The Nightmare, The Changeling, and The Storm

by Corvo Storm

The Meeting

Twilight was having a hard time comprehending what Corvo said. "You're looking for a-a alicorn and a c-changeling you say?" Corvo answered, "Yes as I said before I can not say my reasoning as it is personal, but we find all the information we to find them and the help of your friends." "Why do we need my friends exactly" she asked.

Corvo's smirk turned into a small smile and said, "To help of course, so go ahead and tell them of this so we can arrange a meeting." Corvo was happy with how well this was going but forgot to mention one small detail.

He took off his hood revealing his silvery mane and said to Twilight, "I forgot to mention that the other princesses can never know of this." Twilight was confused as to why her mentor and her mentor's sister as well as Twilight's old foalsitter wasn't to know. As if he could read her thoughts he explained, "The reason being that they could try harm those I search or lock me up in the dungeon for a very long time."

"Why would they do that if they knew about this?" asked Twilight. Corvo took off his cloak to reveal his bat-like wings and his cutie mark showing of three bats in front of a blood moon. Twilight was shocked to see this but didn't question it and asked, "Your appearance be one reason why right?"

"Well yes and no," Corvo replied.

"Hows that?" His smile just grew showing his fangs scarring Twilight. "You see my mother was a pure blooded vampire and my father fell in love with her. So by birth rights I'm mainly taking traits from my mother only in appearance," he explained.

Twilight was scared at first until he reassured her, "I don't thirst for blood and I'm not affected by the sunlight either as well as other traits a vampire shares. No I only have fangs and these wings which makes me an alicorn, sort of."

"So you look like a vampire but you aren't one at all?" asked Twilight amazed. Corvo was thrilled by these turn of events and said, "Exactly but can't keep talking about me because we have a meeting to set up remember Twilight?"

"Oh right sorry, I'll explain everything to my friends and have them meet me here at once." Twilight assured. Corvo mentioned, "I will explain how we will start tracking those two I mentioned when everypony is here. Now get to it."

Two hours later the rest of the elements were there and were briefed on what's going on as well as other details that needed explaining.

"So let me get this straight, he wants our help to find a changeling and a alicorn without the princesses knowing and he won't tell us why?" asked Rainbow Dash who was a bit on edge upon seeing Corvo for the first time.

"Yes Rainbow but he said he'll explain until it's all said and done." assured Twilight. Applejack didn't know what say about couldn't help voice her worry. "Ah don't know about this Twi, what this some type of trick?" Twilight tried to reassure her friend and said, "I'm sure this is a good idea who knows it could help Equestria."

While they were talking, Pinkie Pie was bouncing around and asking a lot of questions too fast to comprehend while Rarity commented how amazing Corvo's wings looked while he tried to talk to Fluttershy as best he could.

"I must say darling your wings look absolutely gorgeous," commented Rarity. "Thanks, but uh does she ever run out of breath?" he asked amazed at party mare's continuous rambling. Rarity replied, "Don't yourself too much about it dear, it's just her strange nature is all."

"Good to know."

"I-I'm not speaking because I-I'm a little a-a-afraid of you sir," admitted Fluttershy in her timid voice that couldn't have been heard if his hearing wasn't so well trained. "It's okay I had a feeling you wouldn't because you're so timid. I believe we can relate that to back when I was a little colt." Corvo reassured while remembering some memories of his youth.

He couldn't divulge on it long before saying it was time for the meeting.

"Show why are we here again oh yeah you were looking for two some ponies!" replied Pinkie. Corvo smiled at her energy and began, "Yes that is the reason you all should know what they look like after what I said about them. I need your help to track them down for good reasons and intentions. I was only able to replicate their magical essence and only the elements of harmony to track them down to where they are."

"Who exactly are 'they'?" asked Dash clearly annoyed by no identification of who Corvo is talking about. All he could do was just grin at that remark and say, "All in do time."

Twilight then asked, "How will replicated magic work exactly, I mean I know a tracking spell for the elements that could help, but how?" "It will reveal where they are but only the elements can tell us so you have to do the samething you did to Tirek expect it will track them instead, do you get it?" Corvo explained.

"We'll do it if yall tell us their gosh darn names afterwards, ya hear?" Applejack warned. "Don't worry you'll know them when you see them, so are we agreed?" Corvo informed. Everypony raised their hoof. Dash was hesitant but raised her hoof anyway. " Good now the meeting is adjourned let us get to work," he said with a big smile on his face.