• Published 29th Jan 2016
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Asriel's Change of Fate - Corvo Storm

After being fatally injured by an unknown assailant. Asriel is transported to the magical land of Equestria. He will the magic of friendship and how it could help him return home with a soul that can save him from the fate of being a flower again.

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Return of a Flower

Something didn't feel right. It felt like something bad is going to happen and Asriel didn't like it either. So he decided to go check on his friends to make sure they are okay. He made his way out of the orchard and made his way through town without being seen. He arrived at a building that looked like it could a school.

He had been at the clubhouse for a few hours so it looks like it was time for recess since there were a lot of younger ponies playing with a adult pony watching over them. He saw his friends and glad that they were okay.

He turned to leave when something caught his eye. In the middle of the playground was a yellow flower. Not only that but it seems to be moving on it's own. It then went into the ground. Asriel looked around to try and find it. He did find it near his friends. That got his heart racing. He knew it was Flowey and he knew what that evil flower is trying to do.

His friends looked suspiciously at the flower which let him ease up a bit. That was until Flowey did the same thing he did to Frisk, convince them that his bullets were friendliness pellets. They all walked into them thinking it was safe until they realized their mistake. They got hurt from it and looked at him wanting an explanation.

Asriel got close enough to hear say his motto, "It's kill or be killed!" He began to laugh loudly alerting everyone who watched as he surrounded the the three with his attack and slowly moved them closer. Asriel couldn't watch this so he summoned up a fire shield around his friends repelling the attack.

Flowey angrily shouted, "What?! i know that idiot monster isn't here but I think know who is." He began to laugh before summoning up another attack behind Asriel who was forced to jump out into the open to avoid the attack. When he was out in the open everyone gasped upon seeing Asriel. He ignored by glaring daggers at Flowey who was smiling that stupid smile of his.

"Well well if it isn't Asriel. How have you been? I've been doing fine ever since that strange figure stabbed us. We were separated and I was in someone's flower garden. I left to go look for you to see if you were around. I did find you with those three so I decided to use them. Using them will help me become a god," Flowey said with a sinister smile.

"How are they going to make you a god?" Asriel asked angrily.

Flowey's answer scared Asriel to the core, "The souls of those who live are stronger than any other soul seen. So this means that three souls from children is equal to that of seven human souls." He began to laugh again before leaving. Once he was gone Asriel sat on the ground his hand to his head thinking about what Flowey said.

He was stupid to not see how powerful the souls of ponies are. It seems that Flowey wants to affect him directly by taking the souls of his friends and not someone else's souls. This will prove to be a problem. After doing some thinking he decided to head back to the clubhouse to make some type of plan.

He got up and ran to alleyway and started to sneak his way back through town. If that flower got what he wanted it could spell out trouble. Once he arrived he found the figure sitting against the far wall eating what looked to be a pie. The figure stopped eating to see Asriel come in. He could that the child needed information. So he stopped eating and patted the spot next to him.

Asriel went over and sat down beside the figure. Before he could utter a word the figure said, "I know what happened today and I know of a way that can get rid of that flower. There is one thing though. You will need to a group of six that were able to use some artifacts called the elements of harmony. Those artifacts were given to the Tree of Harmony to keep it from dying. Those six are still able to use the power those elements had. If you find them then they can teach a type of power that can trump all. Find these 6 and they shall help you."

Asriel was speechless. The figure a lot. That means he can provide information about other types of power if needed. He had to ask, "How do you know all this?"

The figure just laughed and said, "I have my ways," before grabbing his pie and standing up to leave.

Before walking to the doorway he said, "You can find these six by asking your friends." With that said he began to leave.

Before he was out of the doorway Asriel asked, "Who are you?"

The figure took of his hood and revealed his to white as snow. His left eye had a line heading up his head. His other eye had line going downward as if it was a tear. He was smiling as well. He answered Asriel's question, "My name is W. D. Gaster." After saying that he left.

This gave Asriel a lot to think about. He heard of him but he couldn't remember where. This proves to be quite difficult to take in.

Author's Note:

I can't seem to get the word count into the thousands for some reason. I hope you enjoy anyway. Besides once I manage to stop playing Fallout 4 for a good while I might have more ideas on what to type. Love that game so much. Come to think of it I might have an idea for my next story already. Better not get ahead of myself. Celestia knows how that ended up last time. In the meantime check out my other story if you haven't I'll see you all next time. Peace out!

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