured box on 12/25/16. I guess this fic really is "number one".

Unfortunately, our lovable lazy antagonist suffers from pancreatic cancer in real life. If you so wish, you may donate to Stephan Karl (aka: Robbie Rotten) to help him out. Such a great man deserves the best treatment.

Update: Robbie Rotten has passed away. He will always be number one in all of our hearts.

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Equestria has seen their fair share of dangers and threats made to their land by gigantic monsters and power-crazy lunatics. From all of these threats, the Elements of Harmony have been at the ready to combat them through the unbreakable bonds of the magic of friendship.

However, a new enemy bearing incredibly lethal weapons threatens to leave the Elements helpless against unprecedented violence. When one Element and two others are taken hostage, a group of elite soldiers contact Princess Celestia to offer assistance. They're professional and more than capable, but Celestia fears they may have ulterior motives. Not to mention, there's the fact that they come from another world.

Proofread and edited by: totallynotabrony

Rainbow Six belongs to Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six: Siege belongs to Ubisoft/Tom Clancy, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

Chapters (12)

The Everfree is loaded with dangerous beasts and critters. From manticores that could end a life with one injection of its tail venom, to towering hydras that could swallow a pony whole.

To the ponies, this is a nightmarish land to never, ever set hoof in.

To a hunter, it is paradise.

When Fluttershy nearly gets mauled by another dangerous inhabitant of the Everfree, the deadliest, unknowing to him, ends up saving her from death. Fluttershy realizes too late, that the one who had saved her was nothing more than the kinds of people who she has the lowest of low opinion on.


And she has just met the most dangerous one of Equestria.

Crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and League of Legends

Art credit to: dethfalcin.

Take caution when viewing comments in case of potential spoilers.

Chapters (25)

Fluttershy has always been the one out of her friends to have fear constantly claw at her mind and drag her down into its deep abyss. From stage fright to nightmares, Fluttershy cannot escape it. She can only have the compassion of her friends to reassure her and slowly fight fear off.

But one morning, after having a pleasant sleep, she awakens in the majestic castle of Canterlot. At least the ruins of it. She wanders around and tries to find out what happened...

...while being hunted down by fear's true living manifestation.

Chapters (2)

"Princess, why have you called for me so...um..."

"Urgently? Twilight, creatures of all sorts of strange and mythical power have started to find Equestria their home. But, ponies may panic due to their...appearances. And the creatures could too if they are disturbed. Twilight, you must record and study each of them. Protecting them is also a must. Who knows what they could do if they're angered."

"Wow...this is all a little sudden."

"Come, I'll discuss it to you."

(Cover Art goes to BlackChaos666)

Chapters (3)
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