• Published 29th Jan 2016
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Asriel's Change of Fate - Corvo Storm

After being fatally injured by an unknown assailant. Asriel is transported to the magical land of Equestria. He will the magic of friendship and how it could help him return home with a soul that can save him from the fate of being a flower again.

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Talking with the New Guests

Twilight, her friends, and the new arrivals made it to her castle. She opened the door and saw Sans leaning on a wall drinking ketchup. That confused her as to why he would drink ketchup. She decided to label it off as another thing Pinkie would do. She told her friends that if they wanted to get going they can.

Rarity was the first to leave saying that she needed to fill an order. She was followed by Pinkie was obviously going to prepare a party for the newcomers and Asriel. Applejack left to go check up on some things at the farm. Rainbow Dash had to go practice some stunts that she has been working on. Fluttershy went to go check up on her animals to see if they were okay. After the Twilight's friends left she said the same thing to Crusaders.

They didn't want to leave because they wanted to see if Asriel was going to be okay. Toriel told them he was going to be okay and that he just needed to rest a bit and let his wounds heal. He was still quite a bit of pain but nothing hurt worse than his shoulder. He couldn't move it without pain shooting through his body.

Toriel told the Crusaders that it was best to leave Asriel alone for awhile so he can rest. They hesitated but gave in and left to go back to their clubhouse. Papyrus decided to go see the stunts Dash mentioned. Undyne wanted to see as well and left with him to go find her. Alphys went with them just to be with Undyne.

The only ones that stayed were Asgore, Toriel, Frisk, Chara, and Sans. Sans kept his distance from Chara because he always felt that feeling to book it or impale her with bone attacks. Twilight decided to ask the first question, "Can you tell me how you all got here?"

Sans was the only one that was able to answer the question because he was the reason why he and his friends ended up here, "Well you see, I had a device that would let me travel to different dimensions. I never tested it and never used it so I didn't know what would happen but it worked just fine for trip here, but the only problem is that we can't go back because it fried itself from the inside out. So we can't go home sadly."

She knows how they got here but still doesn't know why. When she asked all he did was point at Asriel and Chara and saying 'anomaly.' Now she understood why. She is still puzzled that they came all the way here and not have a way back. Maybe they thought that device was their way back. Emphasis on 'was.'

She looked over at Asriel to see that he was laying against Toriel and beginning to fall asleep. Deciding to let him rest she told Toriel the directions to the guest bedroom. She nodded her head in thanks and picked him up and carried him to the guest bedroom so he can rest and heal. The rest of them waited for her to get back. When she did a little dragon was following her with a confused look on his face.

Twilight decided to fill him in on everything real quick. When she was finished he wanted to know if he should a letter to Celestia. "Yes Spike send a letter please. We need to let her know of our guests who came out of nowhere." He nodded got out a quill and parchment and began to write the letter. When he was finished, he rolled it up and set it on fire, turning it into a sparkling ash and floating out the window. After he sent the letter he told Twilight that he was going to Carousel Boutique to help Rarity.

Twilight let him go and with that he left leaving her and her guests alone. Since Asgore will be meeting the princess he decided to go with Spike to see if Rarity can make him something for the meeting. He is still technically king of the monsters so it makes sense. Twilight saw Toriel roll her eyes when Asgore left. She guessed that him and her were together at some point but not anymore.

After a few minutes of awkward silence Toriel spoke, "It's a nice place you got here."

"Well the way I got this place is a bit of a story," Twilight said glad the silence is broken. They chatted for a bit before Sans cut in saying there is something that's bugging him.

He asked, "Do you know anything about a flower that is around? Preferably a buttercup."

She was confused by what he meant until realization dawned on her. He's talking about the flower that attacked the Crusaders at their school. Now she knew why he felt something picking at him. She asked, "What is with that flower? Wanting to kill innocents for no reason. Even foals aren't safe."

They heard footsteps and turned to see Asriel walking down the hall rubbing one of his eyes. "Asriel you should be resting not wondering around," informed a worried but serious Toriel.

He looked at her and said, "I know mom, but something has been picking at me, like somethings wrong. I don't know why but It feels like something bad is going to happen."

As if on cue a loud echoing laughter was heard outside the castle. A laugh that Frisk, Asriel, and Sans knew all too well. They all rushed outside to see Flowey in his omega form. He was destroying houses and attacking ponies while letting out another round laughter.

He had gotten the souls that he wanted.

Author's Note:

As short as this chapter is I felt it would be a good way to practice typing some stereotypes for the characters. Thank you MoonlitCresent for telling me how I can improve my typing on a character's personality. Just use their stereotype. Hope you all enjoy this story and I'll begin working next chapter soon!:pinkiehappy:

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