Asriel's Change of Fate

by Corvo Storm

The Mane 6

Asriel's friends arrived a half hour later. He asked why and they told him school was cancelled for the rest of the day. He told them about his encounter with the figure and explained everything that was said, even his name.

"This figure said that I can be taught a type of power that trumps all. There has to be a way to learn it fast," wondered Asriel.

Scootaloo asked, "Do you know where you can learn this power because if you can't then we're all doomed." He nodded remembering what Gaster said about his friends knowing these elements of harmony. He looked over at them waiting for him to say where he can learn this power from.

So he told them, "I need to know who the elements of harmony are in order to learn this power. They are the only ones who can teach me it." They looked confused after he finished. It seems they didn't understand how they have to do with this.

They seemed to brush it off for later. Applebloom then said, "I know the elements of harmony. My sister is one of them and she's friends with the Sweetie Belle's sister who also an element of harmony too."

"Then you know where they are?" He said quickly glad that Gaster wasn't joking. They all nodded their heads in unison.

"Well let's go get them. With their help we can stop Flowey and maybe get me back home," He exclaimed, happy that things are looking into his favor. They all agreed that they would go meet at Applebloom's family house. So the three went off and gathered the elements of harmony as best as they could. Sweetie Belle went to find her sister and Fluttershy, Applebloom went to go get her sister and Pinkie Pie, and Scootaloo went to go get Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.

While they did that Asriel went to the house and waited for them to get it all done. It was around 5 in the afternoon when they got the elements rounded up. They found him sitting against the side of the house. He saw them and got up to follow them inside to meet the elements. Once inside he saw the looks on all of their faces.

They weren't expecting to see him, which means that his friends wanted to surprise them. The only one that wasn't surprised by his appearance was the pink pony who he assumed to be Pinkie Pie. See was in front of him, greeting him, and asking questions in lightning speed that before he could ask how that happened, the one with the rainbow mane and cyan coat, he believed to be Rainbow Dash, said not to question it, so he didn't.

His friends explained the details they knew to the mane 6 while he explained the rest.

"So let me get this straight. You need to learn something that all of us know that we don't even know what it is that some guy that stabbed you told you?" Dash said really confused. He nodded, confirming what she just said was correct.

The purple horned and winged one asked, "Do you know what the name of this power is?" He shook his head. Before he could say anything they all heard footsteps coming from down the hall. When they looked they saw a bipedal figure dressed in western style clothes.

He looked up and revealed his face to be Gaster's and said while tipping his hat, "Howdy partners." Asriel just rolled his eyes knowing that Gaster was bound to show up.

He asked, "Why are you dressed like a cowboy?"

"It fits the theme of this place. Oh and I know who all of you are. I know because I have been observing you all at the same time. The pink one is Pinkie Pie, the rainbow haired one is Rainbow Dash, the white one with the coil like purple hair is Rarity, the orange blonde is Applejack, the yellow timid one is Fluttershy, and the purple one is Twilight Sparkle the princess of friendship. The word 'friendship' is a good name for this power that I was talking about. Oh if only that was how the human and monster world worked that way then none of this would be happening," Gaster said ending his small monologue.

Asriel didn't get it. How could someone be a princess of friendship, but not only that but friendship being the power he needs to stop Flowey. It doesn't understand it at all. He had to ask, "How is friendship the power I need to stop Flowey?"

"Oh let's just say that is power that was used here to defeat many threats to this world," Gaster said. Asriel didn't get how that worked so he looked over to the mane 6 for answers.

"Well we defeated at least 3 threats to Equestria. Chrysalis and Sombra don't count though," Twilight informed. He was impressed that friendship was able to defeat 3 enemies that could have taken over. No wonder Twilight was the princess of friendship.

Gaster spoke up, "You see this is what is needed to defeat Flowey. Well not just him but someone else too." Asriel was confused for a bit before he realized who Gaster was talking about.

"No she can't be back. Not now," he said worried. Gaster just nodded his head confirming that what he just said was true.

"Who are ya talkin' about?" asked Applejack wondering what it is that also needs to be defeated.

Asriel sighed and decided to tell them about how souls between monsters and humans work. So he explained all of that while Twilight seemed to take notes on everything he said. Once he was done explaining that he began to explain about him and the first human as well the human's plan that made him into a flower in the first.

They were quite shocked to find out that this human wanted a full on genocide against its own species. Before he could continue a voice spoke in a frighteningly calm way, "Hello Asriel."

He turned around to meet face to face with the first fallen human and said, "What do you want Chara?"