Asriel's Change of Fate

by Corvo Storm

Strange Place

They say that when you regain consciousness you hear things first. For Asriel it was hearing the distant roars and growls of creatures. He felt the grass that he laid on. Wait grass! Asriel's eyes shot open but shut them to shield them from the unexpected light. Once his eyes were adjusted to the light he sat up and looked around.

He was in a sinister looking forest just like the figure said. So that means if he stands up and turns around he will be heading to a town. If he hurries he could get to the town soon. The feeling this forest has isn't exactly settling at all. So he turned around and started walking.

The trees were thick which made it hard to see. He had to hide from a strange wolf that looked to made of wood. He made his way around it and kept going. As he continued the trees began to thin out. After seeing that the trees were thinning out he began to run ignoring the chance of attracting any predators that could have been near by.

He kept running until he broke out of the forest. He stopped a bit to catch his breath. When he looked up he saw the town just ahead. He didn't know if there was any humans that didn't know about the monsters coming to the surface so he decided to stay hidden. He looked to over the town from the distance to see if he could see a human.

He didn't find any so he made his way to the town making sure he wasn't seen. When he arrived he hid in a alley to avoid attention. He stuck to the shadows and looked out of the alley to see how many humans there were. What he saw wasn't what he expected. Instead of humans he saw a lot of talking horses with marks on their... flanks?

He shook his head and told himself not to worry about that. For now he needed to avoid being seen. He needed a place where he can hide out at while also having some way of getting food and water. There was an apple orchard that he saw when looking over the town. He could hide there. It's big enough for someone to hide in and had a lot of food there. He began to sneak his way to the apple orchard. He managed to avoid being seen so he was in the clear.

Once he got in the orchard he began to look around. He continued to look around until he found a treehouse that was in perfect order. Now he had a way to be sheltered from the rain. He went inside to see what was inside. Inside there was a lantern hanging from the ceiling, a table with a few plates and glass cups, a podium, and a x underneath the lantern.

After seeing what was inside Asriel went outside and climbed one of the trees to grab some apples. After grabbing at least three apples he climbed back down and began to eat. Once he was finished he took the seeds from the apples and planted them near the treehouse. He went into the treehouse to think about his situation.

The thing that came to mind is where he was. Has the surface changed more than he thought? Why was it inhabited by talking horses? What is he going to do to get back home?

All these questions without answers. Asriel was broken out of his thoughts about this strange place when he heard voices. He looked out the window to see three small talking horses heading to the treehouse. What puzzled Asriel was that these three didn't have marks of their own. He pushed that thought aside so he can focus on how to get out undetected.

He looked around to see if there was a way out. He saw the window on the other side from the three talking horses. He looked out to see how far the drop was. It wasn't that far down but the fall would hurt if he didn't land right. He started to climb out of the window to get ready to land safely when one of his feet got caught causing him to fall face first into the ground not without a small noticeable yelp when he began to fall.

When he pulled his face from the ground, while holding his head, all he could see was blurs. When his vision returned staring at him were the three talking horses he tried to avoid. He was caught and knew he couldn't get away.

He was scared but tried to be friendly and said, "Uh, howdy."