The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm

by Corvo Storm

The Feast

Back at Castle Dreamwalker everypony was having a surprisingly great time. Twilight talked with a pegasus vampire who shares the same amount of interest in as her. Dash hung out with the dragons. They got along nicely. The dragons were daredevils themselves and boastful just like Dash. Fluttershy talked with some of the griffins and they were a lot kinder than Gilda and they loved helping animals. Rarity spoke with an old earth pony who knew nearly every style of fashion.

Applejack spoke with a unicorn who turned out to be the castle gardener, and she knew how to make any plant grow to full size in just mere days. Pinkie was getting along with everypony. She made them all laugh, and they all had a good time.

Nightmare Moon and Chrysalis mainly talked with Corvo. They couldn't help but feel connected to him some how. Nightmare knew him a very long time ago and couldn't help but wonder what his statement from when he teleported his castle away meant. So she asked, "Corvo what you said before you left a long time ago. What did it mean?"

Corvo knew what she meant and couldn't help but chuckle before answering, "What I meant was that I knew your feelings for me and I wanted to return them as well. However, I felt that there was another that would join us in the future. So I did what was necessary and waited. You see I wanted to get to know you better but also know the ex changeling queen herself as well."

Nightmare and Chrysalis were blushing at what he said and tried to hide it. Corvo reached over to them and revealed their blushing faces to him and complimented, "You both look cute when you blush." That them blush even deeper. All he did was smile and say, "Look after seeing both of you and getting to know you both; I have decided to not have one mare by my side but two to help me run this castle. You both are what I'm looking for and I want you two to be my special some ponies and marry me when the time is right."

He let them soak in that information and their faces became even more red at his proposal. They took the time to think about it before deciding the best course of action.

Chrysalis spoke first, "I will accept your proposal, but I will not marry you until the time is right." Nightmare Moon looked at her for a moment and then back at Corvo and said, "I will also accept and wait until the time is right as well my beloved Storm."

Corvo had tears in his eyes and the biggest smile he ever had in a long time. He placed his hoof on theirs and said, "Thank you for such kind words. I promise to never ever let anything happen to both of you as long as I live."

It was Nightmare and Chrysalis' turn to have tears in their eyes. He was very truthful with that statement and they could only smile at him.

Everypony was watching the three and couldn't help out a 'aww' after seeing this heartwarming scene.

Nightmare and Chrysalis gave Corvo a peck on his cheek and hugged him warmly. He returned their affections. Before he could say anything the creature he sent to spy on Celestia and Luna arrived and touched its forehead to his horn. He gained the information the creature gathered.

He then stood and spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, "It seems that the princesses of the sun and moon are coming here to speak for peace. I will see if we can accomplish peace. If not then I don't know what to do."

Nightmare and Chrysalis began to get nervous. They had to encounter Celestia again but this time they don't know they are still around and that Corvo wishes to be married to them when the time is right. They were scared. Corvo saw this and hugged them to help soothe them. It worked a little bit but not much.

The mane six had to admit they enjoyed themselves and they liked these ponies, griffins, and dragons. So they went over to Nightmare and Chrysalis to help comfort them as well.

The two mares couldn't believe what was happening. The mane six themselves were trying to help calm them down. It was astounding to see that they were beginning to accept them.

Then Corvo said to everypony, "I want the cooks to prepare an extra dish for our two guests who will be arriving shortly, but in the mean time let us all eat."

And with that the cooks brought in the food and drinks. The food ranged between fruits and vegetables to meat to satisfy those with certain taste. All in all the feast was full of talking and laughs as well as plans being made in the future when peace is made. Corvo will do anything to get peace and keep his future queens in the long times ahead, but for now it's time to just relax and hang out with friends and family.

The dining hall has never been so lively in such a long time. Then the doors to the hall was opened by the guards. Everypony went silent when they heard the doors open. Three alicorns stood there shocked. The alicorns were Celestia, Luna, and Cadence. They were shocked not by the beings in the hall nor the mane six but two beings in general.

Once they came out of their shock they all yelled in unison, "NIGHTMARE MOON AND QUEEN CHRYSALIS!"