The Xeno That Came to Equestria

by Corvo Storm

Learning about Weyland Yutani

Celestia and C5 have went to the royal observatory to try and find the company ship heading to the alicorn's home planet Equus. He had told her that the ship could probably be seen by a high powered scope to allow them to be able to calculate the arrival of Weyland and his followers. She needed to know when they arrive so she could see if she can make peace with them.

C5 would adjust the telescope to find the ship seeing as he knew the direction it was coming from. Celestia had her sister try and learn about Weyland from Shadow.

C5 was in the middle of adjusting the telescope when asked him about what the company is. He sighed and answered the best he could, "The company was around for over 2 centuries. Space travel was discovered on Earth around 2079. The ones to discover space travel was the company before it became what it is now. I wasn't created back then because synths of my make weren't made until 2104. The company had ascended in popularity over the years until they met their composition known as Seegson. They had formed to protect all life that lived in the universe. They became more popular for a time until in 2122 a vessel named the Nostromo discovered a derelict alien vessel containing eggs in the cargo bay. Those eggs were xenomorph eggs."

Celestia nodded before asking, "Then how are the facehuggers made? From what Twilight told me in her letter with Shadow's explanation, he said that more of his kind are made from hosts that these creatures find."

He explained, "Shadow is right for a hybrid. The facehuggers come from the eggs. There are 2 types of facehuggers. The original and the royal facehugger. The royal facehugger are a rare type that are used to make praetorian and queen xenomorphs. The praetorians are like the royal guard of the hive while the queen makes more of the eggs. Xenomorphs can be anything when they come from certain hosts. Humans are a common source for xenomorphs and the type of xenomorph is usually a drone or a warrior. Xenomorphs take some genes from the hosts that usually change their appearance or what they can do."

Celestia was surprised to hear that Shadow's species has such a way of creating more of his species. Not only that but they take traits from the hosts they grow in. She needed to ask about the Nostromo, "What happened to the Nostromo after discovering the eggs."

"One of the eggs hatched when a crew member went too close to it. It latched onto his face and refused to let go. He seemed fine when it finally let go of him. It was dead when it let go. The entire crew was enjoying their dinner glad that their fellow crewman was okay or so they thought. His chest burst open to reveal that a embryo was implanted in his chest. They tried to kill it but one of crewmen thought that it would be best to keep it alive so they could study it. It went into the ventilation of the ship and was lost until it was found again. There was a problem when they found it though. It was fully grown even though it has been an hour since its burst. It killed everyone until the last survivor managed to launch it into space and be burned to a crisp from the ship's engines. She made one last message before going into hypersleep. There was a stowaway facehugger hiding there and got her. Then the Nostromo went missing for 15 years until its flight recorder was found," he explained.

Now Celestia a little afraid of Shadow. One xenomorph killed all but one of the crew members on the Nostromo before being stopped. Shadow was a hybrid xenomorph as well. That meant that he could be stronger than a normal xenomorph. She shook her head to clear away the fear. C5 had finished his adjustments on the telescope and saw the company vessel in its worst condition.

It had fire on the outer hull still blazing, scorch marks from where the explosions and fires had at, and it was still moving forward. He never got a good look at it when on the way to the planet but now he could see how much the ship suffered when Shadow escaped. Systems that needed constant maintenance had exploded all over the ship. He was glad that he wasn't on that death trap anymore. It looked like it would fall apart at any moment.

He moved away from the telescope to let Celestia look. Her mouth hung open when she saw the ship and the damage it had. She backed away and asked the question she knew the answer to but had to make sure, "Did Shadow do all that?"

C5 nodded sadly reminiscing everything that happened on the ship. He remembered how he had a team of hired guards go to the reactor to reboot and find Shadow waiting for them. He remembered their screams and the xenomorph's loud screech over the comms. He shook his head trying to shake away the thoughts and focus at the task at hand.

"The ship should be here within 2 days at the rate it's going at. That should give us time to prepare for Weyland," he informed. Celestia nodded and began to leave.

She turned back and said to C5, "Keep an eye on that ship. If anything happens that would spread concern tell me immediately." He nodded before watching the ship again. Celestia left and began to think. Weyland proved dangerous by the synths he sent. Hopefully he will see reason and leave Shadow alone as well as Equestria. She's worried for her subjects. Hopefully Luna will be able to get some information from Shadow.
Shadow was having a great dream. He dreamt of Weyland's demise by his own hands. In the dream he fought through a horde of elite combat synths with little effort and plunge his tail through Weyland's skull. The dream repeated after that.

After the 16th cycle everything didn't revert to the beginning of the dream. Instead it was just a misty forest with no synths at all. He was confused until he sensed something behind him. He turned around cautiously. What he saw was a alicorn with a blue coat with a night looking mane and tail that flowed with no wind.

He could tell that it was a she. She spoke, "Greetings Shadow, are name is Luna. Thou has information that you could lend us about Weyland." He was generally surprised to know that there was another alicorn. She said that she needed information about Weyland.

Before he could do anything Luna spoke again, "We are aware that thy can't communicate with us. We cast a spell that will allow thou to speak telepathically."

He didn't think that was true but tried anyway, "Can you hear me?" She nodded confirming that she heard him. His voice was deep and sounded like a stallion in his early 20s.

He was surprised to know that she can understand him without needing a paper and pen to write. He thought a minute before deciding to ask, What do you need to know about Weyland?

"Anything that can help us and our sister stop him if he doesn't respond peacefully. It would help to know any weaknesses to use against him should he try and hurt ponies," she said sternly.

He thought for a moment and tried to remember any type of weakness that Weyland showed that could help her and her sister. He then remembered some things that could help. "The combat synths have body armor. They can be deactivated by destroying its limbs. Those are the only weak spots on them. The research synths have basic combat features but have no body armor making them weak enough to kill. Weyland himself is a coward. He isn't afraid when he believes he will win. When he knows he's not going to win he tries to run," he informed.

Luna took a few moments to absorb this information. She turned to him and said, "Well that will prove useful. We will inform our sister soon but we need to know more about thou species if you wouldn't mind."

"I don't mind at all." He began to explain what his species did such how they reproduce. He explained how his species is known to be the most dangerous if you let it grow. Luna looked to be disturbed on how his species burst from the chest of a host. She didn't know that such a species existed to even do such a thing. After he finished explaining Luna looked like she was sick.

She never knew that his species could be so lethal. Then again she saw the carnage that he did to the combat synths. She shook away the thought and looked at him wondering why he was so different. She had to ask, "How is thou so different from your species?"

He hesitated before explaining why. Luna was surprised to hear that he had human DNA in his genes allowing him emotions. Luna then asked for more information about Weyland. He explained what he believed about that man. Once she heard enough she told Shadow goodbye and left his dreamscape.
Celestia was in her room reading a book to pass the time to when it was time to raise the sun. She heard the door open and turned to see Luna walking in. She smiled at her and put down her book. "Luna I'm glad you came here. I'm sure that you got some information from Shadow," she said.

"Indeed sister. Shadow has been able to give us some useful info that can help us," Luna informed. She walked over to her sister and sat beside her. She breathed in deeply before letting it out.

"Tia we need to not let this Weyland character harm anypony."

"I know Lulu, I know," the solar sister assured. She herself was worried. She had gotten a report from C5 that the Weyland Yutani ship will arrive during midday within the 2 day limit. She was a little stressed having to increase security around Canterlot and having a dispatchment of troops ready to go to Ponyville in the morning to guard the small town.

The night sister could tell that Celestia was stressed from having to do such things to prepare. "Sister I know you're stressed and it would be best if you relaxed after you raise the sun. It would help you keep a clear mind," Luna said wanting her sister to not continue to worry.

Celestia shook her head, "I can't relax when a possible threat is heading straight for our homeworld!" She was nervous about what would happen when Weyland arrives. She was scared to think about what would happen if he doesn't agree to peace.

Luna hugged her sister and said some comforting words to help her calm down. It worked and the solar sister managed to calm down. She nodded her thanks to Luna before looking at the clock seeing it was time to raise the sun. She got up and motioned for her sister to follow her to the balcony. They both began to begin the process of raising the sun and lowering the moon.

Luna left after that was done to get some rest. Celestia looked from her balcony and onto Ponyville hoping that everything will be okay. Little does she know that everything will not be okay when the company arrives.