• Published 8th Mar 2016
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The Xeno That Came to Equestria - Corvo Storm

A pod crash lands in the Everfree carrying a lone xenomorph who lost everything dear to him. He will learn that the world he landed on isn't as hostile as any other world. He will protect this world from the clutches of WY.

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Xeno meets Princess

The group of ponies arrived the castle in no time. They went inside to see the princess while hoping that Shadow found a way inside. He did get inside when he found a vent access. By the looks of the vent it looked to be recent. He began to make his way through the ventilation to try and find his way to his friends.

He found them from a vent above them in what appeared to be a throne room. He saw a white pony with a mane and tail flowing in a nonexistent wind and had a horn and wings. That was very confusing. He never saw anything like that. She was speaking to his friends as well. He decided to give the strange pony a scare.

He busted the vent off and jumped out. He landed gracefully on ground and heard screams. He grabbed a pegasus in gold colored armor that tried to attack him and threw the pony into a wall. Another tried to attack as well but failed and ended up going face first into the ground. He was lifted into the air by an invisible force causing him to flail a bit before looking to see the strange pony's horn glowing.

Not his best prank ever. Pinkie was on the ground laughing while Rarity was trying not to have a heart attack. Fluttershy was hiding behind a statue with the CMC. They were scared easily due to the fact that one was timid while the others were just fillies. He had to admit he really scared them.

"Please tell what this thing is," the strange pony said while glaring at him. He was just playing a prank but then again he doesn't exactly belong to this world.

"That was what I was getting princess. He is the alien I was talking about. He was playing a prank seeing as he succeeded, but the guards attacking him ended up making it seem he was doing the opposite. His name is Shadow and for what he is well he's called a xenomorph," Twilight explained while taking deep breathes to calm herself.

The princess understood and set him down but kept an eye on him. He went over to Fluttershy and pulled her from her hiding spot as well as the CMC. The pegasus was still shaking but smiled at him. He looked at the CMC who were also shaking and they scooted closer to the pegasus. His own fault on scaring them.

He went over to the rest of his friends and listened to them conversate with the princess. "He shouldn't have scared us like that. Tell me what you know about him and his species," the princess said in serious tone. The purple unicorn explained everything he told her. The princess was shocked at what she heard. When Twilight finished explaining the princess felt a bit sorry for him and a bit wary of him as well.

His species are dangerous and that doesn't help the fact that they use living creatures of other races as hosts to make more of him. The princess spoke, "Well Shadow it's nice to know who you are and what you are. My name is Celestia and I'm a alicorn." He nodded at her to acknowledge he understood.

He knew what she was and her name now and wanted to reply but couldn't. Twilight saw that he couldn't reply summoned up a paper and pen for him. He nodded his thanks and began to write down something. He gave to Celestia.

It's nice to meet you.

"Why are you here?" Celestia asked wanting to know how he got here. It was clear that he didn't explain everything that got him here. He looked away for a bit before writing something down.

I said I was an experiment and killed a large number of humans but that doesn't explain everything. I was released from my restraints by Sarah, the one who created me. When she released me she told me to not let anyone stop me from what I want. I did just that. I killed all those I found to get revenge. I killed to avenge my hive. I killed to get to the one man who caused me the most pain. I nearly killed him when he tricked me into that escape pod and launched me here.

He was filled with rage when he remembered how he got here. He wanted to destroy the company. He wanted to kill them all. He wanted to kill Weyland the most. That name always sent fury through his body. He turned to a statue and shot acid at it. They all watched as the statue began to erode away from the acid.

Celestia had decided to best not get on his bad side if you want to be out of the hospital. She shook the thought away before asking, "Who is this man you are talking about and who is Sarah?" She knew it was a risk to ask such things but she needed to know.

He wrote hard at first but the writing became softer as he went. The man is named Weyland who owns a company known as Weyland Yutani. He caused me so much pain. Sarah was the only one who showed me kindness. She brought me happiness and would do anything to keep me happy. She hated her job and wanted nothing more than for Weyland and his followers to perish.

He remembered how she talked to him about how she never really liked working for company but only did it to get close with his species. Those thoughts really get to him because he won't be able to see her again anytime soon. He shook his head to get rid of that thought. The last he needs is to be on the floor whimpering like last time.

The princess looked at him for a bit wondering what was going on in his head before saying, "You really have a troubled past by the looks of it. Perhaps you can try to focus on other things and look to the future. That should help you from getting too caught up in the past."

He thought about she said. The future could always be better and the more he looks to the future and remember certain things from his past he should be okay. He began to write again.

You're right. I can't keep living in the past. I need to move on. It will take time though.

"Don't worry. I'm sure Twilight and her friends can help you through this," Celestia stated cheerfully.

"Yeah we won't those meanies get you!" Pinkie declared.

"Despite only knowing you for a few hours I'll help you darling," Rarity said.

"I kick those Weyland Yutani guys flank if they try to get you," Dash said bravely.

"You can count on me to help you through this Shadow... that is if you want me to," Fluttershy said timidly.

"Ah will help ya too," Applejack stated.

"I'm sure we can help you to the best of are ability. After all the magic of friendship has worked many times," Twilight stated ready to help him when he needs it.

He looked at them all. He wrapped them into a hug to Rarity's dismay. He was glad to have such good friends like them. He put them down and looked at them with hope. They smiled at him. He was about to right his thanks when the throne room doors burst open.

Shadow's rage came in an instant once he heard the programmed voice, "XENOMORPH TARGET ACQUIRED" They all looked to the combat synths with their weapons raised and two bloody and dead guards behind them.

The scout team have arrived.

Author's Note:

This website plus bad internet equals long wait for this chapter. The scout team has arrived and things are about to go down. It will be a one hell of a ride for C5. He is probably hoping that he'll live to see another day. Let's see who'll survive and who'll fall.

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