Asriel's Change of Fate

by Corvo Storm

New Friends

Asriel was nervous. He didn't know if they were going to greet him or what. The three talking horses smiled at him and said hi as well. He didn't understand why one of them had a horn, one had wings, and the other looked normal. He asked the questions he needed answers to, "Um if you don't mind me asking. Where are we?"

The one that looked normal and had a bow answered, "Y'all are in my family's apple orchard."

"Okay that answers where I am in this entire place. Let me rephase. Where am I in the entire world?" Asriel said wanting to know what the land is called.

You're in Equestria. Haven't you been here before?" the one with the horn said.

He now knew why he didn't see any humans. They aren't native to this place. Either way he wanted to go back home. Well going back home meant turning into that not so friendly flower. He would probably want to stay here if it wasn't for the fact he might not be accepted. Then again he could find a way to get a soul and-no he won't try and take one's soul.

He had more questions though so he decided to keep asking, "What exactly are you three?"

"You didn't answer my question," the horned horse said.

"I've never been here before," Asriel stated, "Now can you answer my question?"

"What we are is ponies. I'm a pegasus, Sweetie Belle is a unicorn, and Applebloom is a earth pony," the winged one said who said she was a pegasus.

"Okay now I know what you are and some of your names but what's your name?" he asked curious.

"My name is Scootaloo," the pegasus answered.

"What's your name?" asked Sweetie Belle.

He knew they would ask that. So he answered, "My name is Asriel Dreemurr but just call me Asriel."

The three smiled at him. They knew his name now. Applebloom then asked, "Why were ya in our clubhouse?"

He answered, "Well I was going to use to hide from any 'ponies' so I can figure out someway of knowing if I would be accepted or not in this community. I came from a place called the Underground. I don't know how but some strange person came up behind me and stabbed me."

He could tell by the look on the faces that his stabbing should have killed him so he added, "But he said I wouldn't die but I would be transported to someplace. That someplace was here. This land called Equestria. I didn't know who he was but what I do know is that he gave me a second chance."

As if on cue the figure walked out from behind one of the trees. Asriel saw him and called out to him, "Hey you're the one who stabbed me."

The figure looked at him and said, "Yes I am. You seem to be making friends. I'll reveal myself when it's time if you're wondering."

Asriel needed to know who he was. He can understand if the figure is nervous so he didn't press on. He did ask why the figure was here. The answer he got wasn't at all settling. The answer was one word and that word was, "Flowey." After saying that name he slunk back into the shadows disappearing before Asriel could catch him.

He knew it was going to get difficult here if that flower is out and about. He turned back to the three 'ponies' and saw their confused looks. He let out a sigh and asked, "You want to know about that guy and Flowey don't you?" They nodded their heads. He started to explain.

After he was done explaining they were still confused. Scootaloo was the first to ask, "How exactly is such a flower so mean?"

He just said, "I don't want to dwell on that."

They nodded their heads in understanding and didn't ask anymore questions. They talked for a while getting to know each other. He learned that they are trying to get their cutie marks by trying a lot of things. All of which resulted in not getting their cutie marks. They learned that had helped a human a long time ago that had fallen into the underground. He didn't want to about that human though so he moved to a different topic. He began to talk about how Frisk saved the underground and brought them to the surface in hopes that humans and monsters shall live in peace.

They shared some laughs as well. They were getting along just fine. Asriel felt that he had finally made some new friends. He felt as happy as can be. They let him stay in the clubhouse and Applebloom promised to not tell her sister, brother, and grandmother about him eating the apples from the trees that was near the clubhouse.

They spent the weekend with him until it was the day before school. He understood why they had to leave and was willing to wait. So when the day school came they said their goodbyes and the Cutie Mark Crusaders went to school while he stayed at the clubhouse planning his next course of action.