• Published 29th Jan 2016
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Asriel's Change of Fate - Corvo Storm

After being fatally injured by an unknown assailant. Asriel is transported to the magical land of Equestria. He will the magic of friendship and how it could help him return home with a soul that can save him from the fate of being a flower again.

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Like Old Times

Everything seemed to stand still. Nobody dared to move in fear that it might cause something bad to happen. After long stillness Asriel quickly pulled away from Chara with the knife still in his shoulder. There was a thud that broke the silence, and when they all looked where it came from they all saw that Toriel had fainted.

Then it was Sans who broke the silence the lingered afterward,"Huh, I honestly wasn't expecting to see you two hear in a place like this. Nice to see you again Chara long time no see." Her response was her glaring daggers at him. All he did was chuckle at that.

"You know we need to take this someplace more open."

"Agreed," was all she said before rushing over to Asriel and ripping the knife from his shoulder making him scream in pain. That scream woke Toriel up and her rushing over to her son to try and heal him. Asgore also went over to try and help his son. The Mane 6 and Cutie Mark Crusaders went over to help as well. Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity went over to help Asriel while Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Twilight went over to the unannounced group to help stop this genocidal human.

Before they all knew it, Chara had stabbed her knife into the ground and everything in the room turned into black except Sans, his friends, the Mane 6, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Asriel. When it all faded they were in the center of Ponyville. Sans took a look around to get feel for the scenery. He was impressed by the place.

He refocused on Chara to see her ready to fight. So he put on his signature smile and closed his eyes. When he opened them again the yellow pupils were gone in both eyes except the pupil in his left eye was replaced by a blue eye. He was ready but he wanted to make sure that this didn't take too long occur again so he informed Chara,"You might as well SAVE so that we can start off again when you fail to defeat me.

She did and got her knife ready. He started the first attack by causing a wall of bones to appear and go towards her with only gap get through. The same type of wall appeared behind her that was the same thing. She avoided 6 walls in front and back of her. He made another wall of bones appear but this time the gap was randomly placed and there was no other wall coming behind her.

She avoided it with little damage to her HP. She tried to slice or stab him but he dodged them. He summoned a gaster blaster and shot at Chara with it who barely avoided the blast. He made more appear and and shot them at Chara who tried her best to avoid all of the blast. She was hit several causing major damage to her HP.

He then held up his hand and Chara felt the grip that was put on her. He moved his hand to left and used his other hand and moved it right. This caused bones to come out of the wall of the building Chara was sent flying towards she hit it and was killed just like that and when Sans closed his eyes and opened them again he saw Chara standing in front of him looking unhappy.

"That expression, that's the expression who died once," he said confusing the town's residents. The only ones who knew of what he was talking about were Frisk and Asriel.

Chara struck first this time only to be led into a trap, which is a gaster blaster to the face. Sans closed his eyes again and opened them to see her looking annoyed.

"That expression is the expression of someone who died twice."

She tried to attack him again but he dodged again and used his ability to grab her soul to throw a bit away from him. When she got up she saw that he was gone. She looked around to find where he was but couldn't find him anywhere. She felt something hit her on top of the head and looked up to see Sans standing on a gaster blaster before teleporting away and shooting the blaster at Chara who managed to avoid it.

"Ha," was all she said before being vaporized by another blaster shooting her from behind. These fights kept going on and on every time Chara LOADED back. Eventually Sans decided to offer Chara a chance to stop and give up. She was about to launch an attack at Sans when something unexpected happen that shocked him. It shocked her more.

Frisk had intervened and was hugging Chara. She was determined to help Chara see the light. Once Chara snapped out of the shock she had, she pushed Frisk away and stabbed her in the heart. There was a large gasp that came from the everyone who was watching. Sans watched Frisk's soul break in two but then go back together. He saw how determined she really was.

Chara wasn't happy with what happened and let a barrage of attacks the Frisk's soul in two and creating cracks with every hit in the two pieces. Asriel also intervened and hugged Chara tightly.

"Please Chara just please stop. I don't why you're like this but please stop causing mass genocide," he pleaded wanting to have his adopted back. Chara's hand was trembling. She thought that they would hate her but instead they want her to change and be like a normal person. She to the others and saw them approach and give her friendly smiles. This caused her to drop her knife and hugged Asriel and Frisk back with tears in her eyes and apologized for everything,"I'm sorry. I was like this because of what parents did to me. I told myself that everyone is like that and then everything was when Asriel refused to do what I say when he went to the surface. Now I know not everyone is the same. I was being stupid."

They all said that they forgave her and gave her a group hug. Once they all released each other, the Mane 6 approached them. The first to speak was Pinkie,"Wow that one human hugged the other human that didn't want to be friends until Asriel hugged her and mmmmph." She had a hoof put over her mouth by Rarity to stop Pinkie from ranting further.

Then Twilight spoke up,"That was quite the display but why did you say you were going to give her a chance to stop when you two just stood there for a few moments?"

Sans looked over at the three who were hugging each other and decided that it was best to not let anyone find out about the whole RESET, LOAD, and SAVE thing with the multiple timelines, "It's best you don't know." Twilight was about to question him before he began to walk past her.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"To the castle that's made of crystal. I know its yours with that star on top of it," he said knowing what that she knew what he was talking about.

Twilight was confused. That castle was the way opposite of where he is going. She told him," The castle is the other way from where you're going."

He just looked back and said, "I know. I'm just taking a short cut. See you all there." After lazily waving a goodbye he walked into an alleyway. Twilight tried to go after him but he was already gone. What confused her more was the fact that the alleyway led to a deadend and there is no way over or under the buildings either. She decided it was best not to question it and label it off as something Pinkie was able to do and went to her friends and began to lead them to the castle with the new visitors in tow.

Little did they all know was that a certain little flower was watching with rage in his eyes before smiling evilly and burrowing into the ground.

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait but this type of story is kinda hard to type. Not only that but the personality's of the Mane 6 is hard to get right.

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