The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm

by Corvo Storm

The Reunion

Corvo was woken the next morning by a servant who was pretty excited. "My lord I have great news! Your father is here and he wants to see you immediately!" He was up as soon as the servant said that and was quickly going through his morning routine so he could go meet his father. As soon as he was done he ran to the guest bedroom that his two loves were staying in to wake them up so they could meet his father.

Once he got to the guest bedroom he didn't even knock before bursting into the room and forcing them to get up quickly. They thought it was an emergency until he explained everything to them. That made them excited as well but extremely nervous. They were worried that his father wouldn't accept them and have them kicked out of the castle and force them to fend for themselves.

Corvo knew what they were thinking and had them all stop so he could talk to them. "Don't worry I'm sure he'll accept you both," he reassured. Chrysalis asked worriedly, "What is he going to think about you dating two mares instead of one?" Nightmare looked at him with the same worry begging him to answer the question. He looked at them both before placing a hoof on the back of their heads and somehow manage to get them all into a kiss that's filled with all of his love for them.

After he ended the kiss Nightmare and Chrysalis were a trance like state for a few seconds before shaking their heads and smiling at Corvo. They then gave him a kiss on his cheeks. After the little moment they had they began heading to where the half breed's father was waiting. This time they walked side by side. The half breed had his wings draped over the backs of his loves and held the two close to him.

Once they reached the throne room they were all nervous and excited. Excited that Corvo's father is now back and they going to meet him soon, but nervous about what he'll think about their relationship. They saw the stallion talking to some of the castle staff who ditched their duties to go welcome back the half breed's father.

The three lovers walked up to him and greeted him as well. When he turned to greet them back he stared at them for a few seconds before smiling big and wrapping a foreleg around Corvo's neck and rubbing his head lightly. They both laughed at these actions as well as everyone else in the room laughing.

Once he stopped rubbing his son's head he then said in a raspy voice, "It's good to see you again Corvo. It has been a long time hasn't it?" "Yes it has father," Corvo replied. They heard small hooves hitting the galloping across the floor and turned to see what it was. Scootaloo was rushing in to see what all the commotion was. She walking toward the dining hall but got lost and went looking for a servant for directions. Instead she heard laughing in the throne room and ran to see what was going on.

She looked at the half breed's father wondering who he was. She asked, "Who's he?" Corvo turned toward her and answered, "This is my father, Lightning Storm. He's also your step grandfather." Lightning Storm was surprised to hear that he was a grandfather even though he wasn't related by bloodline. Scootaloo was also surprised. She had a grandfather that would treat her nice. She never met any of her grandparents so this was her first grandparent. She was happy and ran to Lightning and hugged him.

The stallion was surprised at first before he hugged back. Once they were done hugging he turned back to Corvo and noticed the two mares that were standing close to his son. The half breed knew what his father was about to ask and introduced his two loves, "Dad this is NIghtmare Moon and this is Chrysalis." he paused a bit before saying what needed to be said, "The three of us are in a relationship. It's uh not a uh friend relationship. It's a love relationship. You I'm dating them both." After he finished explaining the relationship he was in he waited for his father's response.

Lightning was taking sometime to process what his son just said. He's dating two mares not one. That isn't right but he looks happy. He wants his son to be happy and he doesn't have say in his son's life. So he decided that as long as Corvo is happy he's happy. He looked toward the anxious three seeing how nervous they were. He finally said, "I can't change how you live your life son, but as long as your happy I don't care how wrong this relationship might be."

The half breed let out the breathe he didn't know he was holding and smiled at his father and thanked him. After welcoming back Lightning they all went to the dining hall to go get some breakfast. They all had a great breakfast and it seems that Corvo was feeling even better than he had in a long time.

One of his emotional wounds has been healed and now he can get to know his father better now that he's back. Once breakfast was over Corvo asked his father if he wanted to go out into the courtyard so they could catch up some more. Lightning agreed to the request saying it was a good idea. The half breed said to his loves and step daughter that he's and his father are going to catch up a bit. They let him go talk to father.

Nightmare and Chrysalis believe they need sometime to catch up anyway but they did say that afterwards he should take Scootaloo to Ponyville so she could be with her friends. Afterall the idea of adopting her was to keep her near her friends and not have to leave the town she grew up in.

He after he agreed to do that and then he and his father went to the courtyard. Once they were out in the courtyard they began to talk. "I have to admit son you did take good care of the castle," Lightning stated trying to make conversation. Corvo said, "Yeah. It wasn't hard. You being gone before mom was destroyed." He looked down for moment remembering what happened before looking back at Lightning with sad smile.

Lightning didn't want his son to be sad about what happened to Night Star. He felt that it was best to tell his half breed son that there was a way to see his mother again. "Son I know how much miss your mother so I've decided to tell you a way to bring her back," Lightning informed. Corvo looked up to surprised. He then asked, "How?" His father explained, "Your mother was never destroyed. She was banished to Tartarus and was never able to get out. The only way to free her is to use a ritual spell that can only work with the blood of the who ever you want to bring back. We can use your blood to bring her back Corvo."

The half breed was speechless. He thought his mother was destroyed, but instead she was banished. He looked at his father with a look of determination and nodded his head in agreement to do the spell. His father led him the throne room so they could begin. Once in the throne room Lightning taught Corvo the spell and cast a spell the made ritual markings appear on the floor. After that he called for a guard and asked him he could his dagger.

Lightning then told Corvo to go over to the markings and hold his hoof out above them. The half breed did as he was told and waited to see what's going to happen next. His father came over to him and cut the under part of his son's hoof. This caused some blood to fall on the markings and they began to glow white.

After giving the dagger back to the guard and dismissing him Lightning then told Corvo to cast the spell. He began to cast the spell and the markings began to glow brighter. They kept getting brighter and brighter until they were the brightest they could be. Then a column of light shot out of the center of the markings and a figure began to appear in it. After the light subsided there stood a pony with bat like wings, yellow eyes, a black mane and tail, a crimson coat, and fangs for a cutie mark.

She was confused on what was going on. She looked around and started to remember where she was. Then her eyes fell on Lightning and Corvo. She smiled big and ran over to them and gave them both a big hug. The two stallions were happy as well and hugged back. After they were all done hugging they began to talk.

"It's good to see you both again. You've grown Corvo," said Night Star happily. The half breed smiled at her and said, "Yeah I have. It has been a long time. I was only sixteen when I thought you were destroyed." Night was just gave him a smile and gave him a hug and said, "Don't worry about it. I'm here now and that's all that matters."

After she ended the hug Corvo told her, "I have to be honest with you. You see I'm in love with two mares and have a stepdaughter that I adopted." He continued to explain everything that happened in the past few weeks. When he was done his mother took a few seconds to absorb this information before smiling at him and saying, "I'm happy for you. You're in love with two mares that make happy which is good. Not only that but you have a daughter that will also make you happy as well. My baby has grown up a lot faster than I expected."

"Moooom i'm not a baby anymore," whined the half breed. "You're still my baby," Night said. Lightning then informed, "I think we should introduce you to the new residents of the castle and get you settled back in." She looked at him nodded with a smile. They then called everypony to the throne room and they met Night Star. Corvo introduced her step granddaughter and his two loves. After the introductions Corvo took Scootaloo to Ponyville to let her be with her friends.

NIght, Nightmare, and Chrysalis got along nicely. They talked while Lightning managed the staff. Corvo returned and said that Scootaloo wanted to spend the night at her and her friends' clubhouse and he said it was okay. After he informed them about where Scootaloo is staying he began to spend sometime with his two loves. His mother did make a comment on how cute they all look together.

After the day ended they all went to bed. The half breed's parents were staying in their old room. It wasn't a tower room like Corvo's but it did have a balcony. Everypony went to bed except the half breed. He was standing on his balcony looking over the courtyard. He let out a sigh and looked toward the floating orb beside him. It showed something sinister coming out of Tartarus and heading in the direction his castle was.

Corvo knew who this was and knew that it was a matter of time before 'he' arrived. Preparations need to be made before 'he' gets to him. After sending the orb back to where he got it from and went to sleep making plans in his head on how to defeat this being once and for all.