The Xeno That Came to Equestria

by Corvo Storm

Weyland's Demise

Everyone had given up hope. Shadow had surrendered without giving much of a fight, the mane 6 were captured because the princess couldn't bring herself into sacrificing a life that would probably happen anyway. Yes this day has gone to the worse and there was nothing to do about it.

Shadow was sulking in his restraints and occasionally looking around to see the saddened faces on the town ponies faces as they witnessed Twilight and her friends be captured. Celestia was sitting down where she was with her head down low and her wings touching the ground in sorrow. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

He looked at the mane 6 to see they weren't doing any better. Rainbow was nursing her injured wing and foreleg. Applejack had tipped her hat to hide her face so no one could see the tears coming down her face. Pinkie's mane and tail weren't their normal bright and puffy look but instead deflated and dull looking that showed the sorrow she felt. Rarity was sobbing loudly as she knew that there was no way out of this while Twilight had her eyes closed to prevent her tears from falling and trying to think of a way out of this.

Fluttershy looked the worst out of all of them. She visibly shaking in fear trying to comfort herself with tears streaming down her face. He felt his heart wrench at the sight. This is one of the moments he wished that he was the same as his siblings: heartless monsters who want to expand the hive.

He heard footsteps and turned to see his mother approach him. She showed him kindness and taught him many things. She helped his escape and she cared for him deeply. Once she was close enough she rubbed the side of his head. At her touch, he began to purr. She had tears in her eyes. "Shadow you should have stopped Weyland. You didn't have to worry about me because I knew that you were happy here and that you would do anything to protect these creatures," she said in a calm, motherly tone.

"No one, not even these creatures, deserves to be under Weyland's influence. I just wish this all didn't happen." She put her hands on each side of his face and pressed her forehead against his while closing her eyes, tears threatening to fall any moment.

"The point of me releasing you is because I wanted to get you somewhere safe and let you use the egg to begin another hive. A hive of your own," she explained with a pained voice.

"The egg is something I made with your DNA Shadow. I made it so that it can make an unlimited amount of facehuggers to allow you to make your hive. I wanted to do that because I wanted to see you happy one last time before I left you to live a happy life." Tears were streaming down her face by now as she struggled to say each word.

With each word more tears streamed down her face. "When I made you I used human DNA yes but not just random human DNA. I used the DNA of my deceased son. He was killed by Weyland for trying to expose the company for who they really are. You were somewhat like a way of revenge and a replacement for him. I saw as your anger toward Weyland as he tortured you. I knew you wanted to kill him because that would make you happy."

"That... That is what I wanted for you. Now that can't happen. Unless..." she trailed off as her hand slowly moved from the side of his head to the release button.

"I don't think so," a dangerous sounding voice said before a loud bang was heard. Shadow froze up when he felt the bullet hit his forehead as it went all the way through Sarah's skull. He watched her body drop. It landed on its back with eyes wide in surprise with tears and blood staining her face. Blood was pooling under the head from where the bullet entered and all he could do was stare at the lifeless form of his mother.

"What a waste." Shadow turned to see Weyland wiping the blood that was on him from shooting Sarah. He gave him a small but maniacal smile before walking over to the dropship. The xenomorph turned to see his friends with wide eyes. The only ones that weren't staring in shock were Rarity and Fluttershy. They were both crying. Fluttershy was sobbing louder than Rarity. She has been scarred for life of this event, something that such a innocent pegasus shouldn't have to witness.

He looked at Celestia who was also in shock from seeing Sarah's body. She turned to the mane 6 in fear as to what might happen if Weyland finds that he doesn't need them anymore. Shadow knew that this world has seen too much of Weyland's deeds. He began to seethe with anger as soon as he snapped out of his shock. Weyland just killed his mother, captured him and his friends, scarred his friends for life, smiled about all of it.

He used his mind to reach out to the egg to only utter one command, "Hatch." It did what he told it and the top of the egg opened up in a like a blooming flower with the four leathery petals.

He issued his next command, "Make the human troops hosts." Once it was issued four facehuggers and a royal facehugger crawled out of the egg and lept at the unsuspecting troops. They hit their targets and the troops muffled screams were silenced as they passed out. Before anyone could do anything he screeched the loudest he ever screeched before causing everyone to hold their ears.

When he stopped he pulled hard against his restraints and before anyone could do anything, the restraints gave out and broke from the amount of strength he suddenly had. Now he was free again he looked at the synths keeping his friends captive while hissing menacingly with spit dripping from his mouth.

Celestia knew what he was going to do and tried to use her magic on the synth's weapons. It did nothing no matter how hard she tried so she decided to blind them. She succeeded when they began to frantically swing their weapons around which allowed the mane 6 to escape from them. Shadow used this advantage to extend his claws and slice the synths into bits.

He felt bullets hit his back and turned to see some troops firing frantically at him. He screeched at them before charging at them. The one in front of the other troops was unlucky to be the first one to die. He had his spine ripped out and beaten across the head with it until the troop died. The next troop tried to save his fellow troop but ended up having the front part of his ribcage ripped out and his organs following afterwards. The last troop tried to run away. He didn't have time to react when Shadow got in front of him shot his dagger-like tongue into the troops eye.

After the troop's body dropped to the ground he turned to see the impregnated troops getting up. They looked to see the dead facehuggers and began to panic. Shadow was over to them in a flash and knocked them all out to make sure they didn't do anything drastic. After knocking them out he proceeded to deal with all the synths and troops.

The mane 6 were trying to get away until they saw that Pinkie Pie wasn't with them. They looked around to try and find her until Applejack found her, "There's Pinkie!" The rest of them turned to see Pinkie only to have their jaws drop at what she was doing. She had got a hold of one of the fallen synths shotgun and was fighting another synth with it.

Everytime she pulled the trigger she would be launched onto her back while the pellets from the spent shell went into a wide spread hitting a lot of places on the synth. Mainly on its arms and legs because everytime she got back up she aimed at an arm or leg before firing again. The other mares suddenly remembered what Shadow wrote about these synths.

Twilight tried to blast off one of the limbs with her magic but it didn't do anything at all. She tried as hard as she could but it did nothing. She gave up and tried to levitate a human weapon over to her with the same result occurring again. She eventually had to grab it as quick as possible and it was a pulse rifle. A synth was in front of her once she got the weapon and it tried to take it from her.

She didn't let it and aimed at the synth's leg quickly before firing. She struggled to keep control of the weapon as the automatic weapon shot away at synth's leg. Eventually the leg came off from the abuse and the synth fell to the ground. It tried to reach out and grab her but she ended up shooting its head off.

The unicorn tried to calm and convince herself that it wasn't a real person and just some type of robot. While she tried to comfort herself Applejack and Rarity were dealing with a few other synths. Rarity held a battle rifle while Applejack bucked synths out of cover to allow Rarity a chance to shoot off a limb. They both knew that this was dangerous but it was necessary to defend their themselves and their home.

Like Twilight they weren't comfortable with this but were willing to do it to stop Weyland.

Dash was using a semi automatic pistol despite being injured. She protected Fluttershy while using a nearby crate as cover. The timid pegasus was crying hard and tried to block out the sounds of gunfire.

Even the princess picked up a human weapon to help defeat Weyland. Unlike the mane 6 she wasn't affected by the death she was bringing to not only the synths but troops as well. She had battled the griffons a long time ago and had to end lives in those battles. This let her be able to fight with no remorse seeing as these humans are heartless.

She flew above the battle using her weapon to pick off troops and synths one by one. She used a very strong shield to protect herself but was always destroyed when only 2 bullets hit it which further showed that magic won't work well against these enemies.

Eventually they ran out of ammo for the clips in their guns and had to go to cover. They all went into cover inside a building with a large group of ponies hiding inside. The town center had become a free fire zone and many ponies who were unlucky enough to not get inside in time were injured.

Celestia felt sorry for her subjects for she knew that they didn't need to witness battle. She turned to the mane 6 who were still shaken up about all this. She wanted to make sure they were okay, "Are you six okay? You don't have to be in this battle if you don't want to."

"Oh please princess just because I have some minor injuries doesn't mean I can't stop fighting haha," Dash chuckled despite the pain.

Applejack shook her head, "Ya'll need some medical attention. This here battle is goin' to get ya killed if ya don't take it easy ya hear."

"I agree with Applejack. This battle has ruined my coat and mane. It'll take forever until it's back the way it was," Rarity complained causing the orange earth pony to roll her eyes. Celestia was just glad that each of them were all okay. She couldn't live with herself knowing that they could die from a fatal injury. Especially Twilight since she sees her as a daughter. She turned to C5 was helping some ponies stay calm to which she smiled at him for doing so.

Outside the battle was now focused on Shadow as he weaved his way through the hailstorm of bullets and tearing apart any synth or troop stupid enough to be in his path. He was focused on one thing only: Weyland. That man had disappeared somewhere during the battle and know Shadow had caught his scent followed it.

After ripping out a troop's spine he found Weyland looking back at him in fear before boarding the dropship. He wouldn't let Weyland get away this time. He jumped onto the windshield of the dropship where pilot screamed in surprise and fear before being pulled out of the dropship and ripped in half.

Once the two halves of the pilot were disposed of Shadow extended his claws and sabotaged the controls. He got down and dealt with any troops and synths that tried to stop him. It wasn't long until Weyland ran off the ship and in the direction of the research vessel. He didn't get far when something tripped him.

He landed face first into the dirt and turned to see a different xenomorph hissing at him. It grabbed him by the neck before throwing him at some more xenomorphs. Once he landed he got up quickly and backed away from the xenomorphs. He was stopped when his back hit something and turned out to be the xenomorph who threw him.

He looked over the xenomorphs and saw that the one that threw him was a warrior. The other xenomorphs were 2 warriors and one drone. The last one was the biggest and is a praetorian. He never felt fear like this before. What surprised him is that they ran away from him only to finish off the remaining troops and synths.

His surprise turned back into fear when Shadow stepped in front of him. He began to back away from the hybrid xeno. That's when he noticed five of his troops dead on the ground with gaping holes in their chests. That explains where the other xenomorphs came from.

Hissing brought his gaze back to Shadow who was hissing loudly at him. Before he knew it the xenomorph extended his claws and rammed them into Weyland's gut and pulling out causing a large amount of blood to pour out onto the ground. He then used his tail and stabbed Weyland multiple times in the chest breaking bones and puncturing organs. The hybrid's tail wrapped around the man and flew him over his shoulder with his head the ground hard enough to break his neck. Shadow then finished him off by climbing onto his back and shoving his dagger-like tongue through his skull.

That finally ended Weyland once and for all. Shadow got off Weyland's dead form and made sure it wasn't a synth like last time. He saw red blood pooling under the body which confirmed that it was the real one. He let out a very loud victory screech out to the heavens. The gunfire had stopped and ponies began to come out to see the carnage.

Many gasped at all the dead bodies but also when they saw five new xenomorphs around piling the bodies into a pile. Celestia couldn't believe there were more of them yet they had stopped the enemy. Some of them had some wounds with their acid blood trickling out to the ground. The mane 6 were also surprised to see these creatures.

They saw ridges on three of their heads while one had a smooth head. The biggest one had a head crest. They all looked around and found Shadow dragging Weyland's body behind him. He went over to his friends glad to see that they were okay. He nodded to Celestia who nodded back. He turned back to his friends only to be tackled by Fluttershy who was into his and hugging him tightly.

He dropped the body he was dragging and hugged Fluttershy back while stroking her mane to try and calm her. It did stain some of it in a mixture of white and red blood. The same is to be said about her coat. A small cough caused him to look up at C5 who had his hands behind his back. They stood there for a few moments before the synth held out his hand.

Shadow looked at it for a few moments while glancing at C5 before shaking it. C5 just nodded to him and walked past him and toward the restraints where Sarah's body rested beside. He eventually broke the hug with Fluttershy and went over to C5. They both looked down at Sarah's body before he looked toward two of the warrior xenos, You two take my mother's body to the space vessel on the outskirts of the town.

The two warriors nodded and did as they were instructed. They were careful to pick up her body and carrying it to Weyland's vessel. He watched them until they were gone before turning to Celestia and walking over to her and writing in the dirt.

Take the dropship and parts of the vessel. Let it help you species advance and be prepared to fight anything that threatens your home.

The princess nodded and summoned a quill and parchment to write down some orders for the royal scientists then sending it to them. He turned to Fluttershy who was still shaking. He leaned down and wrote in the dirt.

Don't worry Fluttershy this is all over now. Everything is going to be okay.

She managed to smile a little when he wrote the comforting words. It went away at what he wrote next.

I won't be coming back to the cottage with you sadly. I have to use the vessel as a new home as to let my hive grow. I hope you understand.

"I understand," she told him not trying to hide the sorrow in her voice.

Don't worry. I promise to come visit whenever I can.

Her smile returned and asked, "You really promise?" He nodded. She hugged him one last time. He hugged back before breaking it and turning to the remaining xenomorphs. They kneeled down and spoke in his mind.

"We will serve you father."

"The humans are enemies. These creatures are friends.

No one will be able stop the hive from growing. Not even humans can touch us with the help from these creatures.

Shadow couldn't help but feel touched by their words. They already accept him as their king and are calling him father. He looked at them for a few seconds before speaking to them, "Rise my children. We have finally been freed of my nemesis. Weyland now burns in a place humans call hell. Let us begin the process of making a hive and grow our species to the point that we are one of the most dominant species in the universe.

"This body belongs to Weyland, he announced while picking up the body and showing it to his newly made children, I shall make a trophy out of it to allow us to admire it and remember this day to be known the day Weyland met his demise." After he finished his telepathic speech to his children, he started to rip of Weyland's head from his body. Soon Shadow was holding Weyland's high above his head letting a loud screech of triumph with the other xenomorphs soons screeching with him.

He turned to look at C5. The synth nodded at him and walked toward Celestia. Shadow looked over at his friends waving a farewell and took both the head and body with him while commanding that the egg be brought with them. The drone carefully picked up the egg and followed its king and father with its siblings following behind.

Shadow knew that it would take time for the ponies to get used to the space vessel outside of their town with his species using it as a hive. He knew, despite those who refuse to accept his species, that this world will be a safe haven from Weyland Yutani. He never he would be able to say but now is the time.

He found his true home.