Woodland Spirit of the Forest

by Corvo Storm


If you asked me if I was displaced: I'd say yes.

If you asked how: I'd say I don't know.

If you asked if i met the princesses: I'd say yes, when they were young, back when they lived in the Everfree.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.


My tale starts when I suddenly appeared in the middle of a forest. I was disoriented at first but I quickly gained my bearings. I had no recollection of what happened nor the form I had taken. It was the form of a leshen, of that I was sure, yet I didn't know how I knew that. I only remembered the basics. I decided the best course of action was to find out where I was exactly. I chose a direction and began to walk.

For about an hour I walked while observing my surroundings. The forest was beautiful and I considered building a totem before I mentally slapped myself. Find out where you are first, then make the totem. It felt strange that one of my first instincts was to build a totem, yet it also felt natural.

Another hour of walking later and I finally encountered something other than trees. A grizzly bear. At first I was telling myself to hide but the rest of me didn't respond, just simply kept walking towards it without fear. Then as I continued to look at the bear while walking closer to it, I didn't feel fear, just annoyance at the obstacle in my way. By then it had noticed me and started growling and roaring at me.

I simply crouched down and thrust my hands into the ground. Roots shot out from underneath the bear, lifted it into the air, and proceeded to entangle and crush its rib cage and neck, killing it instantly.

I pulled my hands out of the ground and continued to walk past the dead bear. I felt a little bad but knew it was either me or it and I chose me. A shame but for the best.

Half an hour later and I see a clearing with a small pond in it. I stop at the edge and peer at my reflection. Staring back me was me in all my wooden glory. The slender wooden limbs, the sharp claws, the cloth covering my shoulders and waist connected by two more pieces of cloth crossing each other on my chest, the bits of plants and fungi covering my arms and legs, and the deer skull head with empty eye sockets staring back at me.

This is what I am now.

I continue my walk until finally I reach the edge of the forest. What I saw told me where I was to my utter confusion. I saw colorful ponies with marks on their flanks. There were normal ones, pegasi, and unicorns. They were all camping out on the open plain. Many were either moving things around, talking to one another, or relaxing. In the middle though, one of each species stood around a table with a large map on it. They seemed to be talking about... future plans perhaps? It's hard to say as I was too far away.

I didn't dwell on it long as my questions were answered. I turned around and walked back into the forest. I wasn't just going to walk up to them and say hi. No they would panic and probably attack me. I'm sure I could have beaten them but I wasn't wanting to fight.

As I walked deeper into the forest I summoned some crows and had them watch the camp. I didn't want them coming into the forest without me knowing. I soon began gathering branches and plant fibers to begin building my totem. Once I had enough I began searching for a suitable spot. It took an hour but I managed to find one in a nice secluded area deep in the forest. I placed down the materials I gathered but before I began I noticed that I was missing a few important pieces; animal bones.

For a moment I thought it'd take me forever to find a suitable animal to kill for their bones, but luck was on my side. I had passed a clearing that had a couple of deer in it. I quickly made my to and was glad to see that all of the deer were still there. I looked over each deer carefully to see which one's bones would be perfect for my totem. Finally my sight landed on a rather large buck. It looked to be very strong, capable of warding off a pack of wolves all on its own. Its horns were majestic, looking like it could skewer wolves and throw them away with ease. It is the perfect buck to use for my totem.

Moving along the edge of the clearing as quietly as possible, I drew closer to the buck until I could be as close as I could be without entering the clearing, then I raised my hand, pointed at it and let out loud howl that alerted all the deer to my presence. Before the buck could run away, crows swarmed it and began to attack.

The buck didn't know what to do. It kicked and thrashed in every direction to ward off the birds. Soon two of the crows managed to peck its eyes out which made it thrash even harder. The onslaught of pecking lasted for about an hour before buck finally succumbed to its wounds and fell to the ground.

I waved my hand to the side and the crows dispersed leaving a severely hole ridden buck behind. To my surprise it was still alive but not for long. I grabbed it by the antlers and began to drag it back to where I'm building my totem. It weakly squirmed in my grip trying to free itself. I just tightened my grip and continued dragging it. I soon made it to the spot I chose, let go of the buck, and began constructing the totem.

Once the frame was built I turned to the buck and prepared to start removing the bones I needed. First I plunged my claw into its belly just below the rib cage and proceeded to push down. It let out pained whines as I did this. Once the was big enough I then began to remove its organs. By then the buck had died. I then carefully used my claws to skin and debone it.

It took a few hours but I finally managed to all that I wanted from the buck which was now a pile of organs and meat. I put the bones I wanted on my totem and saved the rest for later. Lastly I put the buck's skull on top of the totem completing it.

Growling was heard behind me and I turned to see a pack of wolves had gathered, probably attracted to the smell of the dead buck. I reached down, grabbed a random organ from the pile, and threw it to one of the wolves. It landed in front of one and it sniffed it before taking and eating it. I grabbed another and threw it at another wolf. Soon I was feeding the entire pack and by the time all the meat ran out, the wolves looked content and came closer to me with curiosity. They even let me pet them a little bit.

Soon I began to head even deeper into the forest, the pack following me. I may not know how I came to this world, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from making the most of it.