The Xeno That Came to Equestria

by Corvo Storm

First Contact

Shadow was still making his trek through the forest. He had reached a part of the forest that seemed to change immediately from sinister to a normal forest. He wondered why but brushed the thought off and continued to walk. Eventually he came across a river with many animals near it. He decided to wash himself of the blood that still stained his hands and face.

He stuck his hands in the water and began to wash them free of the dried blood. After he washed his hands he began to wash his face. Once he was done cleaning himself, he took a drink from the river enjoying the cool and refreshing water. After rehydrating himself he began to follow the river to see if he could any civilization.

As he continued he ran into a bear that was trying to catch a salmon. Shadow decided to get one for it. He turned to the water and when a salmon jumped out, he speared it with his tail. He went over to the bear and offered the fish to it. It looked at him and growled at him before noticing the fish on his tail.

It grabbed the fish's tail and pulled off the xeno's tail. It ate the fish and left now satisfied. Shadow continued to follow the river until he heard voices to his left. He went into some bushes and stealthily made his way to the source of the voices. When he was close to voices he peeked out of the bushes to see the inhabitants.

What he saw confused him. Talking horses? Where did they come from? He shook his head. The inhabitants are either these creatures or humans had enslaved them a long time ago. It doesn't matter though. He looked over the creatures before him. One was yellow and had pink mane and tail with three butterflies on the side of its hind quarters. It also had wings surprisingly.

The other one was white with purple mane and tail, both in a spiral. It had diamonds on the side of its hind quarters and had a horn. Another surprising feature. It seems that they were talking about something but he couldn't make out what they were saying. Something about a spa and new treatment they provide.

He didn't know what a spa was and didn't know what this treatment is. He watched as they talked until they left to go their separate ways. He decided to not follow any of them and went back into the forest to find some shelter. It's getting late and it looks like it's going to start raining soon.

He stumbled across a small cave that looked abandoned and decided to rest there for the night. Once inside he heard a thunderclap and it began to pour down rain. He was glad to be out of the rain. He enjoyed it but sometimes he doesn't like being in it unless necessary.

He looked around the cave and found a small area he could sleep on without getting wet. He went over to it, lied down, and began to think. This world would be perfect for his species. Creatures that can test their might, new species that can be made as hosts, and best of all, no humans in sight. It's a dream come true.

He wondered if the creatures of this planet would react the same as any other human would: try to kill him and fail. That seems to be something that might happen. He couldn't help but wonder. He seen how humans treat other animals with care and others with violence. He never understood why humans were so cruel, but then again his species didn't give a damn about other species.

He remembered how he was created in the first place.

He was eating a meal when he heard the scientists talk, "He is extraordinary! Having many abilities of known xenomorph types."

"Yes he is capable of many things, but there is one thing that has been bugging me," the other scientist said.

"What's that?"

"The fact that he is able to feel more emotions than any other xenomorph. It makes me wonder that he may be able to care about humans if showed good examples of good people," the scientist explained.

The other scientist let out an 'oh' and said, "Ah yes, the xenomorph was given traits all humans have."

"What might that be?"

"The ability to feel other emotions and be able to think freely."

Shadow couldn't believe what he just heard. He has more emotions than any other of his species! He tried to listen in to find out more, but the scientists left the room they were in to continue their conversation.

He shook his head. Now he remembered why he felt so many emotions when he was born. He had human DNA that resulted in him being curious more than expanding the hive, and from what he remembers, he is the only one with these type of emotions. Now everything was much clearer.

He looked outside to see sunlight. He must have fell asleep when remembering his past. He got up and headed out to see the sun in all its glory, shining high in the sky. He felt his stomach grumble, asking for food to put in it. He began to start hunting for food. He eventually came across a small cottage that looked to have been meant to blend in with its surroundings but still be noticeable.

He looked around the area to see multiple animals. He saw a bear and it looked to be a different one than the one he helped. He found his target and got ready to pounce. He waited for the right moment and pounced at the bear. It must have heard him because it managed to dodge him at the last second.

That never happened before. No creature that big has ever dodged him before. He got back to his feet and began to hiss while the bear growled. They began to circle each other to find a weakness in the other's defense. Shadow struck first and grazed the bear as it dodged. It swiped at him and he dodged the attack.

He was quick enough to grab the bear's paw and through the bear over his shoulder. He tried to deliver the finishing blow when the bear swiped at his leg creating a gash. He screeched in pain and backed away to inspect the damage. That definitely was enough to draw blood. He smirked and looked up to see the bear's paw was burning from the acidic blood.

He used this opportunity to run up and create a large deep gash on the side of bear with his tail. Then he pinned the bear down crawled over to its head and opened his mouth ready to end it before the sound of a door opening and a quiet yet hearable gasp was heard. He closed his mouth and looked over to what caused these two noises to see that same yellow creature he saw from before.
Fluttershy was awoken from the sound of birds chirping outside her window. She got up with a yawn and got out of bed. The storm last night was pouring hard. She should go and check up on the beaver dam to see if got destroyed or suffered any serious damage.

She went to her bathroom to do her business then made her way to the kitchen to get some food to feed her animals. She got Angel his carrots, the birds their feed, and the mice their cheese. As well as fed the rest what they ate. After she was done she made her breakfast and ate. She knew that there were some of the bigger animals, that couldn't stay in her home, needed to be fed, but she needed to have her breakfast first, not wanting to end up like last time.

She was almost finished when she heard a loud screech outside her cottage. She flew to the door, opened it, and gasped at what she saw. Grumpy the bear was pinned down by a strange creature with mandibles, skin as black as night, an exoskeleton body, a tail with a spear-like blade, and a face that had a skull faceplate look.

It must have heard her because it looked straight at her for a few moments before aiming its tail above Grumpy's head. She swallowed her fear and ran over to the bear and blocked the tail from being plunged into the bear's eye. The creature looked at her when she got in the way before ending this bear's life.

That's when she gave him the stare. It didn't give the desired effect at first when the creature tilted its head in confusion before getting off the bear. She released her stare and focused back on Grumpy to inspect his injuries. He had a large gash on his side that's deep. There were a few bruises here and there, but what got her attention the most was his paw.

It was severely burned and looked like it could fall off at any moment.

While she was inspecting the bear Shadow was curious about this creature before him. It seems to be female due to its mane and tail color. She also seems to care about animals by the looks of it. She might give me a place to stay. I always wondered what the hives of other creatures looked like. He was as curious than ever.

He looked at the cottage and decided to head inside and take a look around. His stomach had objections but he ignored it for now. He'll eat later, but right now he wanted to explore a bit.

Fluttershy watched the creature walk toward her house. She was afraid that it might try and eat her animals so she chased after it. After all she needed to go back in anyway to get her medical equipment. She followed it inside and saw that it was looking around. She hoped that it doesn't cause too much trouble and got her medkit.

Once she was back outside she began to help Grumpy to the best of her ability.

Shadow's theory about this creature was true. She cared for animals a lot. There were birdhouses and some mouse holes in the walls. There even some beds laid out for some animals too. He was impressed to say the least. He made his mind up and decided to live here for awhile whether the creature outside liked it or not.

Meanwhile Fluttershy finished bandaging up Grumpy the best she could. He had a cast on his paw while having a large amount of bandages wrapped tightly around him to stop the bleeding from the gash he got. Once satisfied with her work she grabbed the medkit and brought back inside.

She saw the from before and it was still looking around. It heard come in and turned to her for a few seconds before kneeling down and looking into a mouse hole. She decided it was best to feed the animals outside first before dealing with her new guest. Once that was done she checked up on her new guest.

She found him searching her kitchen, probably looking for something to eat. When it found the fish she had stowed away in the fridge, for when she used to feed the carnivorous animals with, he grabbed it and was about to eat all of it when she took it away from and said 'no.'

She figured that it would only eat this and took a few for it. She put them in a bowl and placed it on the ground for it.

Shadow was annoyed when this creature took his meal from him. That was the only source of meat he could find while the rest was fruits and vegetables. He never tried those types of foods before and decided to try them later. For now he watched the creature before him lay a bowl down with some fish in it.

He looked at it like it was poisoned. The creature sighed and said timidly, "This is for you since this might be the only thing you'll eat. That is if it's okay with." He didn't need to be told twice before grabbing a fish from the bowl, ripping it in half, and eating it from the inside out.

Fluttershy watched as it ate each fish the same way until it reached the last one. It took the fish and used its secondary mouth to eat the head whole before eating the rest the fish. She was curious to know what it is and what its capable of doing. She decided to let Twilight know about it for now.

She decided to let it stay here for now. She told it, "You can stay here for now. If you want to that is." It looked away from its meal to nod at her before it finished eating. She was glad that it would stay and made her way to the door so she could go and talk with Twilight. She told she'll be back before exiting her cottage.

Shadow is glad that the creature let him stay. He looked around and decided to make his own resting place. He began to make the cottage feel more a hive as well.

He couldn't wait to see the creatures face when she returned.