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Hello. Name's Ekko. I have a LOT of experience involving time displacement, machines , and many inventions I come up with in order to survive in Zaun. But none of those skills would prepare me for what exactly I got myself into one faithful day.

After I was summoned to participate in a battle on Summoner's Rift, the tradesman at my teams base hands me a crest of my home city and says for me to keep it as a token of his appreciation. Not giving it a second though, I take his advice and keep it. As the battle concludes though, something goes wrong and I'm send to a world where there are talking equines and other creatures and I happen to cause any attention wherever I go.

Ugh... I hate being responsible...

A league of legends crossover featuring the Boy Who Shattered Time; Ekko. Wanted to try and do a Displaced story from a different kind of perspective and decided to roll with it. Hope you guys enjoy it.

League of Legends belongs to Riot Games
MLP belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Big thank you to ElementBrigade, KarmaSentinel, mrkillwolf666 and ShadowFall for helping me with the editing process and lending major support! You guys are awesome!!

Current Status: Cancelled. I'm sorry guys, but I don't have any way in order to continue this story. I might revisit Ekko at another time, but for now, I need to put this story to rest.

Chapters (12)
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Congratulations. :moustache: This is just the beginning and I'm already convinced to get the game. :rainbowlaugh:

Ditto to Nova Cosmic comment. I find it amusing to make fun of a rude blueballs.

6278580 It's free to download and play :twilightblush:
6278643 Blueblood Own count: 2
6278711 When I get the time

6279152 that's convenient. Looks like Lu/Ciel on Elsword will have to wait. I hope I'm not disappointed.

Haven't read the second chapter yet, and it surprised me that you already had it made! So far it's looking very good. :)

6279356 Wait til Ekko meets your displaced

Comment posted by SCP049 deleted Aug 4th, 2015
Comment posted by SCP049 deleted Aug 4th, 2015
Comment posted by Fail Trail deleted Aug 4th, 2015

Now THIS is a displaced fix I could look forward to

I loved this, keep going. I want to see Trollestia's reaction to Ekko. Will the Boy who Shattered Time be paying a long visit to Equestria? And will other Champions make an Appearance? :pinkiehappy:

hmmmm lets see where this shall go

Comment posted by DAMN HAMSTER deleted Aug 9th, 2015

6278580 After reading this, I just deleted my copy. Haven't had that happen since Final Fantasy VII.

I could see his meeting goin two ways yelling at him to stop doing it or helping him make it easyer to do

6311989 My thoughts exactly. More likely Ekko would be really confused

O so very true i could see them hitting it off. could be an intriguing friendship.

“Oh he was off with the crusaders earlier, trying to find some kind of urban legend called “The River King”.” Twilight told them. “He’s back now and taking a nap.” However, the mentioning of the Urban Legend caused a chill to run down Ekko’s spine. He had heard of that before.

how many lol displace do we got and how the hell did tahm kench get here!? Is he a void dweller?! and will we see the other void creatures? Find out next time on:ChronoBreak!

Okay, the sheer randomness and everything happening just ruined this for me. Sajonara.

6407517 that's what happens when you meet the doctor

6407521 not when you like him anyway;)

6407994 Yeah. That's not the only problem in this neck of the woods

Ah, toothpaste Ekko. Seriously, look at that hair and tell me it doesn't look like toothpaste. Really like this story so far.

Interesting intro, a few grammar mistakes here and there but all in all a good work, well done. :twilightsmile:

‘Fancy Pants? That’s a new one… Then again, there’s a scarecrow named Fiddlesticks, so who am I to judge?

Yeah he's one of the few universes where people wouldn't really have a problem with Equestrian name conventions... :derpytongue2:

Well, I guess if discord ever steps outta line just sick a poppy on him and that'll be the end of that. No elements of harmony beam required!

6674622 "Valoran will know Harmony."

True story

6676336 Or she'll send you flying like Discord xD

Comment posted by Scornas deleted Dec 16th, 2015
Comment posted by Scornas deleted Dec 16th, 2015

I distinctly remember this story being added to Absolutely Disgusting and Rage Reviews. How come they aren't showing up in the group list?

7007422 I also remember this fic being added to the Deleted and Blocked club. Are you hiding these groups to make your story look less bad?

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