• Published 29th Jan 2016
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Asriel's Change of Fate - Corvo Storm

After being fatally injured by an unknown assailant. Asriel is transported to the magical land of Equestria. He will the magic of friendship and how it could help him return home with a soul that can save him from the fate of being a flower again.

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A few days had past and the two humans and seven monsters helped fix the damage Flowey caused. It was easy to fix considering that Asriel was able to help with a lot of the heavy lifting since he can fly and carry things. Eventually the whole town was repaired in no time. The Princesses arrived during reconstruction were briefed on what happened. Pinkie already had a party ready for the new guests and it is now a thank you for saving Ponyville party.

They all enjoyed the treats and music Pinkie provided. The entire town a great time and congratulated Asriel for stopping Flowey. He eventually went outside because he didn't want to be constantly congratulated by the citizens of the town. He flew to the outskirts of town and sat in a small field, letting the cool breeze calm his nerves.

The battle and the rebuilding had caused him some real stress. He's glad that everything ended in a good way. "Hey Asriel," a voice he recognized called out. He turned and saw his three friends trotting up to him and sat down next to him. He looked back at the moon that was high in the sky.

"It's nice to you three here, but why did you come all the way out here?" he asked.

"To hang out with you," Scootaloo exclaimed as if it was obvious. He laughed at the way she said it.

"Yeah I guess that would make sense," he said. They sat for awhile watching the moon and stars. They were out there for quite awhile and were thinking about heading back before they heard footsteps behind them. They turned around to see Frisk, Chara, and Sans.

Frisk waved at them and approached them with her two companions in tow. They sat on the other side of Asriel and watched the night sky with him and his friends. They sat in silence for awhile until Chara broke it, "I'm glad everything will somewhat be back to normal. I mean after what escalated awhile back it seems that everything may be okay. Who knows what'll happen now."

"Yeah it wouldn't be bad to have sometime to rest seeing as everything should be okay," Sans replied glad everything is over and done with. They all continued to watch the stars twinkle before deciding to head back and enjoy the party. Sans let use one of his 'shortcuts' back to the party. They enjoyed the party before everyone had to turn in for the night.
The next morning the humans and monsters were on the outskirts of town with the Mane 6 and CMC. Asriel was still in his hyperdeath form. They were exchanging goodbyes with each other.

"It was nice meeting you all. I'm glad you all could stay around for awhile before having to go home, "Twilight said.

Toriel waved it off and replied, "Oh don't worry. I'm sure we will see each other again. It may be awhile but I'm sure we will." The others were exchanging their goodbyes as well.

Asriel was exchanging his goodbyes to the friends he first made in this world, "It was nice hanging out with you three. Even though we may not see each other in awhile I hope we meet again."

"I'm sure ya'll see us again," Applebloom reassured. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle nodded in agreement. They exchanged their goodbyes one last time before Asriel used the power he had to open a portal back to the human world, with the help of Gaster. Once it was opened the monsters and humans stepped through and waved before the portal closed.

After it closed the Mane 6 left talking about the events that happened when those monsters and humans were here. The CMC however ran to their clubhouse to hang up a few pictures. When they got there they began to hang up pictures of them and Asriel. When he first arrived to when he helped them try to get their cutie marks. The final picture was of them while he was in his hyperdeath form.

They all smiled at after all the pictures were hung up and left to try and get their cutie marks. Asriel's fate has been changed and now he will be able to live a great life without having to worry about turning into that flower ever again.

Author's Note:

And that concludes this story. Sure is a nice story to type and all. Like I said before there will be a sequel but I need to type some other stories first. My next story involves a xenomorph oc of mine. Check it out when I have it typed and it successfully go through the submission check. Remember to stay DETERMINED.

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Comments ( 16 )

Well, I hate that it's over, but the knowledge of a sequel fills me with DETERMINATION.

STAY D E T E R M I N E D and please make a sequel.

I have one question

Are we gonna see more gaster in the next story?

7026990 I might include him more. Only time will tell.

It was a good story but had way to many grammer errors.

7123100 I do need to work on my grammar. I should see if I could get an editor.

6884834 I actually kind like it.

7344224 I understand that now.

7425192 I know. My grammar needs work, I need an editor, and it's the second story I've ever made.

7610304 I'll think about it.

This story escalated rather quickly but it was amazing either way

8178318 Yeah I forget grammar sometimes.

dude I am just trying to help
did you not see the part saying 'no offence'
I appolagize but I did not wish to offend you.
I am sorry if I did.
with regrets,

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