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A Displaced Story

War. Destruction. Legions of the Undead. Death.

These are the things that the Terrible Lord Ains Ooal Gown brought to Equestria. His terrible reign brought the land of Equestria to near destruction.

Hope. Safety. Life.

These are the things the Hero Momonga brought to the land of Equestria. He and his allies fought the Undead armies Ains Ooal Gown brought to Equestria, fighting for the survival of Equestria and the rest of the world. With his aid, Equestria was nearly saved.

This is their story. Their Legend.

(Story takes place in Equestria, but all the characters are human. Not Anthro, Human. Also, this is one story of four, two of which will be posted on Bronyparasite's side once ready.)

Story is cowritten with Brony Parasite.

Overlord is owned by whoever made it, MLP is owned by HASBRO, copyright bs copyright bs.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 65 )

Wait a bit, aren't these two a same person?


Yep. In the original anime/mange, Momonga took up the name Ainz Ooal Gown, but he also made up a fake identity a hero/adventurer named something like Momon.

Essentially, by this summary, Ainz intends to take control of his enemy side by being its greatest hero. XP

Interesting. Love the Overlord series. Out of curiosity, have you read the original Novels, or only the manga and anime?

Oh, and you misspelled Ainz, by the way.

Just one detail, you forgot the gauntlets, so anyone can see their bony hands

Alright I'm down with this. Especially since the announcement for season 2 happened after people noticed that easter-egg in Tanya had me binge the engine and reread the light novels

I'm liking this story for now...but your grammar could use some work.



... uh, what I meant to say is that I'm somewhat of a Grammar Nazi/I help my friends who, shall we say aren't exactly the Einsteins of Grammar with editing their stories on occasion, so I would like to keep my own grammar up to standards. So please, point them out :twilightsmile:

No worries. Besides the Ains bit, your spelling is fine. i just kinda focused on it since you kept mispelling it multiple times.

MORE!!!! :flutterrage: (also added this to multiple book shelfs and added it both to favorites and tracking and read later)

interesting... tracking cause its overlord

Displaced via pop-up... different, but i like it

That reporter will play a grand part in this. Isn't she?


Have they made conntact with civilization yet or did I just not see it?

I can probably say this...This is not going to end well between Celestia & Ainz Ooal Gown should they finally meet.

At least Sunset isn't with Celestia and found Ainz as a mentor instead. True that it was Sunset who ended the relation between her & celestia when she questioned the Mirror everytime, began to delve into Dark magic and left to the human-world.

I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Another great chapter. Have you read the novels that Overlord is based on? As hard as it is to believe, they're far better than the anime and manga. I've managed to find the first four volumes online so far. There's supposedly like 11 volumes or so, and Season 1 of the anime only covers the first three volumes. And there's lots of spells and details in the novel that are cut out of the manga and anime in concern of time restraints and the like...

(...and I hate that I have to use a different browser for Fimfiction due to some 'Signing Key' error on the faster of my browsers. Can't even log off, check off messages, or make comments due to it.-_-')

Oh, and to help out, seems the World Items share some traits: One, the most powerful of them are known as The Twenty. Most can only be used ONCE before they're forced to respawn at a random location, BUT.... they can literally break the world's rules around them. Like altering how the elements work(like, one could have fire freeze things if one so desired with such an item, literally able to change how the world's physics works). ...guess that'd mean that the Elements of Harmony and Discord himself, and Chrysalis's Throne, are considered World level items, since one of the only ways to oppose a world level item is to possess a world level item oneself.

http://skythewood.blogspot.sg/p/knights-and-magic-author-amazake-no.html Is the website I use, there are better sites I am VERY sure AND I as I understand it the story is just about rewritten in the translation from Japanese into English

Can't wait until he tells her he's a Tier 10

But momonga and ainz oal gown are the same person

Well done friend this came out great, can't wait for more

Wait, anime/manga? I thought Overlord was a video game.

NNNOOOPPPEEEE this overlord is a anime/manga :P a really good anime in fact ainz is known as a supreme being able to use the
strongest tier of spells

Another good chapter it seems.^^

Nice to see an Update & a New Chapter. Seems Sunset is starting to grow attach to Ainz, Can't hardly blame her. Ainz is teaching her Stronger Tier Magic, Been both a Mentor & Father like figure and celebrating the day when he found her & took her in as his student. She even acknowledge the fact that Celestia hasn't done anything to help ponies, dealing with both bandits and monster attacks and hasn't been keeping the peace.

One can only imagine what could happen when both Ainz & Celestia and Sunset's future.

If I recall...Isn't "Day-Breaker" supposed to be the Evil version of Celestia in "A Royal Problem"? If that's the case...Who are current princesses and who is the Fallen?

8421472 And supped to be getting a second season

Is it just me or was celestia more concerned with sunset's "destiny"than the fact that an entire village was slaughtered?

Sad thing is, sunset's right.

Ooo if you read the light novel it is possible to turn someone into an other rase through books. Sunset should turn.

“Always lay bricks so the vertical joints are staggered, this gives the brickwork added strength and support.”

I didn’t know what you meant by construction criticism so I googled brick laying for housing! Hope this helps!!!

Another well done chapter. Though, they just assume he's an Elder Lich. Technically, he's an Eclipse, a rare breed of Overlord that has mastered death spells that have become a natural part of his essence.

And just his physical aspects alone make him immune to all weaker physical attacks, as well as being faster and stronger than most warriors... or at least that's the case of the Ainz in the Overlord series. For Equestria, the ponies, or at least the Earth Ponies, likely have enough strength to actually damage him physically... which ironically is one of his weaknesses should an enemy overcome his resistance. His only other weaknesses being fire and holy magics. And as shown when Ainz reacted to that angel's attack, he can shrug off the weaker holy spells even while being weak to them due to his high magic defense.

...yeah, been reading a lot of the Overlord series' novels lately. XD

Not only that but somehow Daybreaker physically exists which tells me that Celestia believes her dogma so much that she's willing to mutilate her own soul(as well as the souls of others) to enforce her beliefs.

I regret not reading this much sooner.

But Celestia wasn't being a squeaky clean paragon by mocking and ridiculing her.

"My Emperor… let your might guard those… righteous warriors…" THE GOD-EMPEROR OF MANKIND HAS NO TIME TO PROTECT HIS MIGHTY WARRIORS, FOOL!

There is a game, but there is also an anime by the same name. This fic follows the anime Overlord instead of the xbox game.

you no you could pot in romance and win thy get more closer make a clop area in the story you no sex and romance just saying

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