The Xeno That Came to Equestria

by Corvo Storm

Weyland's Arrival

For the last 2 days the preparations for Weyland have went well. Aside from the town trying to get the guard to try and hunt down Shadow everything was prepared. The guard had better armor with the helmets having faceplates so that their faces were more protected thanks to the resin Shadow provided. Pegasi guards were hiding in the clouds so they were ready to spring a trap should it be needed.

The entire town was ready for Weyland.

Shadow had woken up from his rest to find that Fluttershy was having trouble getting Angel to eat the food she wanted him to eat. "Come on Angel Bunny please eat it. You have put on a few pounds and I want you to eat healthy. Please eat it," the timid pegasus said trying her best. The white rabbit just stuck out his tongue at her and tossed the salad out the window.

"Angel don't waste food like that. That's a bad bunny," she said disappointed at him. He didn't feel ashamed at all. He turned to leave only to run into something. When the bunny looked he had to look up and see he ran into Shadow who was looking down on him. He began to shake in fear.

Fluttershy had prepared another salad for Angel and set it down for him. He turned to see it and was about to throw it through the window when he heard Shadow hiss at him. That caused him to grab one of the pieces of lettuce and shoved it in his mouth and began chewing. This continued until the salad was finished.

Angel hopped off wanting to get away from Shadow now that he finished his salad. Fluttershy smiled at Shadow grateful that he managed to get her pet bunny to eat his salad. He turned to the door and gestured her to come with him. She knew why because today was the day that Weyland Yutani lands on her home planet.

She was nervous about everything that's going to be happening in just a few hours. Who knows what the company will do once they land. All that they can do is wait until they land. Though she and Twilight have been learning more about his species while they prepared. They couldn't help but be amazed at how successful his species is when they aren't being hunted nor captured.

He and the timid pegasus made their way out and fed all the animals before heading to the town. He hid in the shadows as to not draw attention and waited. Fluttershy had gone off to go find her friends.

She found them all at the library with Celestia and C5. They were talking about Weyland Yutani. "The company will be coming after me and the xenomorph. He knows that if I'm still alive then the beacon built in my body is still active and will possibly come here where I am to find the xenomorph. This will help us bring them to one place and let the pegasi in the clouds ambush them when they least expect it," C5 planned.

The princess nodded in agreement that this would prove useful but still couldn't shake the feeling away that something bad is going to happen. After all Pinkie Pie's pinkie sense has been acting in a bad way that couldn't calm her nerves. She looked toward the synth and said, "This should help us should they attack us. I hope we can come to peace rather than having to fight them."

C5 shook his head knowing that was most likely not going to happen. He knew Weyland and he knew that this man is ruthless, never taking no for an answer. He even killed someone that told him that he couldn't have just a small piece of land for a small research facility. Peace is definitely something that won't happen because of another reason, one vengeful xenomorph.

Shadow is actually going to kill Weyland even if peace is achieved. He doesn't care about peace at all because all he cares about is revenge. He could care little about anything than having Weyland's head. C5 figured that it's best that Celestia learned the hard way on how the company works.

"You know these guys are going to go down easily seeing as I'll be around when they show up," Dash boasted with a cocky smile. Everyone groaned at her.


" just,,,no," Twilight said annoyed at her rainbow maned friend's arrogance. She turned to see that Fluttershy arrived unnoticed.

She smiled and greeted her friend, "Hey Fluttershy I see you managed to make here on time. We were just discussing about what to do when Weyland arrives."

Fluttershy smiled back and went to stand by her friend. "Hey Fluttershy!" greeted Pinkie Pie who nearly scared Fluttershy out of her skin.

"Oh hello Pinkie. Nice to see you," the pegasus greeted gently flying down to the floor. The pink mare smiled bigger and began bouncing back to where she was standing. After the timid pegasus got over the scare the party mare made she went to stand by Twilight. They all discussed what they will do when the company arrives.

Pinkie suggested a party and to make author make the bad guys nice. This caused them all look at her strangely before deciding not to ask about it. This continued when C5 looked at the time. He told them all that it was time and they all went to the town square.

Once they arrived Fluttershy looked around carefully to try and find Shadow. She eventually found him hiding on top of a roof. Before she could make a small wave, a loud humming noise was heard. Even the residents stopped what they were doing to look at the source of the noise. It had come from a space vessel that was slowly lowering to the ground.

It's scorch marks and hull breaches visible as it got closer. The towns ponies were afraid but stayed calm thinking that the royal guard would be able to protect them. The town was rocked a bit when a explosion came from the bottom front of the vessel. The nose of the vessel began to tip downward slowly.

This continued until the ship was at slant before the front collided into the ground with the rest following afterward. The ship now rest on the outskirts of Ponyville. Many were as to why it crashed the way it did.
A few hours earlier.

The company vessel was beginning its descent onto the planet surface. Once they broke the atmosphere, the remaining human crewman took off their suits to finally breath in fresh oxygen. They shivered for a while since they were up so high which made it cold.

The ship stayed at the same height until given further instructions. Weyland walked in after a few minutes spoke loudly so everyone could hear him, "Everyone this is the day we take back our lost experiment. C5 has betrayed us and knows where the xenomorph is. He is still alive because his built in beacon still works. Once we capture this xenomorph again we will try everything in our power to control it and become untouchable. We shall not let anything stand in the way of this creation Doctor Sarah has made. Nothing will stop us for we will show the universe what true power looks like. It's time for us to claim our prize. Take the ship to C5's signal."

He finished his speech causing the crewmen to erupt in cheers before turning back to their duties to have the ship reach C5's signal.

It had taken a hour or two but know they were in the process of landing the ship on the outskirts of a small town. Everything was going well until a explosion rocked the ship. Weyland asked angrily, "What happened?!"

"The bow bottom thrusters just exploded we won't be able to stop the ship from tilting forward so brace for impact," a crewman answered as he his seat tightly. Everyone except the synths grabbed a hold of something as the ship began to tilt forward.

The ship creaked loudly as it hit the ground with the rest following. Once the ship settled everyone got back up and looked out the bridge to see the beauty of this world. It was similar to earth yet different. Weyland couldn't help but wonder what made this planet so unique. He turned to one of the crewman and commanded him to have a dropship ready to go C5's signal. The crewman saluted before running off.

After a few minutes of looking at the landscape before him, Weyland made his way to the hanger. Once he arrived he saw a group of scientists, troops, and combat synths. He smiled knowing that the time has come. He turned to see Sarah struggling against some combat synths. Oh how he loved it when his followers knew what he wanted to come with him.

She glared at him after stopping her useless struggling. "You aren't going to get Shadow you heartless monster. He probably knows that you're here and went somewhere safe," Sarah said with venom leaking into her voice. All he did was chuckle.

"I highly doubt that and C5 still functions meaning that the xenomorph is still nearby. It isn't that long before we capture him," he said with a cold smile. He turned to see the xenomorph egg being loaded onto the dropship.

Sarah's eyes widened when she saw it go on the dropship. "You can't mess with that egg! Leave it alone! That's my work you're messing with!" she yelled before being gagged. Her muffled threats and insults were all that were heard as she was brought aboard the dropship with Weyland following. He turned back to take another look before getting on the dropship.

It began to take off and head toward the town. Weyland couldn't stop smiling.
The princess, mane 6, C5, Shadow, and the rest of Ponyville watched as a ship flew over the town. Something opened up on its back that extended to look like wings but weren't. They had large square blocks at the ends with many holes in it. C5 backed away to a safe distance from the fountain. The others were confused but did the same.

They were glad they did because after they got to C5 a missile launched out one of the large blocks and destroyed the fountain before the ship retracted them and landed where the fountain used to be. Once it landed the bottom door opened and a whole group of combat synths as well as some human troops came out.

The last person to come out was a man with his hands behind his back. He had gray hair and looked to be a bit old. He had a big smile on his face. He looked at his surroundings and saw the residents looking at him with fearful eyes. He looked in front of him to see 7 of the species though one of them had both a horn and wings. His smile disappeared when he saw C5 but not Shadow.

He looked around again and still didn't find Shadow. He turned back to the human looking synth and spoke, "C5 you should have never betrayed me. I will so you some mercy if you tell me where that xenomorph is. I know that it's not dead and I know you didn't capture it."

"Mr. Weyland I'll never tell you. I recommend that you leave now or else," C5 threatened doing his best to not appear scared but his act wasn't that good. Celestia walked foward in front of C5.

"So you must be Weyland," she said with a stern and flat voice.

"Yes I am. I see C5 told you about me. Let's get straight to the point. I want my xenomorph and I'm not leaving until I get it as well as some live subjects from this planet. It's best to do what we say or else we'll take it all by force," Weyland commanded in a tone that said he already won.

Celestia shook her head, "I can't let you take the xenomorph nor any of my little ponies."

"Then you leave me no choice," Weyland said calmly before snapping his fingers. That little action caused the synths and troops to aim their weapons at the residents and princess.

The princess got in a defensive stance as the royal guard in the clouds got ready to strike. Before the synths and troops could squeeze the trigger a loud screech was heard. Everyone turned to see what it was.

Weyland smiled at what he saw. Shadow had been the one who screeched loudly. He jumped from the roof he was on and landed in front of the sun princess. Weyland couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that Shadow didn't try to kill anyone at first sight. A synth aimed its pulse rifle at him but was unable to fire it when Shadow cut off its arms with his tail. He then proceeded to grab its head and rip it off.

The synth's body sputtered out its white blood before its joints went stiff and fell over. A few bangs were heard and the xenomorph felt bullets hit his body. It did nothing but anger him and he turned to see a human with his pistol out. He was scared and made a turn to run but failed to get away as Shadow grabbed him and shoved his tail up the man's rear and out his mouth.

Shadow turned to see some more synths charge at him and start shooting at him. He was quick knocked the guns out of the hands of the synths before proceeding to rip them apart. The first synth had its limbs torn off and smashed over its head until it deactivated. The next synth had its eyes stabbed out by his tail before twisting its head all the way around so it was facing the opposite direction. The final synth had managed to get its weapon and activated the stun mod it had.

Shadow screeched in pain when the synth fired electrofied bullets at him. He managed to fight through the pain and grabbed the synth before ripping it in half. The upper torso was thrown to the side before he jumped on it and proceeded to rip it apart. After he was finished he left the remains of the synth torso on the ground.

He looked at Weyland to see he was still smiling and slowly clapping making him his at the sick bastard. "Well done Shadow but you fail to track one last scent. Do you know the scent? Do you recognize it?" Weyland asked mockingly. Shadow didn't understand why until he began sniffing the air. What he found was a familiar scent that caused him to tense and slowly look at the dropship.

Weyland nodded toward the dropship and as soon as he did two synths walked down the ramp with Sarah in their grasp but also the xenomorph egg from before was being pushed out by a troop. Shadow felt his blood run cold as he watched the egg and his creator, his mother be brought off the ship to Weyland.

He looked back to see Weyland pulled out a revolver and aim it at Sarah's head and threatening, "You have a choice. You can either surrender or watch as your creator is killed right in front of you. Choose wisely."

Shadow couldn't believe what was happening. Weyland had just made him have to choose between Sarah's life or captivity. He was conflicted. His choice was made when he heard the hammer of the gun be pulled back with a click. He knelt down and hung his head in defeat as Weyland smiled devilishly at him. "Good now get in your restraints," Weyland ordered as the restraints were wheeled off the dropship.

Shadow did as he was ordered and got in them. After he was in they locked in place. Celestia, C5, and the mane 6 watched with wide eyes at what just happened. Shadow killed 4 synths and 1 human before Weyland used Sarah to convince him to stand down. Rainbow shook her head from the shock and put on a angry look.

Her friends saw the look in her eye and were about to stop her but it was too late. Rainbow as fast as she could to try and knock Weyland off his feet. When she was about to hit him she smirked. That was replaced with surprise when he dodged her the last second. She turned around to go for another attack. BANG! Rainbow fell to the ground clutching her wing that was shot.

The bullet went through the bone close to the joint that connected her wing to her body. She looked at him in disbelief and pain. All he did was laugh at her before shooting her again in her back leg causing her to shout in pain. He then shot her left forelegs kneecap shattering it. This caused Dash to scream in pain and try to crawl away.

She only got away by a few inches before she was grabbed by her mane and lifted into the air. She yelped in surprise and pain when this happened before the barrel of the revolver was pressed against the side of her head and a click was heard as the hammer was pulled back. Her eyes widened in panic upon feeling the barrel against her head.

"I know you don't want her to die so either you have those five come with me as well as this one I have here or she dies," Weyland commanded the princess with a smirk while pressing the gun harder against Dash's head.

Celestia didn't know what to do. He'll kill her either way but she couldn't do anything. She looked to see the guards in the clouds leap from them for the ambush but were gunned down. Some managed to land and attack before they were killed while others were injured severely. She knew it was useless. She lowered her head in defeat. "Go ahead and take them but please bring them back alive. I couldn't bear the thought of them being killed and I'm to blame for it," she said solemnly.

"Good choice," was all he said before nodding to some troops grab Twilight, Rarity, Fluttershy, Pinkie, and Applejack. They didn't even resist seeing as it was pointless. If they did their friend would be killed and/or they would be killed. They were lined up to the dropship and sat down while hanging their heads in defeat.

Rainbow was thrown onto ground in front of them and stayed there in fear of being shot again and the pain she had. The town couldn't believe that all this was happening. Everything has gone down badly and no one could do a thing about it. Shadow had his head down and hissing a little. Sarah was saddened at how easily Weyland managed to capture Shadow as well as get some more test subjects.

This has went to shit.