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So... My story plans · 11:39pm May 24th, 2018

When I had joined Fimficiton, I had many ideas. Stories and sequels being some of them. For awhile now I've been inactive and not working on new chapters for my new stories. I've lost my inspiration for them and it's annoyed me that I let this happen. So I'm going to set to work on a few things that will keep me going. First off a sequel to my Undertale/MLP crossover fic will not be made. I was rushing things and hadn't thought on how I could do such a thing. My first and third stories,

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I have my own computer now!!! · 7:59am Dec 27th, 2017

I can finally get back to my stories after so long. I would have been using my school owned chromebook if they hadn't blocked the site but what can you do. I also have come up with a cuphead story idea during my hiatus so there will be something to work on in the future.

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I'm Back!!! (Again) · 1:59am Aug 11th, 2017

I can finally continue my stories once again but will have some issues getting back into the groove of things. A few things to mention as to why I haven't been able to continue to type. One: lack of a computer and couldn't deal with my cellphone's autocorrect. Two: moved to a new house. And Three: uh I don't know what three is but whatever. I'm back to type and that's all that matters. I owe to you all to continue my work bring even more to y'all. Now to continue from where I left off!

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I'll be back to typing · 7:12pm May 2nd, 2017

Just hit a major writer's block. We get them from time to time. I'm trying to figure out how to make the next chapters to the two stories I have published. I'm somewhat getting done with the next chapter of Skyrim: Defenders of Harmony. Hope I can get this and my other story done soon because I want to work on my other ideas as well and I don't want to have too many stories to work on at once.

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Question: What is your best moment in your favorite video game? (questions like this may end up being very common) · 6:46pm Apr 4th, 2017

Mine was when I set up a molotov mine under a vent behind me in Alien: Isolation and the alien being stopped by it as I was cutting a panel open.

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Anyone know of a story like this? · 6:26pm Mar 3rd, 2017

Does anyone know of a story that has Celestia as the bad guy? Like Nightmare Moon or Queen Chrysalis being the hero's, or something along those lines. Anyone?

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Good news!!! · 4:50pm Jan 13th, 2017

I now have better internet that last a very long time now! This means I can type up stories and post them at home than here at school. Thanks to this, I've decided to get a Twitter account and a Skype account. Maybe Discord as well.

I'm happy to say that things at my home are looking up for the better.:pinkiehappy:

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I'm doing a Last Guardian story · 2:08pm Jan 5th, 2017

Yes I'll be doing this and I'm unsure if I be the first to do this or not. It really depends if I get it out sooner or later. I'm thinking of making it alongside my Skyrim crossover.

The story is called "The Last Guardian: Scootaloo and Trico." Not the most creative name but it's staying. Anyone ready for me to do this?

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I'm back to type! · 3:40pm Jan 3rd, 2017

It's a new year and I have a lot of work to do. A story to publish and complete, a story on hiatus to work on once I'm done, and another story idea! That's right, another story idea! Want to know what it is? It's a Last Guardian fic. I might be the first one to do it too, but I don't care if I am or not. I'll give some details on it somewhere in the future but for now, I have a story to type!

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What I want to see · 9:08pm Dec 15th, 2016

I want to see a fimfic on Trico from The Last Guardian. It'd be nice to see such a thing. In fact, I might go to one of the groups I'm a part of and make a challenge out of it. Then again, I have to give the game some time to settle into society as it's still a bit new, despite being in the making for 6 years.

Can anyone even do this style of fimfic? I hope so.

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